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									Judging Criteria for Each Competitions

Rules & Regulations 1. Each company may send in a team of 6 Guides + 1 reserve. 2. Team will be given 45 minutes to pitch their tents. 3. Teams will be judged on the: Stability of their tents  Neatness of guylines and tent poles  Use of pegs  Looping and rolling of walls  Storage of tent bags, mallets and pegs.  Knowledge on maintenance and storage of tents, guylines, pegs and mallets. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Tents will be provided. Teams will report to Ms Hasna Alsagoff at 0830 hours for a briefing. Teams will be asked to draw the tent number during the briefing. Teams with less than 4 members will be disqualified. Attire: Either GGS official Guide T-shirt or Company T-Shirt. Guiders, Unit Helpers, CLs, ACLs or VALs are not allowed to give side-line coaching or render any kind of assistance. Teams that receive any form of assistance will be automatically disqualified.

Ms H. Alsagoff Guider i/c GADGET MAKING: KITCHEN DRESSER Rules and Regulations (1) 6 members in a team. (2) Gadget to be made: Kitchen Dresser. No illustration will be used on day of Competition. (3) Kitchen dresser must facilitate the easy storage of utensils and has working area for preparation of food. (4) Time allocated : 1h 30 min Judging Criteria (1) Stability of gadget (25%)

(2) Neatness of knots (15%) (3) Practicality (30%) (4) Explanation of Design (30%) OUTDOOR COOKING Each company is only allowed to send in one team entry of minimum of 4 pax to a maximum of 6 Guides. 1. Challenge The challenge is to cook a balanced meal, for the total number of Guides in each team. A mystery ingredient would be announced on the day of the competition to challenge Guides to bring out their creativity in using this mystery ingredient in their prepared menu. 2. Budget Budget is set at $10nett per team. This budget is for ingredients, excluding, seasonings, which can be brought from home. 3. Utensils/cutlery They can be brought from home to use as set up. All teams are expected to present their dishes to the judges. All teams are also encouraged to bring a set of chopping board and knifes from their school home economics room. 4. Firelighting Guides will be tested on their firelighting skills. Hence, they are expected to use, punk, kindling and twigs to start the fire. These must be displayed correctly at the pit site. Charcoal wood or fire wood can be used to substain the fire. The wood can be chopped and prepared before the competition. Fire starters/ solid fuels are not allowed to be used. All meals must be cooked over embers. No ingredients should be cooked over an open fire. Teams are not allowed to use any cooking pots, mess tins, metal grills for their food. Penalty points would be imposed. Lots will be drawn to determine which company gets to choose the pre mark pits sites for the outdoor cooking competition. 5. Safety Safety must also be observed throughout the firelighting process. The resource personnel have the right to interrupt or stop the teams should there be any safety breach. The teams may or may not be allowed to continue at the discrete of the organizing committee for the competition. 6. Time

Each team would be given a total of 2 and half hours, to prepare their food items, start fire, and table presentation. All food items must be prepared on site and not before hand. Clearing up of the pits are expected to be done before prize presentation. 7. Scoring All teams will be judged on the following criterias: - Fire lighting, including turfing, safety (40%) - Menu (includes presentation and balanced meal) (30%) - Usage of mystery ingredient (20%) - Team work (10%) FLAG IDENTITY Rules and Regulations 1) 4 members in the team 2) Flag dimension = 4ft by 3ft 3) To design a flag that reflects the identity of South Division Girl Guides of Girl Guides Singapore. (e.g. Universal values of girl guides) 4) To erect the flag pole and hoist flag on the day itself. Units need to bring their own spars. 5) To do a short presentation on the significance of flag design 6) Bring flag to be judged on 23rd May 2009 Judging Criteria 1) Creativity of flag design 2) Presentation of flag idea 3) Sturdiness of Flag Pole and Knots PATROL IDENTITY Rules and Regulation 1. 2. Each company/unit may send ONLY ONE TEAM comprising 6 Guides. All the 6 guides in the team are to wear their patrol identity with the theme “FLOWERS”. 3. The patrol identity should be something that can stay durable for at least 3 days if worn to a camp (for example, scarf, head band, etc.) and preferably not made from paper. It should be an “accessory” that can be worn while doing out-door activity and do not cause obstruction to the girl’s actions. 4. All the team members are expected to be able to state the flower that is linked to their patrol identity and explain the reason for their choice.


Each team has to come up with a cheer that involves the “flower of their choice.”

Judging Criteria (Total: 24 Points) No. 1 2 Category Attractiveness and Effort Research done on the Flower chosen (what is so special about the flower and how this flower represents their team) 3 4 Creativity/Originality Consistent Quality of Patrol Identity for each member 5 6 Quality of Cheer Team work 4 4 4 4 Points 4 4

DANCE – For Brownies Only The theme for the dance must be related to the Youth Olympic values of "Excellence, Friendship and Respect". The duration of each dance item would be 5 - 7 minutes. Costumes and props are encouraged. CRAFT – For Brownies Only 1. Theme: Wearable Art 2. Criteria: Creativity (25%) Aesthetics Appeal (25%) Durability (25%) Wearability (25%) 3. Each Brownie Pack to bring: 1 clean canvas school; newspapers; fabric paint; decoration materials.

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