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Preparatory Newsletter Thursday, 10 May 2007 Term Theme: “ Making the Right Choice”

You might be wondering what this has to do with sport at the Prep School and why I am bringing it up when we do not even play football in the Prep School. To digress for a moment, over the past few months I have had many questions relating to sport and what we are trying to achieve in the Prep School. The winter PE and Sports Programme is based upon a number of guiding principles. To mention a few:• • • The Prep School has a responsibility to prepare the pupils for the Senior School with regard to their involvement in the main winter sports (rugby, hockey and netball). The Prep School must be able to compete on an even footing against local schools – hence the focus on 2 main sports for girls and boys. To state the obvious … more pupils playing a particular sport means stronger teams! Pupils are growing up in an environment where they are spending more and more time indoors in front of the TV etc and doing less and less physical activity – in particular upper body development. It is the school’s responsibility to ‘tackle’ this issue head on, hence the introduction of Gymnastics from Grade 1 – 7 this year. Rugby is also a particular sport which specifically deals with developing the upper body.

However, there are a number of issues surrounding rugby. o Some parents do not want their son participating in rugby. o Some pupils do not enjoy this contact sport. o Some pupils are not physically/emotionally ready for rugby. In spite of the above concerns about rugby, rugby skills provide a wonderful opportunity for pupils to develop their upper bodies. Therefore the boys have a choice between rugby and rugby skills. The emphasis during rugby skills is to develop the boys’ upper body using (mainly) rugby skills as the ‘vehicle’. The pupils do not participate in matches.

The following excerpt is taken from the Somerset College Preparatory School Physical Education and Sport Policy. It clearly states what the main sports are and how the other sports relate to the main sports. EXPLANATION OF MAIN SPORTS WINTER: Hockey, Netball, Rugby/Rugby skills
• • • • • Offered by the school. Main Sports are sports for which the school can be recognized. Allows the school to focus – to develop a sound sporting base. No sport (Secondary or Private Sport) competes with Main Sports thus creating an opportunity for all pupils to participate in the Main Sports. Therefore more pupils – stronger teams. Attract pupils to the school and keep pupils at the school. Resources – staff, equipment, facilities, etc ‘support’ the Main Sports.

Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 10 May 2007

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EXPLANATION OF SECONDARY SPORTS Squash, Mountain Biking, Football, X-Country WINTER:
• • • • • • Offered by the school. They enrich the Sports Programme – something extra! After school hours – so as to not weaken teams of Main Sports. Main Sports take preference when it comes to matches, use of facilities, budgeting etc. Attract pupils to the school and keep pupils at the school. Often driven by staff who enjoy participating in that sport.

EXPLANATION OF PRIVATE SPORT WINTER: Intro-Golf, Ballet, Karate, Swimming lessons, Surfing, etc
• • • • Not offered by the school, but the school creates the space for the sport to take place at the school (where possible). To accommodate mainly individual or alternative sports. Completed after hours – avoid clash with Main or Secondary Sports. Cost involved – parents.

Secondary Sports and Private Sports to some degree can blend into each other, but the bottom line is that they do not affect the Main Sports. This brings me back to my opening paragraph about football. The policy clearly states that the school can have football, but only under the conditions listed above. However, at the moment, parents should be aware of the following: 1. The school fields are not available after 15:00 from Monday to Thursday due to Senior School sport. 2. Due to netball/rugby matches (Wednesday) and hockey matches (Thursday) pupils cannot be involved in any other sport on these days. 3. Financially the school cannot afford to employ any more coaches (football) or for that matter put extra demands on current sport staff. There is an opportunity for parents who are interested in starting football at the school to ‘do something’ on a Friday afternoon. At present this is the only ‘gap’ we have in a tight but creative, dynamic and progressive PE and Sports Programme. This ‘something’ is not restricted to the boys! Girls are welcome – VIVA LA DIFFERENCE! If any parents are interested in assisting the school in developing this idea, please contact me on my e-mail:

VIVA MANCHESTER UNITED VIVA MANCHESTER UNITED (Sorry Chelsea supporters but you will also lose the FA Cup!)

Warren Bevan Deputy Head

Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 3 May 2007

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From the Physical Education and Sports Department _________________________________________________________________________________________ Somerset College Netball took a huge step (in the right direction) this year by entering into the local Netball League. For the past few years the girls have only participated in friendlies and a few festivals. However, the PE and Sport Department felt it needed to step up the level hence our involvement in the local league. The standard of play in the league is of a high quality and our girls have much to learn and develop. We are fortunate to have employed top coaches from Maties and with the support and drive of Miss Nicky Barry we look forward to a steady improvement. The results from the past two weeks are as follows: VERSUS BEAUMONT Age group A U9 Lost 18-0 U10 Lost 11-2 U11 Lost 6-1 U12 Lost 14-4 U13 Lost 31-4 VERSUS SW METHODIST Age group A U9 Lost 15-0 U10 Drew 3-3 U11 Lost 14-3 U12 Lost 12-3 B Lost 13-1 Lost 8-1 Lost 1-0 Lost 16-0 Lost 20-0 B Lost 9-0 Lost 6-0 Lost 7-1 Lost 11-1


RUGBY RESULTS VERSUS SOMERSET HOUSE U9B vs SH Won 35 – 0 U9A vs SH Won 35 – 15 U11A vs SH Lost 5–7 U13A vs SH Lost 12 – 19 HOCKEY VERSUS BEAUMONT The hockey season got off to a disappointing start with only the U13A boys; U10A boys and U9B boys winning their matches against Beaumont. This week the teams will be playing against SWPS. We are hoping for better efforts from all the teams. Good luck, boys and girls. U13A Boys vs Beaumont It was a tense atmosphere before the big match between the U13As and the Beaumont U13As. The boys knew it was going to be a tough match and had great respect for the Beaumont team. We started off spectacularly scoring two unbelievable goals in the first ten minutes. The goals were scored by Brett Johnstone and Nic Enslin. We kept playing well until the end of the first half but Beaumont's defence was too good. The second half was a hard-fought battle and great defence was shown by both teams. There were a few negatives from the second half. Our marking of each player could have been better and our positional play was not up to scratch. I'm sure we learnt a lot more about these two things and to use them more in the near future. The end result for the game was 2-0, a good result and many lessons were learnt. Well done guys. Dean Stephens (Captain) INTER-ZONAL U13A BOYS HOCKEY TOURNAMENT On Friday 4th May the Somerset College hockey fields were buzzing as we played host to all the Under 13 Boys teams in the Helderberg zone. It was the first round of the play-off tournament where the teams play in a round-robin pool to determine the top two teams in the league. These two teams will play in a day/night tournament, in the third term, against the top schools teams from the other zones. Our boys had mixed fortunes on the day; winning one game and losing the other. We wish them luck for the next round when they will be playing three games. See captain’s report below.

Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 3 May 2007

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U13A Boys vs Somerset House LOST 2 – 0 Some of the boys that played in the rugby match a few days ago were looking for revenge, this time on the hockey field. Some of the crunching tackles were in our memories at the start of the match ... The match was very disappointing for us in the sense that we had quite a few chances to put something on the board. We held tight in the defence until two quick goals were conceded by us. We created some great opportunities down the left side of the field but we failed to score. All these created opportunities were far too little, far too late. The final result was 2-0 to Somerset House. WON 3–0 U13A Boys vs Hendrik Louw We were highly pumped for our next match ready to set things right for the team and our confidence. We played really well and our awesome teamwork resulted in three brilliant goals. Our defence was extremely good and we played the entire hockey game in the opposition's half. We showed great character coming back from a disappointing match. The final result was 3-0 to Somerset College. WELL DONE TO THE TEAM!!!! Dean Stephen (Captain) INTER-ZONAL U13A GIRLS HOCKEY TOURNAMENT The girls’ results were: vs Somerset House Won 1-0 vs Beaumont Drew 0-0 vs SWPS Drew 2-2 vs Hendrik Louw Drew 0-0 PROCEDURE FOR SPORTING EVENTS The Physical Education and Sports Department strives to make sure pupils and parents are aware of upcoming sports events. Information is communicated in the following way: • • • Weekly sports matches are placed on the Sports Line at the beginning of the week. Parents are encouraged to use this form of communication instead of phoning Mrs Kietzmann. ‘The Sporting Weeks Ahead’ is placed in the newsletter ever week. Team lists are placed up on the various notice boards (Netball below Miss Barry’s classroom; hockey and rugby next to the Science Lab) around the school. It is the pupils’ responsibility to check these team lists and write down the information in their homework books.

REDDAM DERBY: SATURDAY 19 MAY Detail concerning this event will be sent out during next week. HERMANUS HOCKEY FESTIVAL: 8-9 June The school is planning to participate in the Hermanus Hockey Festival on Saturday 9 June, which will involve boys and girls from U9 to U13 (about 120 pupils). The school plans to send two 65-seater buses on Friday afternoon where the pupils will ‘sleep over’ in Hermanus and then participate in the festival on Saturday. The pupils will then return on Saturday. More information will be sent out nearer to the event. NOTICE BOARDS Please check the sports notice boards for details concerning sports matches. THE SPORTING WEEKS AHEAD WEEK 4: 7 May - 13 May
DATE Friday 11 May Saturday 12 May SPORT Netball Netball Hockey TEAMS U12 and U13 U10 and U11 U13 A Boys and Girls OPPONENTS SH Netball Festival SH Netball Festival SH Hockey Festival TIME 13:15 08:30 07:30 VENUE SH SH SH

Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 3 May 2007

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WEEK 5: 14 May - 20 May
DATE Wednesday 16 May Thursday 17 May Saturday 19 May SPORT Netball Hockey Reddam Derby TEAMS U9 - U13 OPPONENTS De Hoop TIME 14:00 VENUE De Hoop

No matches Details early next week.

08:00 – 13:00


WEEK 6: 21 May - 27 May DATE SPORT
Wednesday 23 May Netball Hockey Thursday 24 May Hockey Friday 25 May Saturday 26 May Hockey Hockey





This fixture has been postponed to a later date due to the school’s involvement in the Choir Eisteddfod. U9 - U11 U13 Boys/Girls U13 Boys/Girls U8 - U13 Hendrik Louw U13 Zonal Hockey Trials U13 Zonal Hockey Trials Somerset College Mini-Hockey Festival 14:00 14:00 14:00 08:00 Hendrik Louw Radloff Park Radloff Park College

We are very excited to be able to offer, for the first time, professional chess coaching at Somerset College Prep. Classes started this week and are open to anyone in Grades 3 – 7. Anyone interested is urged to come on Tuesday afternoons at 15:15 to learn more about this stimulating and enjoyable game. There is no cost. Any enquiries may be directed to Mr Brown Please note that there will be no class next Tuesday 15 May.

There are many unmarked items in the Lost Property box, some of which have been sent down from the senior school, after being left in the Hall, Chapel and on the fields. Please send your children to come and identify their belongings at break times. The clothes are outside Mrs Rörich’s classroom every day from Monday to Friday. There are brand new rugby jerseys, fleecy tops, black shoes, takkies, hundreds of socks, lunch boxes, choir camp items and much more!

200 CLUB
Congratulations to our May winner Mr Pieter Carstens Father of Phillip (Grade 4) and Franco and Frances (Grade 3)

Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 3 May 2007

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The Parents’ Association are planning to hold a movie night and the tentative date is 3 August 2007. “Shrek 3” is the movie of choice and parents are urged to support this event by encouraging their children to wait for this particular showing. Further details in regard will follow shortly.

Grade 7 Mums will be selling Choc-Chip Muffins at second break on Friday,11 May 2007 R5 each

Grade One Poetry Cameron Castle Samuel Henderson Megan Lombardi Nicole Smith Emma Stockley Grade Three Poetry Matthew Slabbert Ethan Smith Annabelle Somers Lauren Somers Gold Gold Plus Gold Gold Gold Grade Two Poetry Sterre de Jong Luneau Chloe Leslie James Smith Angelina Wicker Carla van Tonder Grade Four Poetry Holly Garlick Caroline-Jade Smith Sam Somers Gold Gold Plus Gold Gold Gold Plus Silver Plus Gold Plus Gold

Gold Gold Gold Plus Cum Laude

Grade Four Prepared Reading Joshua Henderson Gold Plus Gytha Lategan Cum Laude Caroline-Jade Smith Cum Laude Hanje Janse van Rensburg Gold Grade Five Prose Shawnee Hiten Osamu Nakada Jarryd Strydom Phillip Vorster

Grade Five Poetry Shawnee Hiten Jessica Strong Sasha Tinelli Phillip Vorster

Gold Silver Plus Gold Silver Plus

Gold Cum Laude Gold Plus Gold

Well done to our pupils on a super set of results. And just remember that one person’s opinion at one time is insignificant compared to the fact that these children gave up time to learn words and put effort into these presentations. Thanks, boys and girls! Mrs ZIMMERMAN

Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 3 May 2007

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Candidate Georgia Wyborn Sa 1: Pat A Cake Sa 2: Jig along Home Annika Pretorius Sa 1: Pat A Cake Sa 2: Bananas in Pyjamas Nicole Davies Sa 21 : The Train Sa 39 : Grandpa’s Snuff Box Gigi Fatzer Sa 3 : Miss Muffet Sa 4 : Happy Wanderer Caroline-Jade Smith Sa 5 : Butterflies Sa 6 : I’m a Little wrong note Sa 40: Hoender wat ń eier nie kan le Olivia Laing Sa 10: Whistle a Happy tune Sa 42: Cockles and Mussels Justin Davies Sa 29: The Cricket Match Sa 42: Tinga Layo Daniel Davies Sa 29: Pack Up your Troubles (Tripparary) Sa 42: Waltzing Mathilda Result Gold Gold Silver Plus Silver Plus Gold Gold Gold Gold Plus Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Cum Laude Cum Laude Junior Singing Group Gold Jennifer Nel Sa 10: My old Uncle Rumbold Sa 42: Tiritomba Gold Plus Gold Emma Silvester-Davies Sa 7: Winter Sun Sa 8: Evening Music Silver Plus Gold Claire Laing Sa 3 : Miss Muffet Sa 4 : Jamaica Farewell Sa 39 : Little Girl Gold Gold Gold Candidate Emma Stockley Sa 1: Pat a Cake Sa 2: I’m a Little Cookie Result Gold Silver Plus

Candidate Phoebe Martin K1: Prescribed K2: Own Choice Frances Carstens K1: Prescribed K2: Own Choice Matthew Smeda K6: Own Choice Result Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Candidate Alexandria Williams K2: Own Choice Manu Huyssen K3: Prescribed K4 Own Choice Phillip Vorster K6: Own Choice Result Gold Gold Cum Laude Gold


Somerset College Preparatory Newsletter 3 May 2007

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