2 September 2009 Newsletter No 282009 Dear Parents Achilles

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					2 September 2009 Dear Parents

Newsletter No 28/2009

‘Achilles’ cursed anger sing, O goddess, that son of Peleus, which started a myriad sufferings for the Achaeans. – The Iliad. In Assembly on Monday I spoke to the boys about the great mythical figure, Achilles. I am sure that most you know the story but let me refresh your memory. Achilles was born the son of King Peleus of the Myrimdons of Thessaly and the sea nymph Thetis. To make her son immortal, Thetis dipped Achilles into the River Styx as a child (though some accounts say he was dipped in a holy fire.) With this, Achilles did indeed become immortal with one exception … his heel by which his mother held him during the dipping. Achilles went on to defeat many foes and fight heroically in the Trojan War until finally, Paris, with the help of Apollo, shot Achilles with a poison arrow in the one place where he was vulnerable … his heel. This of course is where we get the expression ‘Achilles Heel,’ basically meaning you weakness. No matter how great you may be, you will always have your weakness, your Achilles Heel. You may be asking what all of this has to do with the boys of Michaelhouse? Well, the point to be made is that we all have our weaknesses which unless confronted will become our ‘achilles heel’ and will prevent us reaching our full potential. As individuals each of us needs to identify our ‘achilles heel’ and deal with it otherwise it will cripple us and can indeed, in extreme circumstances, become fatal; this applies especially to addictive weaknesses such as smoking, alcohol, pornography and the like. As a school we also have our ‘achilles heel’ which prevents us truly becoming a great school. I challenged the boys to think of the one weakness which prevents us from creating an environment on which every boy can reach his full potential. I told the boys that in my view it was the issue of bullying incidents which occur from time to time. While we have made great progress in this area over a number of years it is still prevalent and until it is completely rooted out we cannot claim to be a truly great school. A challenge indeed. STAFF MEMBERS I would like to congratulate Mr Rainer von Schlichting who has been appointed HOD of Music at St Alban’s College in Pretoria in January next year. Mr Given Dzingwa has resigned from the Maths Department to take up a post in Rustenberg next year. SPORT AND FAMILY DAY We look forward to seeing you this weekend at the various events :  Friday 4 September : B Block Open Day Parents and Son Toastmasters  Saturday 5 September :  Sunday 6 September Sports and Family Day All that Jazz : Memorial Hall Fathers and Sons Golf Day, VCC Tea at Michaelhouse in the Chapel

13h00 19h00 09h00 19h00 (fully booked) (See tee-off times below) 10h30


I will unfortunately be away at the ISASA/SAHISA National Conference in Swaziland this weekend so will miss Family Day. I return next Thursday; while I am away the school will be in the capable hands of Paul Fleischack. FATHERS AND SONS COURSE Please see attachment at the end of this Newsletter with regard to the Fathers and Sons ‘Courage to Connect’ weekend. PIETERMARITZBURG AND MIDLANDS PARENTS COCKTAIL PARTY A reminder to our Midlands and Pietermaritzburg parents to join us for a Cocktail party at the Victoria Country Club on Tuesday 22 September 2009 at 18h30. Please RSVP to Laura Moran on (033) 234 1151 or email if you are planning to attend. SPORT We come to the end of our soccer season and the 1st XI finished with a 2-2 draw against DHS. Overall Tom Gardner and his team performed very well. The 7’s rugby came to an end with the U19A the ‘runners up’ in the Charles Louw Tournament. Our canoeists performed well in the SAK4 Shongweni Race. We now begin our full summer sports programme. RECTOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS Basketball : Midlands for KZN Trials Debating : Midlands Team

: :

Patrick Howard, Andrew Laing, Siyabonga Mhlongo, Devin Norman, Munatsi Ziumbe Bryan Buchler, Magashe Ngoepe, Jonathan Goschen (Reserve)

Yours sincerely GUY N PEARSON RECTOR
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DATE 29/30 Aug 09 EVENT SAK4 Shongweni CANOEIST Stuart Maclaren David Pearce, Ben Hodgson, Julian Atkinson, Ben Bradford Matthew Heenan, Luke Strachan Tim Everett, Andrew Houston Jonathan Dean, Mark Brown, Jasper Epsom, Tim Lee AGE GROUP U18 U18 U16 U66 RESULT 1st & 1st overall 4th & 6th overall 4th & 9th overall 6th & 13th overall

DATE Aug 09 OPPONENT/EVENT Charles Louw’s 7’s Day 2 : Treverton 1st Voortrekker 1st St Charles 1st Grace College Final Day : Semi Final Cup Kearsney 1st Maritzburg College 1st : Final Cup Carter High 1st : Semi Final Bowl Weston 1st : Final Bowl MHS TEAM 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 2nd RESULT Won Won Lost Won Won Lost Won Lost FOR 72 43 19 36 40 12 32 12 AGAINST 0 0 0 7 0 24 20 22

DATE Aug 09 SAILING TROPHIES H Stott Sailing Trophy Mayfield Floating Trophy for Most Improved Sailor NAME William Crockett Robert Renton

DATE 29 Aug 09 OPPONENT DHS 1st 2nd Howick 3rd DHS 3rd 4th 5th U16A U16B U16C U16D U15A U15B Howick U15C DHS U15C U15D U14A U14B U14C U14D U14E Kloof High Tournament 8 Round Robin Pools Kloof High 1st Ixopo High 1st St Dominic’s 1st 2nd Round Knockout St David’s Last 16 teams St Henry’s Quarter Final St Francis Semi Final Haythorn High MHS TEAM 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th U16A U16B U16C U16D U15A U15B U15C U15D U15E U14A U14B U14C U14D U14E Group A 1st 1st 1st Cup Championship 1st Plate Championship 1st Plate Championship 1st Plate Championship 1st RESULT Drew Lost Won Won Drew Lost Lost Won Lost Lost Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost Won Lost Drew Lost FOR 2 1 4 3 2 2 2 2 1 0 2 1 1 2 7 1 1 1 1 1 AGAINST 2 3 2 0 2 3 3 1 2 2 0 2 0 3 2 3 0 5 1 3

20/23 Aug 09

Won Drew Won Lost Won Won Lost

5 4 2 1 1 3 2

0 4 0 0 0 1 1

DATE 17 Aug 09 OPPONENT/EVENT Wartburg U17 St Charles U15A Maritzburg College U15 MHS TEAM U17 U15A U15B RESULT Won Lost Lost FOR 51 19 9 AGAINST 15 47 57

MICHAELHOUSE SPORTS FORECAST as at Monday 31 August 2009 WEEK END: Sunday 06 September 2009

Wednesday 02 September 14:00 ATHLETICS PRE SPORTS DAY FINALS 16:30 TUG-O-WAR ROUND 1 : FOUNDERS; TATHAM; FARFIELD; BAINES Thursday 03 September 14:40 ATHLETICS PRE-SPORTS DAY FINALS 16:30 TUG-O-WAR SEMI-FINALS Friday Saturday 09:00 09:00 Sunday 10:00 04 September


VICTORIA COUNTRY CLUB Tee Times for Michaelhouse Fathers & Sons Golf Day 6th September 2009
Time 11:00 11:08 11:16 11:24 11:32 11:40 11:48 11:56 12:04 12:12 12:20 12:28 12:36 12:44 12:52 Tee 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Player 1 K. Flanegan A. Lishman P. Clay D. Kramer O. Mokgatle T. Thorpe P. H-Nicholls C. Donaldson G. Waterman L. Dixie J. Thomas T. Kean T. Thomas D. Hulbert J. Dean Player 2 B. Flanegan C. Holliday A. Clay A. Kramer L. Mokgatle N. Thorpe M. H-Nicholls K. Lindsay J. Waterman B. Dixie P. Thomas J. Kean R. Thomas W. Hulbert P. Dean Player 3 M. VD Vegte M. Holliday S. Peel C. Schoeman L. Mgoduso D. Bradford S. Lang M. Smurthwaite Rob. Anderson R. Perryman P. Pelser P. Critchley I. Sturgeon C. Davson C. Brits Player 4 J. Vd Vegte R. Holliday T. Peel J. Schoeman O. Mgoduso F. Bradford P. Lang J. Smurthwaite G. Anderson D. Perryman P. Pelser G. Calway J. Sturgeon A. Davson S. Dean R Time 11:00 11:08 11:16 11:24 11:32 11:40 11:48 11:56 12:04 12:12 12:20 12:28 12:36 12:44 12:52 Tee 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 Player 1 S. Lishman R. Withey J. Liebenberg B. Arnott J. Geldenhuys A. Stephens J. Tindall M. Greig D. Goosen J. Van Tonder S. Hadfield D. Stephen S. Bosch J. Atkinson S. Griffin Player 2 A. Lishman N. Withey D. Liebenberg P. Arnott G. Geldenhuys W. Stephens D. Tindall R. Greig J. Goosen G. Van Tonder P. Hopcroft P. Stephen A. Bosch G. Atkinson P. Griffin Player 3 J. Reilly R. Atherstone G. Davson C. Whiting M. Jennings N. Smythe D. Berriman N. Hellens T. De Gidts A. Krause J. Rodger M. Fenn Rus. Anderson J. Pretorius O. Clarke Player 4 T. Reilly D. Atherstone L. Liebenberg M. Whiting D. Jennings G. Smythe J. Berriman G. Hellens M. De Gidts P. Krause S. Rodger A. Fenn P. Anderson L. Pretorius M. Clarke

THE COURAGE TO CONNECT An experience for Fathers and Sons When: Where: Who: From Saturday 17 October, (after sport) to Monday 19 October (15h30) Glengarry Retreat Centre, The Kamberg, KZN Michaelhouse father and son pairs (max 13 pairs). This course is best done when a boy is in B or C Block. R2900 per father and son pair. This cost is based on fathers and sons sharing and includes all meals and materials. Please contact Michelle Calway at for a booking form.



The Father and son bond is a critical one. There is much evidence to support the assertion that a son whose Father is absent, particularly in an emotional sense, will struggle on the journey to manhood. It is often difficult for Fathers to stay connected to their sons during their adolescent years, yet this is perhaps where a Father’s effective involvement is most crucial. To this end the Michaelhouse Counselling Department will be holding its fourth ‘Courage to Connect’ father and son experience. This weekend is for any father & son who want to strengthen and enhance their relationship with each other. Below is an overview of the sessions covered during the two days. The Father & Son Bond: This session will highlight the necessity of the father-son relationship in terms of an adolescent boy’s journey into manhood. Part of the time will be dedicated to fathers and sons considering their own relationship in an open and honest way. Dealing with Anger: Fathers need to model the task of channelling anger in positive ways, without this, boys will struggle with how to handle their anger. Sexuality and Relationships: This session provides some helpful hints and allows fathers to share with their sons some of their own attitudes to the women in their lives. Get Connected: Time has been put aside for some special activities for fathers and sons to participate in together. Lots of fun!

The Quest for Identity: This difficult task begins at the start of life and must be achieved, at least in part, if a boy is to successfully become a man. The answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ has implications for many areas of life, including the workplace. Indefinite confusion around identity can negatively impact successful integration into the workplace. Spirituality This often neglected area of life should be a source of strength and wellbeing through life that sustains us even in difficult times. The development of a rooted and grounded faith is part of every boy’s journey and an area in which his father will have a profound impact. Rite of Passage: Throughout history ceremonies to mark the passing from boy to man have been common. Central to all of these is a father’s validation of his son. In this final closing session of blessing, fathers will be able to affirm their sons and their relationship in a simple yet meaningful way.

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