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					Contemporary Indian? 21st Century? Numbers  U.S. Census 2000 (490, 493) o 561 Tribes o Population  1900 – 250,000  2000- 2.5 million, 1.6 million part Indian o Majority live in urban areas o Many non-recognized groups (why?) Successes  Since 1970- Era of self-determination? Federal Govt. and Indian communities work together  Recognize dignity and human rights of Indian people? o Protection of ours, Due to us let us claim, stop dependency on government, development/jobs/education, build economic enterprises, preserve traditions, sovereignty  21st century world/values of past?  Returned lands?  Sovereignty in Supreme Court?  Education- Haskell Problems/Challenges  Triple Citizens?  Understanding? Concepts? Complexity? o Equality/Equity? (470)  Law: Tribal, Local, State, Federal o Sovereignty in Court? Rehnquist Court (1986-2001)= State sovereignty, business interests over Tribal sovereignty o Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)  Membership qualifications?  Legacies of history? o Change= Loss of culture? No/Yes o Erosion of language/traditions o Loss of Lands, resources, lack of economic base  Water, minerals o Limited educational opportunities  Poverty, health, social problems o Reservations  Third-world country statistics  Rape of resources  Crime/poverty  Unemployment o High rates of Disease, Alcohol (50-80%)  Racism/Stereotypes (495) o Environmental racism  Values or Prosperity? Opportunities o Gaming (Casinos) 290 Casinos= $12.7 billion in revenue//Small % of tribes profit from Casinos o Business projects

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