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BREAD FOR THE CITY LAUNCHES “BEYOND BREAD” BFC to become the first DC direct-service organization to host a community blog Washington, DC -- May 1, 2008. Bread for the City is proud to introduce its new community blog, launching May 1 at The blog aims to present a multimedia, multifaceted picture of poverty in DC, and will serve as an open forum for Bread for the City staff as well as other direct-service organizations and community members. George Jones, executive director of Bread for the City, states: “We’re always looking for new avenues to address the issues affecting low-income District residents. Our hope is that “Beyond Bread” will succeed in voicing perspectives seldom heard, and bridge the gap between direct-service anti-poverty work and public policy.” “Beyond Bread” is issue-based, focusing on new topic areas every 6 weeks. Spurred by the slow progress of the Farm Bill and spiking food prices, the first focus is around food and nutrition. Robert Egger, head of DC Central Kitchen and the Chair of the Mayor's Commission on Nutrition, will contribute. “Groups like Bread for the City have served on the front line for years, as well as being part of the broader dialogue for systematic change,” states Mr. Egger. “This blog will provide yet another avenue to advance the ideas we all hold dear – a nation's Capital City that is free of hunger.” Guest bloggers will include writers from nonprofits such as the Capital Area Food Bank and Oxfam, as well as frequent contributions from community members. The Bread for the City blog will also feature the latest updates from DC and policy blogs, and developments around poverty issues in the media and on the Hill. "This is a great example of how a nonprofit can use the tools of media creation and distribution to help its clients and community members tell their stories," says Andrew Nachison, co-founder and CEO of iFOCOS, a non-profit media think tank. "Bread for the

City is on the leading edge of a wave of grassroots media innovation, using inexpensive media tools to share knowledge and stories. It's a great opportunity for advocates and the city's vulnerable citizens to inform and empower each other - and maybe change the world through their stories." Bread for the City welcomes community feedback and contributions from guest bloggers. Bread for the City is a private, non-profit organization that provides free services including food, clothing, medical care, legal assistance and social services for more than 10,000 vulnerable DC residents each month. For more information visit To visit the blog, visit ### If you’d like more information about Bread for the City, or to schedule an interview or tour of BFC, please contact Adrienne Ammerman at 202-386-7609 or at

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