“Surviving the Storm” “Surviving the Storm” - Part 1

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Sermon by Ps Zondi Sunday, 11 May 2008

“Surviving the Storm” - Part 1
Jonah 1 v 1-2
How do you survive the storm? The minute you are born again, the devil hates everything about you. He only wants to destroy you, When you are born again, God sets you in a direction, The devil declares war against you, He (devil) prepares something You move with God and as you move, you are overcoming challenges and become stronger with every step, As you become stronger, the devil’s devices are becoming stronger, He will send it your way when it is strong enough and will destroy you, The devil planned years ago against you, He took a close look at your walk and his purpose is to destroy you, The enemy (devil) plans against believers, If believers are not going to be obedient to the Word of God, they become vulnerable to the devil’s attacks, When the believer stops, the devil’s device is not stopping, it’s growing stronger, As a believer keep on walking and become stronger, to overcome the devil’s device, We shall always encounter storms as believers, God allows us to go through storms in order to become stronger, Every spiritual stage, has its own storm, The bigger the stage you are in, the bigger the storm you are going to face,

To be used by God, prepare for more storms. You might lose everything you have, because of the devil’s attacks – the storm. God is good in the midst of those storms,

God sends Jonah to preach against that city Nineveh, When God uses you, He will require you to preach against what people like, Don’t run away from God, Johan runs away from God because he is afraid to speak the truth, Those who run away from God, will go down, If you want to go up, remain in God, God wants believers who will stand for the truth, King Solomon says everything that happens, happens with God’s time, Job 22 v 28 “Whatever you say gets established” Storms will come even if you preach God’s Word, Whatever you say, will get established during God’s time. Ecclesiastes 3 v1 “Everything that happens in this world happens at the time that God chooses.” Before you reach your end, there will be storm coming your way, If you’re in the storm be happy because the calm has come, If you’re in good time, prepare for your storm, it’s approaching, Genesis 13 – Abraham is rich Genesis 26 – Abraham faced famine Lamentations 3 v 23 “Through the Lords mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions never fail. “ Storms will always come but you must know how to survive them, There will be storm in your family / community etc – they will come, As you walk your purpose in life, you will face storms, Jonah went into the ship

These men allowed someone they did not know into their ship, They met a storm along the way because of Jonah Watch who you bring in your life, they will cause storms in your life, Storms have nothing to do with you, but the stage where you at and where you need to go, There are times and stages, The devil is disturbing you so that you do not reach where you going, through the people that are despising you, Don’t hate people because of how they treat you, face your storm, God is saying something about the storm you are in, Storm will come from all directions at the same time, If you have not mastered the storms, you will not come out singing a song of victory. Three dangers of storm Some of us go through storms and go through the other side but never learn the lesson, We come out of storms only to go back in, Learn the lesson of your storm, God gets disappointed when we don’t learn, We get in the same storm repeatedly, 3.We get used to the storm and accept it as part of life. The danger of not surviving a storm you don’t want to be corrected when someone tells you differently, We will learn how to get out of a storm, When you bring wrong people into your ship, they will cause a storm. There is a storm around the world Daniel 11 v32 – if you know God you will do greater exploits, God is greater than your storm God is a good God,

God is bigger than fire There is a way to survive and it is through Christ Jesus God will make sure you survive Next – principles of surviving… How can we sing a song of joy in the midst of all this trouble? Sing a song of worship, and you need to have wisdom,

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