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					Memories Of Grandpa.. Grandpa…How are you in heaven ? You know…I miss you so much.. I miss your smile that full of authorization remind…when I was child.. You always accompany me… Invite me to know this beautiful world You’re always patient answer my question.. And until now… I still feel warmth your finger hold my hand… Your ceprices voice still hear in my ears Remind … a beautiful twilight which matchless if we sit togather Remind… when you’re still by my side, holding and squeezing me.. Remind the time when we’re smile togather ☺ Grandpa… You accompany me.. Until I can be a success person… Our memories which can’t to forget.. Really make me washed away in our memories… Remind…when you’re getting older and older…. You’re always smile and laugh, although sometimes we forget you…. When you ask.. No one answer…. you’re alone without anyone.. When you‘re getting tired , weak and need us.. Without deliverate we let you alone. . All the tears are falling down when I let you go… If I can.. I will kiss your hand once more and for the last time.. Grandpa…I am very regret.. Can’t accompany you until your last day.. Now..I just can pray to you.. Grandpa.. I hope you’re rest in peace.. I miss you…

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