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Tag Rules by monkey6


Tag Rules

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									Tag Rules
a. Teams will consist of up to five (5) surfers. • Surfers may be substituted in subsequent rounds. • Substitutes may be used in each separate round Each surfer must commence from behind a designated start line / area near the shoreline. The team order of surfing cannot be changed once submitted to the Contest Director. A Power surfer must also be nominated when submitting the Team list. A surfer may only surf once in each heat. Each surfer may catch a maximum of three (3) waves.

May 2009

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Surfers must nominate two (2) of their three (3) waves by raising both hands above their head after each wave and before before paddling out again. Once waves have been claimed they cannot be changed. When a surfer has claimed two (2) rides they must return to the shore, make contact in the box with the next surfer from their team (tag them) to allow the next surfer to catch their waves. ALL THREE of the Power surfer’s rides count in the team score. Heat length will be between forty five minutes and one hour. The Contest Director designates the start line which is usually in front of the team box. Team boxes should be able to accommodate all team members Interferences are as per SSA Rules. When an interference has been scored, the team’s following surfer must wait the THREE MINUTE time penalty in the team box after the surfer in the water has made contact with him/her. In the case of the interfering surfer being the last team member, the team’s time will be reduced by 3 minutes. In the event of interference the Contest Director will award a replacement wave within the heat time period to the surfer who has had their scoring potential hindered. The surfer will be notified of the option of the replacement wave by public address announcement. Surfers may release their board at the water’s edge when returning to their box. All team members are required to stay within the team box wearing contest vests for the duration of each heat unless there is extreme weather conditions or if a surfer is ill or injured. Only the Contest Director can change this rule and must be asked to do so by the Manager or Captain of the team. 5 Point Penalties: Surfer competes out of turn Surfer leaves the box before the siren or during the heat, without permission from the Contest Director Surfer tags outside of the box Surfer does not physically tag/make contact with the next surfer Surfer removes his official contest vest during event Non completion of required number of scoring waves within time Surfer catches more than official wave limit: 5-point penalty for each extra wave Other Penalties Interference: 3-minute penalty for next surfer or added to final Team time Team surfer surfs twice or non designated surfer competes : TEAM DISQUALIFICATION

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