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The international/global financial crisis led to the pessimistic economic situation, but American countries will strengthen trade and social justice through trade and investment, at the same time, they will also help to establish forum on free trade and other issues dialogue. As the financial crisis, some of the printing and packaging companies closed down or merged, which cause some employees to lose their jobs. In order to get through the economic crisis, there are 5 suggestions: 1. Reduce our costs, 2. Do not spend unnecessary money; 3. Guarantee the flow of funds; 4. Not to extend the non-performing loans, debt control; 5. to maintain the “intimate” relationship with our customers as much as possible. The foreign investment of Chinese real estate market occur some changes recently, the news that many overseas investment institutions want to transfer the property has been guessed in the market. In the downturn real estate market, the influence from foreign sell-off is still not too serious, but confidence in the market may be interfered by this. Actually, the crisis has lasted for a not short time, and in my life,we can feel that the stock market has changed a lot, and many enterprises have closed and lots of workers returned their hometown. Also some goods' price begun to change. According to the broadcasting, we find that China is hardly influenced by the American's mortgage crisis. Some European countries has suffered a lot by the crisis. Yes, our country has great foreign exchange reserve and stable policy. Recently the whole world is discussing how to overcome the problem, such as the G20 summit on financial market and world economy held in Washington. 国际金融危机导致的经济形势感到悲观,但美洲国家将加强贸易和社会正义, 通过贸易和投资,同时,他们还将有助于建立论坛的自由贸易和其他问题的对话。 由于金融危机,一些印刷包装企业关闭或合并,造成部分员工失去工作。为了度过经济危机, 有 5 个建议: 1 。降低成本, 2 。不要花不必要的钱; 3 。保证资金的流动; 4 。不要延长 不良贷款,债务控制; 5 。保持“亲密关系” ,与我们的客户尽可能。 外商投资的中国房地产市场发生一些变化最近,新闻,很多海外投资机构要转移的财产已猜 到了市场。在低迷的房地产市场的影响,从外国抛售仍然没有太严重,但市场的信心,可能 会干扰这一点。 Actually ,这场危机已经持续了一个短的时间内,在我的生命,我们可以认为,股市已经发

生了很大的变化,许多企业已经 closed 和大量的工人返回他们的 hometown. Also 某些商品 的价格开始发生变化。根据广播,我们认为中国是很难受美国次贷危机. 一些欧洲国家遭受 很大的危机. Yes ,我们国家发生了巨大的外汇储备和稳定的 policy. Recently 整个世界都在 discussing 如何克服这一问题, 20 国集团首脑会议上的金融市场和世界经济在华盛顿举行。 如 Lou is simply one of many toy makers who has fallen victim to deepening global economic downturn 全球经济低迷 that has gripped the West. Many foreign buyers became extremely cautious this year, either cutting purchases or putting short-term orders. The financial crisis that originated on Wall Street and swept the world 横扫世 界 has gone beyond the toy sector and bitten into the Chinese economy. Chinese manufacturers from other export-oriented sectors 出 口 型 企 业 , including textiles, garments and shoes, also felt the pinch of slackening demand. Over the past two months, many labor-intensive factories 劳动密集型 企业 have shut down, leaving massive numbers of workers jobless. China Customs figures show exports, a major driving force of the national economy, at 1.07 trillion U.S. dollars in the first three quarters 前三个季度. Although 22.3 percent up from the same period last year, the growth rate was 4.8 percentage points lower 下降了 4.8 个百分点. During the same period, China's GDP growth slowed to 9.9 percent, down 2.3 percentage points from the same period last year 去年同期 and falling to single figures for the first time in five years 五年内第一次下降到单位数字. Lingering inflationary pressure reined in domestic demand 受国内通货膨胀的压 力, experts said. In the nine months from September 2007, the CPI had signaled caution 示警. "The figure indicated the government's measures to tame inflation were effective, and the inflationary pressure has been greatly eased 数字显示政府采取 的的驯服通货膨胀的措施是有效的,并且通货膨胀的压力有了很大的缓和"