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					      Dozens of peace-symbolizing pigeons are released as an annual
      peace memorial ceremony is held in front of the Atomic Bomb
      Dome at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. The dome was
      put on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1996 as a building
      reminiscent of the calamities of nuclear arms. The blast and heat
      ray of the A-bomb dropped on the city ruined the dome, setting
      its ceiling ablaze and gutting its whole structure.

TOPICS           Prayer For Peace

Aiming at 
realizing nuclear-free world
Hiroshima and Nagasaki marked the 64th                               shima on Aug. 6, the 64th anniversary of the
anniversary this year of U.S. atomic bomb                            bombing. In Nagasaki, another peace
attacks in 1945. A number of “hibakusha”                             ceremony was held on Aug. 9, the 64th anni-
atomic bomb survivors are still suffering from                        versary of the city’s atomic bombing. A large
radiation-caused diseases, such as cancer, 64                        number of citizens and foreign delegates who
years after the bomb attacks.                                        participated in the memorial ceremonies
  An annual peace memorial ceremony was                              prayed for the repose of the souls of the war
held at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiro-                             dead and for a nuclear-free world. Prime
022               through images
                                                  A great many number of citizens visited
                                                Hiroshima’s Atomic Bomb Dome and
                                                Nagasaki’s Peace Park in honor of those who
                                                perished in the bomb attacks. Lanterns were
                                                floated and torchlight processions were staged
                                                in the two cities through late at night to pray
                                                for ever-lasting peace.

Minister Taro Aso, who attended both
ceremonies, reiterated his determination to
realize a world free from nuclear weapons.
  In Hiroshima, Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba
expressed support for U.S. President Barack
Obama’s appeal for a nuclear weapons-free
world.     e mayor read out the city’s peace       Prime Minister Taro Aso addresses in front of the Peace
                                                   Statue at the Peace Park in Nagasaki. The upward right arm
declaration that called on the rest of the         of the statue signifies the threat of nuclear bombs while the
                                                   horizontal left arm symbolizes peace, with its closed eyes
world to join forces to eliminate all nuclear      showing prayers for the souls of victims of the 1945 Nagasaki
                                                   A-bombing.               Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office
weapons by 2020. In the Nagasaki ceremony,
Mayor Tomihisa Taue called for taking the
path that would “lead human beings to a                      On the Internet

world without nuclear weapons” and for
world leaders to visit the city of Nagasaki.

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