Julian PTO Minutes Oct 09 by methyae


									Julian PTO meeting minutes 10.5.2009 Present: Lola Wright, Suzanne Lavin, Robin Bush, Jeff Schroeder, Meghan Strubel, Lisa Lombard, Jackie Robinson, Xan Daniels, Nancy Guarino, Jeff Gravely, Neowka Scott, Alfredo Donayre, Dr. Sharts. The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM Presidents’ Report  The board discussed the possibility of holding bi-monthly meetings. We would need to announce our intentions, allow for feedback, and change the by-laws. There seems to be support for moving to meetings every other month (September, November, January, March, May), but issues such as how to advertise the change need to be addressed.  Julian Spirit Wear has lost its chairperson. Suzanne has been selling apparel after school on Thursdays while looking for a new point person. To be done: update the form used to order clothing, and investigate use of PayPal to allow for on-line purchases. Karin Crain, an 8th grade parent, has offered to work with Suzanne to organize and distribute merchandise.  Back to School Picnic was a success. It was suggested that the PTO form a committee to brainstorm for next year’s event. Issues to be considered going forward: moving the date to a weekday; hosting event earlier in the school year; inviting clubs, etc., to set up tables with hopes of drawing additional students. FYI –the 2010/2011 school calendar is created in March or April of 2009.  Lola reported on the 9.23.09 PTO council meeting. Discussions included how best to update outdated materials in the libraries, how to recruit more minority teachers going forward, and the district-wide effort to go paperless with takehome packets. Treasurer’s Report  Jeff Gravely will upload Jeff Schroeder’s monthly fiscal reports to the PTO website.  Jeff (S) confirmed that the PE department’s request for money to purchase a new laptop was approved.  Jeff (S) presented the music department’s request for funds to purchase a chair stand/mover. A motion for approval was passed by a quorum. Guest Speaker Rashmi Swain, adult and teen services coordinator at Oak Park Public Library, spoke about on-line learning tools available through the library. A library card is needed, but tools include: live Homework help, access to a wide range of newspapers/magazines/ professional journals through ProQuest, literary criticism, on-line educational software, and computer classes.

We discussed ways of having Rashmi do her presentation to Julian students and teachers directly, perhaps via closed-circuit TV in an effort to reach the greatest audience possible. Principal’s Report  May 29 will be the date for the 8th grade dance  Staff appreciation is scheduled for May 5  Honor roll breakfast dates have to be changed; new date will be announced shortly. Committee Reports  Directory: Nancy announced October 19 as the date she hopes to get directories to the district printer, which will mean directories can be distributed to students October 29. Jackie has sold advertising, and reported that parents have expressed an interest in purchasing ‘shout-outs’ for their students. Since the deadline for returning copy is this Friday, it was decided to keep moving forward with ad sales, and act on the idea of personal messages from parents to students next year.  There is no Care & Concern committee this year, although systems remain in place and there is still money in the budget to send flowers, meals, or whatever else might be needed.  Book Fair: Thursday, October 22 from noon to 8pm in the commons. Suzanne Lavin chairs and hopes to transition a co-chair into the position from the several volunteers available this year.  Website: We continue to add information and expand hoping to create a central location for pertinent PTO information, communication and transactions. We plan to add information provided by Rashmi Swain during her presentation this evening on library resources as well as take PTO donations and sell Julian Wear through the website in the near future. Jeff Gravely is our new volunteer website manager. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Meghan Strubel

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