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Store Card


Store Card

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									You can use your A-Plus Card at any Ackermans, Home Comforts, The Baby Company or Shoe City store nationwide or wherever the A-Plus logo is displayed! Simply hand in your application form in-store.

Protect your family’s future with the new A-Plus Family Protector Plan
Get affordable funeral cover for your whole family with this great value plan which covers you, your partner and up to five dependent children for one low monthly premium! • No medicals required • Guaranteed acceptance (of up to 65 years of age)

More affordable!
• You pay no interest at all if your account is settled in full each month At the end of every month you only need to pay the minimum amount due, or just R25, whichever is greater You get up to 55 days interest-free store credit

Even more benefits from the A-Plus Club...
For just R12.50 per month, you get access to all these exclusive benefits. Just remember to tick the ‘Join the A-Plus Club’ box on the Application Form overleaf! • A-Plus Club Magazine every second month Funeral Cover – R3 000 for Club member, R2 000 for spouse* Account protection which settles any outstanding balance of up to R3 000 in the event of the Club member's death* Access to our Dial-a-Teacher after-hours educational tutoring service, which includes telephonic tutoring, information sourcing, career guidance and study guidelines The chance to win bursaries to the value of R25 000 in every issue of A-Plus magazine Discounts of up to 30% (over typical medical aid rates) on GP’s consultation fees Discounted travel and holiday accommodation, and a full booking service A-Plus HelpLine 24 hours a day on 0860 606 606 for legal, health, family, teen, trauma counselling and funeral support and assistance EXCLUSIVE competitions and giveaways of up to R25 000 every second month Invitations to exclusive members’ only A-Plus Club events and sale previews

• R10 000 in cover each for main member and partner • Payout doubled to R20 000 in the event of accidental death • Premiums simply added to your monthly A-Plus account • Children are covered for R5 000 each in the case of natural death



• •

More convenient!
• When you're carrying your A-Plus Card, there's no need to carry cash when you're shopping at your favourite store You can also use your A-Plus Card at any Ackermans, Home Comforts, The Baby Company or Shoe City store nationwide You can pay any way you choose – in-store, by debit order, at any Nedbank branch or via the Internet You can give a friend and / or family member their own Card – and share your account and credit limit You'll receive a detailed statement every month reflecting all purchases to help you budget

All for a monthly premium of only R33.95!
PLEASE NOTE: The maximum joining age for you and your partner is before your 65th birthday. Your children are covered up to the age of 21 years, or 25 if they are full-time students. A-Plus Club members already enjoy free minimum Funeral Cover and can increase this cover significantly by taking out the A-Plus Family Protector Plan. A waiting period of 6 months will apply from the date of commencement of the policy in respect of natural causes. No waiting period for accidental death.
The A-Plus Protector Plan is arranged exclusively for you by Ackermans and Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited. Hollard is a licensed financial services provider. Ackermans is a juristic representative of Hollard Life.








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Store Card

All the credit you need for yourself, for your family, for fashion, for fun.

More secure!
• • Carrying your Card is much safer than carrying cash You can check your transactions against your detailed monthly statement



Simply tick the A-Plus Family Protector Plan option box and we’ll call you! Alternatively, apply in-store or call us on

* The maximum joining age for you and your partner is before your 65th birthday and all claims must be made before the age of 75.

0861 375 878

Application Form
Nedbank is a registered credit provider with reg number: 1951/000009/06 NCR Registration Number: NCRCP16

Your Permission
Would you like to be informed of exciting new products and special offers regarding your financial needs? Would you like to receive special offers negotiated by us? May we ask your opinion on how we are doing from time to time via telephone? May we adjust your credit limit annually?
Shoe City Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Email

Applicant’s Income and Expenditure
Gross monthly income: Other income: Salary deductions: Debit and account obligations: Living and household expenses: Total combined income after expenses:

Please hand your application together with a copy of your ID and latest payslip in at your nearest store or fax to 0861 102 052. For administration purposes only
Store name: Ackermans The Baby Company Store no: Home Comforts

Once you’ve completed your A-Plus Card application form – fax it back to us as soon as possible and you could start spending in no time!
• Simply apply for your A-Plus Card in-store by completing this form and handing it in directly • Fax your completed application together with copy of your ID and latest payslip, to 0861 102 052.

Please tick which Residential Postal Telephone SMS Address channels you would Address prefer us to use when communicating the above with you.

Would you like to join the A-Plus Club? I would like more information about the A-Plus Family Protector Plan. In order to qualify for the A-Plus Card, you must: • BE OVER 18 • BE A RESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA Are you under administration? Are you undergoing debt counselling? At which store would you like to pick up your new card?

Yes Yes

No No

Your Contact Details
Residential Address: Suburb:

Payment Requirements
Please complete this section if you would like to pay by debit order.

Would you like to pay by Debit Order? Select amount to be debited

Yes Minimum Payment

No Total Payment Specific Date

Yes Yes



Remember, as an A-Plus Cardholder, you’re always first in line for a range of fantastic benefits – so complete and return this application today!

Account to be debited on: Country:

Due Date

Statement Date

Postal Code: Postal Address:

Your Financial Information
Account Name:

Your Personal Details
Suburb: Title: Surname: First Name(s): ID Number or Passport Number: Postal Code: Residential Status: Period at current address (years): Date of Birth: Preferred language: Marital Status:
Married COP Married OCOP Incl. Accrual




Bank Name: Branch Name: Country:
Own Live with Parent(s) Rent Other


Share your credit limit and spoil your loved ones with an A-Plus Supplementary Card!
Branch Code:

Account Number:
Live with employer

Time with Bank (years) Type of Account:
Current/Cheque Savings Transmission

Telephone / Contact Numbers:
English Single
Married OCOP Excl. Accrual

Afrikaans Divorced
Customary Law

Civil Union

Store card account agreement and confirmation
I, the undersigned applicant warrant that I have answered all the questions and requests for information fully and truthfully as part of this assessment process. I hereby confirm that I have fully disclosed my debt repayment history. Therefore, the information supplied above is true and correct. I agree that: – The Card, including the Supplementary Card, is issued subject to the relevant provisions of the Bank’s standard terms and conditions of use, which I have read before submitting this application. – The dispatch of the Card by the Bank in Johannesburg shall constitute the Bank’s acceptance of this application. – I am jointly and severally liable with the Supplementary Card member as co-principal debtor in terms of the standard terms and conditions of use. APPLICANT SPOUSE


Work: Cell: Email:

Once your account has been approved and you have been issued with an A-Plus Card, you’ll be able to share your account and credit limit with friends and family by giving them a Supplementary Card! You’ll need to complete a Supplementary Card application form, which you’ll find in your A-Plus Welcome Pack, or of course, you can pick one up and complete it in-store! Or fax your completed application form to 0861 102 052!

Date of Marriage: Number of Dependants: Highest Education:
Matric Degree PostGrad Other

Your Employment Details
Occupation: Type of employment:
Permanent Pension Contract worker Selfemployed Unemployed Permanent Pension Casual worker Contract worker Selfemployed Unemployed

Give the gift of choice!
Looking to spoil someone with the perfect gift? Buy an A-Plus Gift Card in-store and load the amount you want to spend. A-Plus Gift Cards can be used at ANY Ackermans, The Baby Company or Home Comforts store!

Signature of Applicant

Date of Signature

If Married COP, please complete the following section regarding spouse’s details: Title: Surname: First Name(s): ID Number or Passport Number: Gender:
Male Female

Casual worker

Signature of Spouse (if Married COP)

Date of Signature

How long have you been at your current job? Period at previous employer? Name and street address Present employer:

The A-Plus Card is issued and administered by Nedbank Limited, Reg No. 1951/000009/06 We subscribe to the Code of Banking Practice of the Banking Association South Africa and, for unresolved disputes, support resolution through the Ombudsman for Banking Services. Nedbank is an authorised financial services provider.

For store use only
Store Assistant: ID Verified Supervisor:

Work: Cell:


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