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									23 July 2008

Dear Children’s Home Friend

Durbanville Kinderhuis Children's Home

A headline for your heart
I am writing this letter with a song in my heart. And I am delighted that I can share this story of hope with you, something that adorned the front page of a national newspaper a few weeks ago… something I believe will also touch your life and become a headline in your heart. Allow me to start with Hermanus's arrival at the children's home a few years ago… This young man arrived at our home quite challenging & mischievous - as children do when they don't receive the love and attention they need - and immediately joined a group with a similar outlook on life: not necessarily naughty as such, but with quite challenging behaviour. Together this bunch made a committed team that kept the children's home 'aunties' on their toes. And when, on a bright sunny day, thunder suddenly sounded loudly in the admin offices, everyone would know'Hermanus & friends have unexplainably managed to get on the 2-storey high roof yet again'. A few silent prayers would also then be said… “Please don't let these boys test our slogan today, being 'all children have wings, we teach them how to fly' as it's very high to fall from up there!” This is how the staff got to know Hermanus. Unfortunately the children living in the spot light at the children's home don't get there through good behaviour; it's normally the other way around. But few people know what this precious child, 14 years old, has been through and the tough road that has led him here… How he, one night looking for his shoes under the bed using a candle for light, set the whole shack that was their home on fire, how he doesn't have a mom or dad that can give him unconditional love, how Hermanus will fight for & protect his brother that is also at the children's home with all his might if he thinks he is in trouble… Back to more recent news. At a staff meeting on Monday 27 May 2008 the xenophobic attacks are discussed. Everyone is sad about what is going on, and then some of the stories are shared: child care workers who are hiding people under their beds, who survive a night filled with fear with these poor people and who then get up the next day and come to work to care for our children at the children's home. There isn’t a dry eye in the room: who knew that this tragedy had such an influence and was such a reality for our staff and children?! What happened after this was amazing: Miriam said a prayer in Xhosa that was surely understood in every other language, one that seemed to be answered straight away… asking for courage and wisdom for our country, our people… and for love in a time when it seems to be needed more than ever before. Monday afternoon is the children's meeting and we challenge them all… 'Let's share what we have and give to others who are in desperate need.' The children's response was amazing! They all disappeared to their rooms and came back with toys for the children affected by this horrible situation… 'yes tannie, I know how they feel' … 'I have enough, I will also give' … 'I also want to do something to help' is the response. Any guesses who the front runner ends up being? Hermanus! We were all so proud of him - and still is. He thinks of things like blankets and mattresses, 'can we give them some food too?' and 'tannie, when we take all these things to the kids, can I please go with?’ Please turn over... ‘All children have wings, we teach them how to fly.’

And in this unannounced way, Hermanus gets his 'cinderella-moment', a moment that isn't necessarily guaranteed for someone living in a children's home… Two days later this child with seemingly empty hands became the hero on the front page of 'Die Burger' with a group of his friends, showing South Africa what the word 'unconditional' means… We receive calls and emails from people around the world (really!) admitting shamefully that a children's home child had to set an example for them, and that they will also now do something to make a difference. And this my dear friend, is Hermanus's headline story. It is definitely not the end of the challenges for this 14 year old boy. But I sincerely hope that you have found inspiration in his story, and that you will be reminded why you are involved with our children living at our home, why you share some of what you have received. Please know with certainty that, especially in these times where the economy and so many other things seem unsure, children like Hermanus living at organisations like the Durbanville Children's Home need people like you more than ever. I would like to ask you to give a contribution for our children… children with the potential to inspire front page stories! We need you to continue their care and therapy and your donation of R200, R100, R50 or any other amount you can give, enable us to influence and inspire young 144 lives. Please complete the enclosed response slip and use the prepaid envelope to return to us. We are looking forward to your response to this letter. I wish you lots of joy, and may our current economic and political circumstances remind us in a way about our priorities: may the true heroes enjoy their rightful spots on the front pages and in the head lines of our country's news papers. My very best wishes Annemarie Bezuidenhout Manager Ps. I trust after reading this hero's story it will also become a headline in your heart. For similar stories and opportunities to support one of our children, do join us at our AGM on the 13th of August. Kindly confirm at reception on 021 975 6822 before 5 August. More information is also available on our website www.durbanvillekinderhuis.org.za

Below: ‘Die Burger’s front page article and right: Hermanus (on the right) sharing a caring moment with one of the children in the camps due to the xenophobic attacks

Kerkstraat 1 Church Street, Durbanville 7550. Tel:021 975 6822. Fax: 021 975 1613 www.durbanvillekinderhuis.org.za email: bestuur@durbanvillekinderhuis.co.za
Geregistreerde organisasie sonder winsoogmerk (Registrasienommer NPO 011-891) Durbanville Kinderhuis is ‘n program van BADISA‘n Gesamentlike bedieningsaksie van die NG Kerk (Wes- en Suid-Kaap) en VGKSA (Kaapland) Registered non profit organisation (Registration number NPO 011-891) Durbanville Children’s Home is a program of BADISAA joint ministry of the DR Church (western and Southern Cape) and URCSA (Cape)

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