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Transilience Therapy&Body Dynamix Newsletter


Transilience Therapy&Body Dynamix Newsletter

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									Transilience Therapy & Body Dynamix Newsletter
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Transilience Spring Specials
outdoors beckon.

Well Spring is upon us and there is no better time to get ourselves back into balance. The gym and the great

Body Dynamix Spring Specials
Sinus Treatment

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Computer Fatigue
Feeling the stress and pain of working on the computer all day. Book 3 Bowen sessions and only pay for 2.
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Inside This Issue Spring Specials Amazing Pregnancy Soccer Case Study Running with Bowen Clients Comments
'describes himself as now 'hooked' (on the Bowen Technique) 24th April 2007. Read the article online at The Daily Mail. British survival expert Bear Grylls (www.beargrylls.com)

1 1 2 2 3 4 4

and has treatment every month', as published in the Daily Mail,

Pregnancy article continued… Bowen and Asthma

Amazing Pregnancy
By Dr Jaimini Raniga
Pregnancy is an amazing body and mind changing experience, and it comes with a brand new family member after just nine months. But let's face it, you have to put up with an awful lot during that time. From morning sickness and overwhelming exhaustion, to the challenge of adjusting to a completely new centre of gravity, it can all take its unique toll on you. Fortunately less pleasant aspects of pregnancy. scene that promises numerous benefits, especially during pregnancy. It's named after Tom Bowen, an Australian who developed the technique by observing the body's response to particular stimuli.

"Bowen Technique is a dynamic, soft tissue therapy that involves stimulating precise points on the body, using gentle movements on muscles, tendons and ligaments,"

there are therapies which can offer relief for some of the One such therapy is Bowen Technique, a fairly new

explains Dr Jaimini Raniga, founder member of The Bowen Association of South Africa. "It is a nerve stimulus which releases muscle tension and allows the body to heal itself."

treatment on the South African complementary therapy

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Transilience Therapy & Body Dynamix Newsletter

Bowen and Soccer

A Winning Formula by Alastair Rattray

C A S E H I S T O R Y SOCCER "I was asked to try Bowen therapy by my soccer physio as I had been having problems with my back, groin and upper leg muscles for most of the season. I'd been to a chiropractor a few times and on my last visit she had advised there was nothing really wrong with my bone structure. I continued to play but still felt restricted in my movements so I decided to give Bowen a try. "I didn't really know what to expect but I was determined to keep an open mind and give it a go. I can't explain how it worked but after a couple of treatments the problems I had been having virtually disappeared. I was able to touch my toes with the palms of my hands - something I'd not been able to do for a long while and I seemed to

Many injuries in sport are sustained when the body has been unable to cope with sudden, additional stress.

be able to go the duration of a game easily where I had been struggling before. "When people ask 'does it work?' I find the best way to tell them about it is my scoring ratio since having Bowen. I'd only scored 5 goals in 27 games before Bowen treatment. From the time I started having treatment until the end of the season, I scored 10 in 12 and from my point of view, that says it all! I also didn't miss a game through injury." - Danny Adams, soccer player

Running with Bowen

The Bowen Technique & Sports: A Winning Formula by Alastair Rattray
CASEHISTORY RUNNER "I recently changed my running shoes and began to notice an uncomfortable strain down my left Achilles. On finishing each run the area would burn and be painful for some hours later. "This developed until running became impossible without pain. Direct work with massage and other hands-on approaches to the area created little relief. On seeing a Bowen practitioner a suggestion was made that the problem could be coming from the sacroiliac joint in the lower back. Three sessions working in this area gave permanent relief. I now see the Bowen practitioner only if I am preparing for a big race." -David Jacobs, 32

Picture taken from www.art.com

Please see Clients Comments on page 3

“Every Body is better with Bowen.”

Transilience Therapy & Body Dynamix Newsletter
Clients Comments

Page 3

By Maheono – www.maheono.com
TORTICOLLIS "The hospital told me there was not much they could do with my torticollis and gave me a neck brace to wear for a few weeks.....after one day I threw the neck brace in the bin and phoned you for Bowen.....I had never heard of it but in honesty I was desperate to try anything.......two treatments later and I feel so different.....thank you so very much" LOWER BACK PAIN "I had never heard of Bowen Therapy but after suffering with pleased at the results your treatment has given me. I can't believe it only took two treatments. If only I had known about Bowen Therapy ten years ago." SHOULDER PAIN "I can honestly say that I can feel a marked improvement in my right shoulder, it now feels more relaxed and less tense than it has for many years" PREGNANCY "Bowen Therapy was my only saviour during both pregnancies. I would not have survived both because the pain was so do so much". severe.......I am just so thankful that such a gentle therapy can HERNIATED DISC (slipped disc)

Picture taken from www.savingsports.org

"After suffering for with such excruciating and debilitating pain it was incredible to get off the couch and have it almost disappear. By the time my second treatment came around I

was only suffering small amounts of pain when bending over and trying to pick up things. Now I feel as good as normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.........." SPORTING INJURY

back aches for years I thought I would give it a go. I am really

"I was so surprised at how gentle Bowen Therapy was, and

how quickly I felt relief. I can't thank you enough for the treatment as I am back to playing my favourite sport. The call". next time I have an injury or pains I will certainly give you a


"The week after my first treatment I slept better than I had in completely disappeared!"

weeks. The tingling in both my fingers and feet has


"Almost immediately after my first session I felt relief from the back pain. My thighs felt so relaxed as though they had had a solid massage for an hour. I don't think I will forget too and amazing all at the same time." SINUS / FLU

quickly the sensation of my right toe falling off - it was weird

"My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 18 months.

There were no 'medical' problems......then a friend suggested The Bowen Technique. After the third treatment (treating my difference............9 months later Connor was born. SCIATICA coccxy), the therapist joked that this would make all the

"Two days after my treatment I was completely sinus free. I you!" NECK ACHE

have not suffered sinus since.......and I feel great..........thank

"Thank you for the treatment you gave me over the last two weeks. After only a few moves I could literally feel the pain disappearing. I have been pain free since and am keen to enjoy frequent Bowen treatments for my relaxation."

"I love Bowen Therapy, it is not only beneficial for my health but after a treatment I feel as though I am at my ultimate relaxation point. I enjoy my treatments and would

recommend Bowen to everybody, especially those working behind a desk".

Please see Bowen & Asthma on page 4

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Bowen & Pregnancy Cont… from page 1
Bowen for Moms According to Dr Raniga, the therapy has a number of your body, and Bowen Technique helps your body to positive implications: "Pregnancy is a form of stress to relax. It's almost like a code that we give to the body to activate it's healing capabilities, allowing it to realign itself," she says. "It can help to restore peristalsis and relieve

Transilience Therapy & Body Dynamix Newsletter
Transilience Therapy and Body Dynamix offer special monthly package for pregnant moms. Contact us to find out more. info@transillience.co.za or


constipation, a common complaint during pregnancy. It flow, helps to eliminate waste products and aids digestion."

also helps to relieve tension and allows for better blood

And Bowen is also useful in later pregnancy. "It can help to keep the pelvis and sacrum aligned, and can even Raniga. help to prepare the baby's position for delivery," says Dr "There are specific movements that can help to prevent breech birth. And if you're having a Caesar, Bowen can restore the body and help with pain relief." be used as a pre-and post-operative treatment to help
Picture taken from www.breathebodywork.com

Bowen and Asthma
by Alastair Rattray
Tom Bowen's wife suffered from asthma and was hospitalized many times before he developed a respiratory procedure, using his technique of gentle was never hospitalized again. Child Asthma and Bowen an adult. More work obviously affects more of the body being amount of work we do on them. treated. However, children respond very well despite the small

"moves" in specific places on the body, to help her. She

The research being undertaken by Alastair Rattray, a Bowen Studies (ECBS) is showing that it makes no difference as to

Therapist, and Teacher with the European College of Bowen whether the child is under a regime of medication, or not. The attacks lessen more and more until they no longer seem to be a problem.

Whatever the level of asthma, or similar respiratory

problems suffered by young children, Bowen often seems to reduce the level of attack very quickly, and effectively. A number of Case Studies forming part of a research programme will illustrate how very successful the technique is proving to be.

results are proving, so far, to be usually exactly the same. The

Older children and adults also benefit from the asthma the case more complex than with a young child. The

With very young children, up to the age of about 2 years old, only the asthma procedure is used which takes less than a minute to administer, depending on the level of

treatment. However, a number of additional factors can make additional stresses of life, relationships, exams, work related problems, smoking and other life-style factors can slow the process of recovery. Nevertheless, there are many successes recorded at all ages.

co-operation from the child! As they grow, so we are able to use more of the Bowen moves and the treatment takes longer, from a few minutes to maybe 30-35 minutes for

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