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James, Hannah (Eden), LaVelle (Acorn)

LaVelle (Acorn): Hi James: Hello. Hi. Um, I wanted to stop in and just potentially talk to someone for a couple of minutes about uh qualifying for the house house process. LaVelle (Acorn): Oh. Okay. So, you’re a first time homebuyer? James: Yes. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: We just have some preliminary questions we wanted to ask someone. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Well the thing is that we have to seat those people out there James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): the department is in so let’s you guys can have a seat. James: Thank you. James: Taxes. I had some questions about this, too. Children’s advocate [unintelligible] maybe the girls can be declared as children too. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. That person isn’t here so what I’m gonna do is refer you to our ACORN housing department. Hannah (Eden): Okay. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): What they are they’re on Wilsher and Avarado. What I’ll do James: Oh. LaVelle (Acorn): is give you the number, though, so James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): you can set up an appointment, and they can give you some information on our [unintelligible] James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay?


Los Angeles
James: But is is there anyone we can speak with in person jus just for like a few minutes? LaVelle (Acorn): They’re not here. James: Is is someone at that location there? LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Uh huh. Okay. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): They’re there now, so that’s why I gave you the number. James: Okay. Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): Uh huh. No problem. James: We wanna grab two of these I guess. LaVelle (Acorn): This number here is our housing department. They specifically work with first time homebuyers. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. So there [unintelligible] Hannah (Eden): Their housing it’s not an option. It’s the law. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s right. James: That’s pretty. Is Hannah (Eden): Yeah. Did like the kids make that? Like at the school or something? LaVelle (Acorn): You know what’s funny. I did that. Hannah (Eden): You did that? I’m sorry. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s okay. Hannah (Eden): I like it though. It’s really cute. LaVelle (Acorn): Thank you. I just, yeah, I did it some time ago. I just try to get creative. Hannah (Eden): When I, when I paint LaVelle (Acorn): Uh huh. Hannah (Eden): everyone makes fun of me. Like a five year old did that, and I’m like no I did that. LaVelle (Acorn): No. They didn’t.


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): Out of my creations. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s right. Hannah (Eden): So. LaVelle (Acorn): Creativity. James: [unintelligible] LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. [unintelligible] Rosie Felix. Hannah (Eden): Rosie Felix? LaVelle (Acorn): Uh huh. Ask for Felix Harris. Hannah (Eden): Felix Har are there LaVelle (Acorn): Say the word Felix they Hannah (Eden): Felix. I’ll get one or the other? LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Just tell him you’re interested in the first time homebuyers. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Thank you. And what’s your name? LaVelle (Acorn): My name’s LaVelle. Hannah (Eden): LaVelle? LaVelle (Acorn): Uh huh. James: Yer yer LaVelle? LaVelle (Acorn): LaVelle. Hannah (Eden): Veil James: LaVelle. Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): LaVelle, LaVelle Stewart. James: Do you think there’s an opportunity for us to speak with them for a few minutes today? LaVelle (Acorn): Of course. Hannah (Eden): They’re, they’re open?


Los Angeles
James: Call em right now? LaVelle (Acorn): They’re open right now. They close at 5. James: Alright. LaVelle (Acorn): And like I said, they’re on Wilsher and Avarado. James: Is that close by here? Hannah (Eden): Wilsher and Avarado. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Do you know where, um, okay going more towards downtown James: Um hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): And so when you get to Wilsher Boulevard, you would make a left. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. It’s not far at all. Just look for that call them and they’ll give you the address. James: Alright. Hannah (Eden): The address and we’ll know how to get there from here. James: Great. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: Can I just take a look at your mural? It’s pretty. LaVelle (Acorn): Sure. James: Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): And one of our members actually I believe drew this. It’s I enjoyed [unintelligible] years ago you know [unintelligible]. Yeah. I think it’s out of, um, that type of you know that, uh, I wanna say Hannah (Eden): It’s like canvas. LaVelle (Acorn): Canvas. Yeah. Like a canvas. Yeah. James: You have the word that ACORN is a disguise there? Or? LaVelle (Acorn): You see. This was an actual action going on where they was holding up an ACORN banner.


Los Angeles
James: Oh. LaVelle (Acorn): And these were the people around in the neighborhood. James: Oh. LaVelle (Acorn): Uh huh. So he did like a painting of the actual thing. Hannah (Eden): Art was my favorite subject in school. LaVelle (Acorn): Really? Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. And in school it was so boring to me. But when I got out of school I just started doin it. Hannah: [unintelligible] LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): That was the only thing like I could get good grades at. Please, take me to art class. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: We have, uh, we have an interesting, uh, situation. My girlfriend here is from Miami, originally. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: But, she she came over to California. She’s in, uh, a unique line of work. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Okay. Okay. James: So we’ve been you know it’s been so so much trouble trying to get a house because the bankers LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. They wanna. Yeah. James: They wanna LaVelle (Acorn): See James: see something official. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: And we don’t have anything like that.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Right. James: So, that’s why ACORN LaVelle (Acorn): Right. But you know, yeah, when you go to them. Tell them exactly what you just told me. Tell them your situation because they could probably give you some advice on what she can do. James: Yeah. They could probably help her out. LaVelle (Acorn): They could help her. Yeah. James: Cause we’ve been to so many banks and they’re just like LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: we don’t deal with prostitutes. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: They’re LaVelle (Acorn): You can do anything. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Don’t give up. No matter if they say no. Keep pushing. Somebody’s gonna say yeah. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Somebody’s gonna say yeah. So, go to them. Tell them you came to me. Hannah (Eden): One of the two Felix’s? LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. This is the whole department. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): So, just tell them, hey I’m interested in buying a home. What are the steps I need to take? What do I need to do? Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): They gonna sit down with you. Show you how to fill out the application. The paperwork you need to just what do I like a normal person what steps do I need to take. Hannah (Eden): Yeah.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Don’t go in there like this is what I do and you know. Hannah (Eden): Right. Right. LaVelle (Acorn): No, um, this is what I wanna do. I need buy a home. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): I need to know the steps to take. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. Then you go on from there. You explain, you know, your situation and whatever. [unintelligible] Yeah. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Just explain it to um like a people person. Hannah (Eden): Like a people person. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Tell um you came and talked to me. Hannah (Eden): Uh, okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay, and I sent you over there. James: Okay. Hannah (Eden): Okay. Alright. Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): Alright. No problem. James: Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): And draw me something when you get to. And you can [unintelligible] up front ACORN banner or something. Hannah (Eden): I’ll draw you a thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Fair housing or something. We like we always need signs and things like that. Hannah (Eden): So if I, I LaVelle (Acorn): You can be creative like that. Yeah. Hannah (Eden): You guys would put that up? LaVelle (Acorn): We’d pay for it. Yeah.


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): How much could I LaVelle (Acorn): Well, do one Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): and then I’ll present it to you know the necessary parties. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Cause like I said we always need signs and banners. We’re always doing actions and we always have to make up themes and they look so childish when we make it up. Hannah (Eden): Right. LaVelle (Acorn): So, if you can do it professionally this I think ACORN, you know. Hannah (Eden): Something really creative. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. That’s what you do. James: Maybe you can put some of your girls in there. Hannah (Eden): Actually. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): Well, I’ll no I actually have an idea in mind already. LaVelle (Acorn): Use your creativity. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Let your mind take you you know what I mean. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. Jam es: And your body. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. And I’m here. James: And you said it was LaVelle? LaVelle (Acorn): LaVelle. LaVelle. James: Thank you. Thank you , LaVelle. James: Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to rush ahead of you. James: It was, uh, 2:50 I think.


Los Angeles


Hannah (Eden): I did, um, Felix the man. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): He was like extremely busy. LaVelle (Acorn): Um, okay. Hannah (Eden): Um, cuz the lady was out of town. LaVelle (Acorn): Who? Rosie? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. Rosie Felix. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Okay. Hannah (Eden): And, so she was out of town, so he was like packed. He did talk with us for like a few minutes. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm. Hannah (Eden): Jus just like, hey like okay and it was just kind of he wasn’t very helpful. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Well did he Hannah (Eden): And I wasn’t like he he it wasn’t a good like I dunno. I don’t think he was understanding what we were trying to, uh, talk to him about cuz he was just scatterbrained. LaVelle (Acorn): Too, too much. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Um, did you did he tell you when the next home buying class was? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. He I mean he said it’s in a couple weeks or next weekend or LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): the 22nd or LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Yeah. That’s this coming Saturday. Yeah. That’s the 22nd. So, Hannah (Eden): But, I mean the he he wouldn’t I’m not even sure if it’s necessary home buying is all we need.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): And we just really it’s a community issue. I wanna I need help and I need someone to who can understand LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): what’s going on. LaVelle (Acorn): So, let me understand first. James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): So your reason is that look I know you’re from Miami. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): So, you’re you’re relocating out here, right? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. I mean I’ve been here for 6 months. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Um, the pimp that I worked for in Miami LaVelle (Acorn): Uh huh Hannah (Eden): sold me LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): to a pimp in Los Angeles. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Um, I was extremely upset about that because I loved Miami, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): and I’m having a tough time adjusting here. LaVelle (Acorn): Hmm. Hannah (Eden): Um, and I kind of be also transportation being shipped across the country, um, gave me a desire to be on my own. LaVelle (Acorn): Hmm, Hannah (Eden): And not subject to LaVelle (Acorn): Good.


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): and, and the guy here is extremely abusive. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Um, so I was very inde you know trying to do my own thing LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm Hannah (Eden): and, and that’s when I met him. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay Hannah (Eden): And, and he’s been trying to help me establish myself. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Um, so we’ve got ever since I I kinda left LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): that the guy here. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. I just wanna go talk to them. James: Oh, okay. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. That’s fine. LaVelle (Acorn): I’m gonna walk James: Oh. Alright. Alright. LaVelle (Acorn): Cause I have someone I have to just keep talking. Hannah (Eden): So, the guy that is here is extremely abusive, and I want to get away from him and ever since I’ve I left LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): You know and, um, I’ve had him follow me. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm. Hannah (Eden): I’ve been shoved down stairs. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm Hannah (Eden): In places that I shouldn’t be shoved down stairs. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Um, it’s brought a lot of unnecessary attention to me


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): and it puts him in danger. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): And he’s, uh, a law student. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. James: At USC, LaVelle (Acorn): I can tell ya James: and I wanna run for campaign one day. LaVelle (Acorn): Oh, yeah. Yeah. So you gotta keep that. Yeah. James: I gotta. Yeah. Yeah. Hannah (Eden): He’s got gotta stay safe. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): And he doesn’t need to be wah he has he should have no reason to be harassed. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): And obviously it’s because of me, and I don’t want to become a liability to him because he’s got an incredible LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Right. Right. Hannah (Eden): So I need I need advice. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): And, and I’m tired of being shoved down. James: We can’t go to the banks because they first of all they’re they won’t help us, obviously. LaVelle (Acorn): Uh, yeah. James: Because what we’re doin LaVelle (Acorn): Well, what it sounds like is is is kinda two different things though. You know what I mean? I know you need a place to stay. That’s a given.


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): But, then you know with the personal situation of yours. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): So with the present situation, though, I want you to speak to these people. These people they’re called like the Pope around here. [unintelligible] I need to explain to you that a lot of people come here that that are dealing with different situations or different countries and things. They come here to get established and they need housing. They need some women come here. They’re running away from abusive relationships as far as Africa. These are some I want you to speak [unintelligible]. Hannah (Eden): Are they are they, um, part of ACORN? LaVelle (Acorn): No. They have nothing to do with ACORN. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Do you want me to speak to them personally first or [unintelligible]? James: Could we speak to you just a little more? LaVelle (Acorn): Sure. James: Help tell you about our situation? We’d love to speak with them. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: But, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: we just we just trust ACORN because LaVelle (Acorn): No problem. James: someone, someone referred me and said that you guys are really helpful LaVelle (Acorn): Right. James: in, in the housing situation. So, that’s why we’re more comfortable speaking with someone. I mean LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: But I don’t know if you could tell her some of the other things too? I don’t know if


Los Angeles
this is something that they would Hannah (Eden): I, yeah, I’m not sure okay, um, there’s also 12 girls LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): that have recently come to Los Angeles LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): from El Salvador. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): Um, that the pimp here LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): wants control of. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): And there’s a, a thing going on for control of these girls. They’re between the ages of 12 and 15. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Okay. Hannah (Eden): And part of the reason why I want housing LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm Hannah (Eden): is so that I can take the girls. LaVelle (Acorn): Help them. Hannah (Eden): Help them. Um, yeah. And help take them into the house. I know I’m, I’m, I’m not you know old enough to be their mother, obviously, but somehow shield them and also let them be able to work here. I mean they’re, they’re in the line they’re, they’re prostitutes. LaVelle (Acorn): In the line of fire. Hannah (Eden): They’re, they’re, they’re prostitutes. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): They’re underage in America, and I at least if they’re gonna work here and work with me


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): they won’t be subjected to that LaVelle (Acorn): To that Hannah (Eden): guy. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. Hannah (Eden): So, that’s why I need the house. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. I’m gonna be as real with you as I possibly can. First of all, when I tell you that it’s a pleasure to know you, to have met you Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): because to me it’s you that’s courage. Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. It takes a lot of courage Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): to get up and go tell a stranger you know this is what I do. This is what I need help with, Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): and I admire you for that. I admire him for standing by your side. Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. And I really hope that he continues to do that. But whether he does or not, I want you to remain strong. Okay? Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): And like I, I admire you probably I’m 31 years old. I don’t know how old you are, but Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): God is good because you’re still alive. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Um, and I’m glad you’re trying to look out for other people, too, but


Los Angeles
in order to help them, we gotta help you and I know you know that. That’s what you’re trying to do. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): So, I think the most important thing, I don’t know it’s, it’s up to you how you put it in prioritize it in your life Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): but these people here I think that they can help you with that more to say. ACORN it’s more like you have to come with something. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean? Like okay we can help you with this housing, but this is what you have to give to us. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): This is what we need you to give, but if you don’t have that like if your not established enough Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): to pro you know get those things Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): than you need to start with that first. Hannah (Eden): Right. LaVelle (Acorn): You know? And, and I know it takes time. You know? But that’s the first thing. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know? I’m a single Mom, and I’m a mother of three. Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): And believe me, I know the struggle of needing money, needing housing, having to do it on your own. Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): I know it. On my own. Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): Despite what you may see, that I have a job. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): When I leave here, the real world hits me. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. James: Mmm. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean, but I know that everything is happens in steps. You know? Hannah (Eden): Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): I’m mean. You gradually you get to somewhere. So, I really feel like these people can offer you something as far as you know as do you know have somewhere to live? Are you, you do you staying somewhere? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay, you live here? Hannah (Eden): Um, right now I’m staying with him, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): but when I go out to work I have to go with other James: Well, she’s got these, these girls coming from overseas LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: comin in LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: Which she did speak to you a lot about. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. James: Yeah.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. I feel I understand. Yeah. James: But the girls are coming over, and the problem is we need a house for them. LaVelle (Acorn): We need to have somewhere for them to be. James: And that’s why ACORN I thought could help us because ACORN at least assists in some way housing for these LaVelle (Acorn): Well, well what I can do. I can give you referrals to places that would that, that accept housing, but I couldn’t say to you like, yeah they gonna accept you and all the girls. You know what I mean? James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): Like ACORN, this is what ACORN does. They help with first time homebuyers, people that are going through foreclosures with their houses, James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): or people who are experiencing unfairness where they rent at. They’re being discriminated against, whether it’s against their kids, or they’re they’re race, they’re gender, or because they’re gay or James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s what ACORN does. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): They fight for things like that. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): As far as housing for people who like have no housing at all. James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): What we do is refer them to different agencies that we work with, and they in turn get you housing. James: Well, you said discriminatory against the like gay and minority people, LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: who don’t have access. What about like the fact that she classifies as like, you


Los Angeles
know, a prostitute? Will she would she qualify? LaVelle (Acorn): That’s discrimination. That’s being judged based on her line of work. James: Exactly. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. But, you have to already be okay like say if she were to apply for a place to live, James: Right. LaVelle (Acorn): and they required a certain paperwork of her. They’re not discriminating anything against her because she doesn’t have that paperwork. James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. They’re not saying, oh because you’re a prostitute, you can’t live here. James: Right. LaVelle (Acorn): Because the paperwork is needed. You know what I mean? James: I think we can I think we can get the paperwork is not an issue. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: Because we have ways of doing that. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: Um, like you know. Um. Hannah (Eden): And, and I know, um, like I bring in a decent capital. James: She brings in a lot of money. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: It’s really the issue is more is more like how can we trust the person that we’re getting this house from, so they won’t tell the FEDS. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm. James: You know? That there’s 13-year-old girls coming in and out of this place. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. James: That, that’s the issue.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. James: You know. You, you can’t just set us up with a random broker LaVelle (Acorn): Right. James: who’s gonna be like are you kidding me 13-year-old girls? I wanna have nothing to do with this. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Alright. James: That’s why we’re coming to ACORN. Hannah (Eden): And, and we don’t necessarily have to tell those mortgage people. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: But we feel com we feel comfortable letting Hannah (Eden): We need to know how to proceed and, and if it’s okay and protection and paperwork-wise how we can James: not get in trouble with people for having this business. This, this sex business. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: And not having people say you know turn around on us and say, aww that they’re doing illegal stuff in there with girls. Hannah (Eden): Especially since he wants to eventually LaVelle (Acorn): To protect him. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. James: Right. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Well, what I would say personally James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): to that is you need to find housing where people where they agree with that. Where they won’t be judgmental of you. Now, there are places like that. You know what I mean where that happens? James: Like where? LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Um, well that’s something that comes in your search.


Los Angeles
James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): I know there’s a lot of places like that more downtown-ish. James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean? Go on further downtown. James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): But, um, as far as like I couldn’t promise you that a manager or owner wouldn’t want that at their place. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean? And legally, he would have rights to keep you out, cause it’s against the law. You know what I mean? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Like we could say we’re with ACORN, and you’re discriminating against us James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): because of what we do. You know what I mean? James: Mmm. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s just you know, I like I’m a singer. I sing and [unintelligible] James: Mmm. LaVelle (Acorn): I can’t be like, well I’ll sing so I’m gonna play my music anytime of the day. You know. I still have to abide by the rules. James: Where? LaVelle (Acorn): The place. You know what I mean? So, these are different women who are from different countries who are experiencing hardships. That need help. A lot of them speak different languages. But what I’m saying is what you’re in * Hi * you can this is, um, you what your situation has and your housing here or from Miami um, um see you can apply here and make it sound like you need help. Hannah (Eden): Okay.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean? Which is what you do need. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): I need housing. They gonna set you up with housing. I’m just coming from an abusive relationship. I’m here, you know, and I need help. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s where you get your house. That’s what you do [unintelligible] running. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You understand what I’m saying? Hannah (Eden): Sure. James: But, this is not like an ordinary I think that what we’re saying is this is not like an ordinary just we’re gonna you know have a lot of sex in the house. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. James: This is gonna be like an international sex business, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: and the money that’s gonna be cycling through this sex business, I might wanna use that money for my campaign one day. LaVelle (Acorn): Oh. Okay. I see what you mean. James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: So, what do you think about that? LaVelle (Acorn): Well, I mean I think you have to hook up with somebody who’s on that international sex business level James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): and, ACORN doesn’t deal with that. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean? They deal with homes that you know people


Los Angeles
already established homes. You know what I mean? Hannah: [unintelligible] associated with an international sex business LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): and I’ve given this a lot of thought, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): and I know you have, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): and in Miami there’s places where, yeah, say you’re going to a spa, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): and so there’s girls and, and our male clients like the spa is tailored toward male clients, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): and so male clients come in and they chose the girl they want to give them the massage, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Okay. Hannah (Eden): um, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): and, and that’s how things are are LaVelle (Acorn): are ran? Hannah (Eden): I mean. There’s a lot of different ways down there, but LaVelle (Acorn): Oh, okay. Hannah (Eden): as far as like more classy and, and LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. I see. I see. Right now, I’m feeling you all what you’re talking about. Hannah (Eden): So, I need, uh, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. You need, you need Hannah (Eden): How do I work the paperwork? And how do I even know that I can manage like


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Well, see you know what you need, you need to speak with someone who does that. What you do. Hannah (Eden): I know but I, I know but that’s I, I don’t, I don’t wannna be associated with I’ve been on the streets, and with those people, LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): and I don’t want I want to somehow LaVelle (Acorn): Do it. Hannah (Eden): get myself some legitimatecy, just for life LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): sake. LaVelle (Acorn): I understand. Hannah (Eden): And, especially if I’m gonna be associated with him, and LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): I wanna give [unintelligible] LaVelle (Acorn): [unintelligible] Wow! You know what? What’s your name? I’m sorry your or whatever name Hannah (Eden): Eden. LaVelle (Acorn): Eden. Okay. I’m LaVelle. Okay. That’s my first name, LaVelle. That’s a beautiful name, too. Hannah (Eden): Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): The Garden of Eden. The beginnings. No. Um, what I can do for you on a personal level that has nothing to do with ACORN. James: Mmm hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): I have a lot of friends, and things like that that, you know, I call. They they’re lifestyle’s a little different from mine. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): But, I could ask them, just their opinion or advice, on what a person


Los Angeles
should do if they’re interested in getting a [unintelligible] that. Because it sound like you’re tryin ta you’re trying ta start a business that, now do you need money for the business? Are you trying to get like James: We, we make plenty of money. Hannah (Eden): I mean, I have, I have money. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): But, a loan would be amazing LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Right. Right on. Hannah (Eden): to help me start off, and, and I have I will have the means, and I do have to start paying off the loan. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): But just, just you know as far as credit and the future. LaVelle (Acorn): Right Hannah (Eden): Who I mean I, I’m young and who knows if this is going to be the rest of my life. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): But for now, this is all I can be. For to for survival. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Okay. Okay. Hannah (Eden): And, and I feel a need to help these girls get them out of the, you know. James: The third world situation, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: and then they can work here. You know. Hannah (Eden): And once they’re once they’re older, LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): they’ve experienced, you know, life on the streets, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): and, and they can go when they [unintelligible]


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Wow. [unintelligible] Hannah (Eden): as long as they’re not, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): you know, being primped on LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): and, and, and raped LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): and, and they need to get something for what they’re doing, giving to their clients. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): So, that’s just LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): where I’m coming from. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Okay. Okay. So like I was saying, on a personal level, Eden, I could do research for you. I could find out what we can do, how to get you in that door. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. Get that started, and how I can do that is word of mouth and also we have listings and stuff like we work with all kinds of people. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. Um, I just can’t came last week from, uh, a business meeting down with, um, what is this man’s name? He’s one of the top appointed people, though. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Businesses established all over Wilshar Boulevard. Just Hannah (Eden): Wilshar Blvd? LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. What is it? Flinn. Hannah (Eden): Flinn? LaVelle (Acorn): Flinn. Yeah. Flinn’s, uh, Budget. Um, have you ever heard of that?


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): Yeah. I mean we, we drove by LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I bet you. I bet you. You know? Did you go in there, yet? Hannah (Eden): No. I mean, I’m scared ta like at the same time LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): even though I’m gonna be in this world, at the same time I wanna distance myself, so that him doesn’t LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): try and put a hit on my head. LaVelle (Acorn): Strike you, yeah. Hannah (Eden): Fer fer I mean and to already, I mean, I got shoved down the stairs two weeks ago and, and James: Dude, she he tripped you, right? Hannah (Eden): Well, he tripped me down the stairs. Here’s, here’s a foot and push. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): Um, so James: He’s, he’s, he’s, um, he’s actually living in San Bernardino. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm. James: The pimp. He’s a little bit LaVelle (Acorn): Not too far. James: Nuh, yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Hmm. James: But, he, he’s tripped you and LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): I have a scrape on my back from 2 weeks ago. LaVelle (Acorn): Well, we, we, we know that, that’s not acceptable. You know what I mean?


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s not good. You know what I mean? That’s, I’m not even in that line of business, and I’ve had em hit me, Hannah (Eden): You know. LaVelle (Acorn): and I know about that. That’s not acceptable. You know what I mean? So, but, um, I definitely don’t want you going through that. You know what I mean? That’s I’m glad you Hannah (Eden): So, that’s why I want you, ACORN is legitimate LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): You know. And, and you guys are good people LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): always helping LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): and, and that’s what he told me he’s like [unintelligible] LaVelle (Acorn): Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hannah (Eden): and it was it was hard for me to come in here, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): and, and he got me to trust you guys just based on the stuff he’s told me, and so even though I’m gonna be in the, the prostitution world, which I’m already in, even though I’m planning on staying in it. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. Hannah (Eden): I don’t want to be just a scum bag on the streets LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): who has a hit on they’re head. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Hannah (Eden): I want to be respected LaVelle (Acorn): Okay.


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): somewhat. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you like something’s that you’re kinda leery on or might not you can’t trust everybody giving them your story. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): Why don’t you let me do a little research for you. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean? I know your situation. I’m not gonna judge you. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): It can be between me and you. I can give you guys my phone number. James: It’s okay if you just be honest with me because a lot of people LaVelle (Acorn): [unintelligible] James: Let me speak. Let me speak on behalf of my girlfriend for one moment. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. James: A lot of people say, you know, they hear about the 14, 15-year-old girls, and they’re like, are you kidding me? I’m not gonna touch that. Like you’re not gonna be judgmental about those 15-year-old girls coming overseas? LaVelle (Acorn): Well you know what? You know what I’m not gonna be judgmental of the fact that this lady who’s in front of me wants to help them. That what I’m not, I have nothing to do with it’s 14, 15-year-olds been traveling overseas for years. James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s not something that’s brand new. You know what I mean? And I can’t, I have nothing to do with that. You know I mean? I can’t control that. That, that’s not my issue. I’m gonna leave that [unintelligible] James: A lot of people have, a lot of people have judged us. You know? You’re bri bringin over these girls. You’re making them have sex. You’re not gonna judge us like that? Hannah (Eden): Like his friends? James: Yeah. Like my political friends.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): Oh. James: I can’t, obviously, I can’t tell them. But like LaVelle (Acorn): Well, yeah. You can’t even be con that saying you’re name in that sentence James: I don’t LaVelle (Acorn): if you have plans James: The only thing that maybe, what you were about to tell me what you can do, but the other thing we might want to consider is that like this could be potentially very lucrative. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: Like for her. I think that, that’s something you’ve been saying. You finally want to get yourself independent. Established. LaVelle (Acorn): Right. Right. James: And like wuh I don’t we’re, we’re in love, I mean I, I don’t know if we’re gonna get married or one day, but I would eventually like to use some of the money, tap into some of this lucrative business, to fund some of my political aspirations LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: here in Los Angeles. LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: So, I dunno what you thought about all that. LaVelle (Acorn): Well, I mean I think that’s between you guys. James: Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): You know what I mean. If you, you know between a boyfriend or a girlfriend or marriage. You know. Y’all could share your money however you want to. You know what I mean? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. LaVelle (Acorn): And vice versa. James: Yeah. I, I, I just


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): She might need some [unintelligible] James: but it’s difficult because we don’t want that to have a paper trail. You know? We don’t want that money LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: coming out of that business LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. James: You know what I mean? You’ve got these girls doing these sex tricks, LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. James: and you don’t want it public. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s true. Yeah. James: Because if I’m running for campaign, if I’m running for Congress, LaVelle (Acorn): Mmm hmm. James: I don’t want people to find out where the money came from. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Oh, yeah. That’s very important. James: So, how do LaVelle (Acorn): Well, you see that’s, that’s the part the research that I would have to do. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): To find out how we can do that James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): without it being so in the open. James: Got it. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. There are ways. People do it all the time. James: I’m not familiar with LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. There are ways, especially out here in California. So, James: Wow. LaVelle (Acorn): Um, you know? Give me some time. Um, I don’t know I’m gonna give you my phone number right now, and I’ll say by Wednesday, call me.


Los Angeles
Hannah (Eden): Wednesday? LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah, by Wednesday of this week. Is that [unintelligible] could do it. James: Oh that’s soon. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That soon. You know. James: Do you want us to come back in on Wednesday or LaVelle (Acorn): You can come back in, or you can call me. I wanna give Eden my phone number. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): And, and you know however you wanna do it or you’ve got a [unintelligible]. Okay, 323 area code 571 Hannah (Eden): Mmm Hmm. LaVelle (Acorn): 2492 Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s my cell phone number. I gave you my card, right? James: Yes, you did. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. That’s the office number. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s my personal cell phone number. James: Do you have it saved in there or? Hannah (Eden): Yeah. I do. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. So, again I’m gonna do some research as far as what you told me. Okay? What I can do to try to, you know, work something offer you see. Mmm hmm. Go ahead and speak, speak your mind. Hannah (Eden): I know I typed it in on my phone, but could you write it down in case I lose it? LaVelle (Acorn): Oh, baby. Yeah. Hannah (Eden): Yeah. I think I [unintelligible].


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): [unintelligible] Hannah (Eden): Well, you know, I’m from I came to Miami for [unintelligible] LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): and I grew up in Miami and Miami’s like claustrophobic. Everyone’s everywhere. LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Hannah (Eden): [unintelligible] LaVelle (Acorn): Yeah. Yeah. Hannah (Eden): [unintelligible] me being sold. Frustrated, and I didn’t ever think that would happen. LaVelle (Acorn): You know. Life is full of surprises. James: And this is like confidential? You’re not gonna LaVelle (Acorn): Yep. This is so confidential. James: Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): That’s why I [unintelligible]. That’s how confidential it is. James: Okay. Thank you. Thank you. LaVelle (Acorn): Because everybody don’t need to James: Understood. LaVelle (Acorn): Not everybody’s gonna accept that. James: Understood. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. Hannah (Eden): Okay. Thank you very much. LaVelle (Acorn): So by Wednesday, I’ll say around noon. Give me a call. Hannah (Eden): Wednesday at noon, give you a call? LaVelle (Acorn): Yes. I’ll be finished with what I have to do. Yeah speak with a couple councilmen today. Hannah (Eden): Okay.


Los Angeles
LaVelle (Acorn): By Wednesday. James: Okay. Hannah (Eden): So, I can call you or come in? James: Call me or come in. It doesn’t matter. Hannah (Eden): Which, which do you prefer? LaVelle (Acorn): Call me to see if I’m here. James: Alright. LaVelle (Acorn): [unintelligible] I can still talk to you. Hannah (Eden): Okay. LaVelle (Acorn): Okay. I will have something for you. Okay. Hannah (Eden): Thank you so much. LaVelle (Acorn): Be strong. Okay, baby? James: Thank you. Thank you again for your time. LaVelle (Acorn): You be strong. James: I appreciate that. Hannah (Eden): Okay. James: Bye. This way.


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