The Hockey Tour

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					The Hockey Tour

1st XI HOCKEY TOURING TEAM Back Row: (L to R) Front Row: (L to R) Murray Forbes; Calvin Freese; Jethro Thomas; Sean Rennie; Dean Dowie; Jason Trautman; Arniv Badal; Jake Trehaeven; Stuart Harley. Michael Crawford; Andrew Beach; David Zwemke; Alan Redfern (Manager); Glen Dowie (Captain); Mike Thomson (Coach); Andrew Surgey; Brett Gower; Seamus King.

Touring Hockey Team

GLEN DOWIE AGE: 17 Position: Midfielder and Defender

CAPTAIN NO: 7 47 Caps

A top academic and Deputy Senior Prefect of Michaelhouse, Glen has represented the 1st XI Hockey for the last two years and in 2006 was selected for the Midlands U18 A Provincial Team. A tough and uncompromising player he has won the respect of his team through his quiet determination. Glen believes that going on tour means “experiencing new opportunities and different possibilities and playing hockey under different circumstances. I hope to have a tour that I will remember for a long time.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

SEAMUS KING AGE: 17 Position: Midfielder and Striker NO: 9 31 Caps

Head of Mackenzie House and Captain of Golf, Seamus made his debut for the 1st XI Hockey in 2005. A skilful player he has always played with great commitment. He has played provincial hockey at U16A level and views this tour as “not only an honour but more importantly a great opportunity to extend myself. I wish it to be a stepping stone to my ultimate goal which is to reach my full potential.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “One important key to success is self-confidence; an important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

DAVID ZWEMKE AGE: 17 Position: Midfielder and Defender NO: 5 24 Caps

A multi-talented sportsman, David plays 1st XI Cricket and has represented the 1st XI Hockey for one year. As a hockey player he is blessed with both skill and vision and adds to that great athletic ability and determination. It is not surprising then that he was chosen to Captain the South African U16A Hockey side in 2006. “Going on tour means the world to me. To play the game I love so much and to see the world while doing so - wow!!” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “A good player practices until he gets it right, but a great player practices until he can’t get it wrong!”

BRETT GOWER AGE: 17 Position: Defender NO: 6 21 Caps

A Prefect in Mackenzie House, Brett is a capable and tenacious defender who is in his second year as a member of the 1st XI Hockey. A good distributor, Brett is also stronger than he at first appears. Going on tour is especially meaningful for him “as it provides a unique opportunity to represent my school whilst doing something I really enjoy. I hope to grow as a player and in doing so make the most of a wonderful opportunity.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “Always do what you are afraid to do!”

ANDREW BEACH AGE: 18 Position: Defender NO: 8 20 Caps

A talented sportsman, Andrew also plays 1st XI Cricket and is a Prefect in Baines House. A resolute defender, he hits the ball extremely well and has worked hard to improve his distribution; it was these attributes that enabled him to force his way into the 1st XI Hockey during 2006. On tour Andrew “hopes to have fun, play good hockey, gel as a team and learn more about the countries that we will visit.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “Whoever said that winning isn’t everything, probably lost.”

ANDREW SURGEY AGE: 18 Position: Defender NO: 4 19 Caps

An all-rounder, Andrew has not only played 1st XI Hockey for one year, but is also First Team Squash Captain and Head of Pascoe House. One of the fittest members of the team, he is an outside defender of pace and tenacity, who has dramatically improved his skills and confidence. Andrew feels that “it is a privilege to go tour, to experience different cultures, beliefs and values.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

MICHAEL CRAWFORD AGE: 16 Position: Midfielder NO: 11 14 Caps

Michael is another multi-talented sportsman, representing both the 1st XI Hockey and 1st X1 Cricket. He has also represented the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands at Hockey at U16 level. A skilful and hardworking midfielder, he has grown in stature since he forced his way into the 1st XI in 2006. A player of great potential, much is expected of him in 2007. He believes that, “being part of this touring team is a great privilege, but playing Hockey and seeing three new and different countries is an even greater privilege.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t walk, crawl, whatever you do, keep moving.”

JASON TRAUTMAN AGE: 16 Position: Striker/Midfielder NO: 10 3 Caps

Jason is another all-rounder, playing 1st XI Hockey, 1st X1 Cricket and 1st Team Golf. A player possessed of skill and vision he has also represented the Midlands at U16 level. He is a player who works hard at his game both in matches and practices and it is hoped that he will develop greatly this year. He is looking forward to this tour as “it will be my first visit overseas and it will give me a chance to learn about other cultures and measure my skills against foreign players.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

ARNIV BADAL AGE: 16 Position: Defender NO: 3 3 Caps

Arniv is a tenacious defender, who is just breaking into the ranks of the 1st XI Hockey. A water polo player in the summer, he has worked hard at his game and thoroughly deserved his selection to the SA U16B side during 2006. Arniv is quick and has good tackling skills and is improving his passing. He sees the tour as an “opportunity to grow my ability. I hope to become a better player by pushing myself against international opposition so that I can add positively to the team.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “Pain is temporary. Glory is eternal. Push past the limits.”

SEAN RENNIE AGE: 17 Position: Goalkeeper NO: 1

While Sean has represented Midlands at U18B level, he will make his debut as 1st XI Hockey keeper on this tour. He is also the 1st Team Waterpolo keeper and is a Prefect in East House. Sean works extremely hard at his sport and has developed his abilities well both on the turf and in the water. A tour such as this “means absolutely everything to me, because not only am I playing in my favourite position in my favourite sport, but I am also getting the opportunity to compare my standard of play to others in other countries.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the determination to succeed in the face of it.”

DEAN DOWIE AGE: 15 Position: Midfielder/Defender NO: 2

Youngest brother to Glen, Dean is a most talented player in his own right. He has represented Midlands at U14A level and will debut for the 1st XI Hockey on this tour. Tall, he has excellent reach and skills and has deceptive pace. “Going on tour is a great honour for me and I hope to not only improve my game, but also to experience different countries, cultures and styles of play.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.”

STUART HARLEY AGE: 16 Position: Defender NO: 12

Hockey runs in Stuart’s blood as both his parents were provincial players and his sister is a National U18 player. He has already represented Midlands at U16B level. Although small in stature, he makes up for this with an exceptional positional feel and he is also deceptively quick. He does not get flustered easily and always seems to have time on the ball. He will make his 1st XI Hockey debut on this tour, a tour on which he “hopes to have lots of fun and to develop his hockey so that he can establish himself in the team.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try and try again.”

CALVIN FREESE AGE: 16 Position: Striker/Midfielder NO: 14

Calvin is another multi-talented sportsman who will end up representing both 1st XI Cricket and Hockey after he debuts in Hockey on this tour. He has a great positional feel for the game and with his pace and tenacity; he will make life difficult for many a defender in the future. He has also represented the Midlands U16A Hockey team. He feels that this tour “could prove to be the biggest challenge of my career as well as the most exciting and enjoyable.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “If you cannot win, make the one ahead of you break the record.”

MURRAY FORBES AGE: 16 Position: Striker/Midfielder NO: 13

Murray has represented age group A teams throughout his career at the school and will debut for the 1st XI Hockey on this tour. He has also represented Midlands at U16A level. An enthusiastic, fast and hard-working player, he is working hard at improving his close and goal-scoring skills. To him this tour “is all about gaining experience, bonding with my team mates and improving my hockey.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “In difficulty lies opportunity.”

JETHRO THOMAS AGE: 14 Position: Striker/Midfielder NO: 15

The youngest member of the team, Jethro forced his way into contention through some excellent performances whilst playing for the U14 team. He is a skilful player who has a great understanding of position and a fine shot on goal. It is hoped that this tour will further develop his great hockey potential. For him this tour “is exciting and a great chance to experience different cultures and return with a new outlook on hockey and the countries that we visit.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

JAKE TREHAEVEN AGE: 15 Position: Goalkeeper NO: 16

A career changing decision to switch from striker to goalkeeper last year has seen Jake’s hockey come on in leaps and bounds. Sheer persistence and hard work have seen him force his way initially into the U16A side and then into this touring team. He is certain to benefit immensely from this tour. To Jake this tour is a defining moment “as I hope to learn and experience many new things both on and off the field.” FAVOURITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “Exceptional people, make exceptional sacrifices, while demanding exceptional outcomes.”

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