Non-Compete Agreement for Yoga Child Teacher Training participants by hcj


									Yoga Child Non-Compete Agreement For Certified Licensed Yoga Child Teachers
For Yoga Child Teacher Training participants who wish to teach on their own rather than receiving placements through Yoga Child. You are completing this document because upon completion of the YC Training, you wish to teach yoga on your own or at your current place of employment or in schools or yoga centers that do not compete with the business interest of Yoga Child as outlined below. This document is intended to outline the parameters for doing so. 1. It is agreed that participant,_________________________________________(your name), is participating in the Yoga Child Teacher Training program for the purpose of teaching the Yoga Child Program at _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________,(name of school or location where you currently teach and will be teaching the Yoga Child program), located at the following address.________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ .

Participant will pay $____________________ for receipt of the Yoga Child Teacher training program and materials, including the Yoga Child Teaching manual and CD and a $180 annual licensing fee due annually on September 1. 2. It is understood that Yoga Child Inc: a. Is a company that provides yoga to children in schools and youth facilities in the Philadelphia area and throughout the United States. b. Is a Company which trains teachers for the purpose of having them become Independent contractors of Yoga Child, Affiliates of Yoga Child and Licensees of Yoga Child so that they can bring the Yoga Child program to Schools and youth facilities through the Yoga Child Organization. c. Trains school teachers and administrators to teach yoga in schools and Youth facilities. d. Provides ongoing yoga classes to children and adults at its Philadelphia based Yoga center e. That this list of Yoga Childs business practices is not exhaustive. 3. It is understood that upon completion of training and apprenticeship, participant will become a certified and licensed Yoga Child Instructor permitted to teach the Yoga Child Curriculum in accordance with Yoga Child guidelines in exchange for annual licensing dues of $99 per year for 5 years. Dues shall be charged to your credit card every September on the first of the month. Credit card # Visa or Master Card:___________________________________________ Exp date:______

4. Guidelines for Certified Licensed Yoga Child Instructors: 1. Your hourly rate for in-school instruction shall be no less than $60/per hour and no more than $85/hr 2. Your rates for teaching classes in studios and centers shall be no less than $15 per person per class and no more than $20 per person per class.

3. You shall not solicit or accept yoga teaching placements with any organizations, schools or school districts or camps for which Yoga Child currently provides Yoga Instruction or has provided yoga instruction. A current list can be provided upon request. When you do teach at a school or yoga center you agree to use the yoga child pricing guidelines and to promote yourself as a Yoga Child Instructor teaching the Yoga Child program. 4.You shall maintain your own liability insurance and renew said insurance annually and provide Yoga Child with a copy of your insurance certificate. Yoga Child shall be named as an additional insured on your policy. 5.You shall identify yourself and promote yourself as a Yoga Child yoga instructor with use of the yoga child logo. 6. You shall not hold, participate or assist in the facilitation a teacher training program to teach children’s yoga which in any way utilizes any of the Yoga Child Teachings unless it is an authorized Yoga Child Teacher Training program for which you have been trained. A significant part of the business of Yoga Child is training teachers to teach yoga to children. Execution of this agreement does preclude you from facilitating or assisting in a teacher training program which teaches students how to teach yoga to children and utilizes any contents of the Yoga Child program. 7. You shall be eligible to receive a listing on the Yoga Child website as a certified and licensed Yoga Instructor and all other benefits listed in the primary agreement. 8. You shall be able to return for one complimentary refresher training or a portion of said training at a 50% discount. After completion of your primary apprenticeship you may return to observe similar classes at a later date free of charge. 9. You shall be able to enroll in any new Yoga Child Teacher Training program at a 5% discount 10. You shall receive an electronic copy of Yoga Child marketing materials and logo to help you with the building of your business as well as the other benefits stated in the complete Licensing agreement.

By signing this document I attest that I have read and fully understand its terms and agree to abide by its terms. Additional information regarding the nature and terms of the relationship between Yoga Child and its Licensee’s can be found in the Yoga Child Licensing Agreement, which has also been executed by the parties. Participant signature


Signature on behalf of Yoga Child Date

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