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English Language Framework (ELF)
This programme is designed to raise the level of English language skills quickly and comprehensively and is also an ideal supplement to any Latitude Varsity programme.

Programme Learning Outcomes
This programme is aimed at developing your ability to communicate in English in an international arena. Designed to give you the opportunity to investigate and understand the workings of the English language, and to develop your ability to communicate orally and in writing in areas of direct relevance to you in your current and future roles. Role-plays, presentations, summaries, debates and discussions and similar appropriate activities will be organised o n an ongoing basis to increase your confidence, linguistic accuracy and oral competency.

Programme Content
The content of each level covers a balance of communicative skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. A strong grammar and vocabulary element is also present throughout. Each level of the programme adopts a cyclic approach to learning, where different aspects of language are covered several times throughout the same level. Topics covered are based on real-life situations to prepare students for their lives outside the classroom. Emphasis is firmly on refinement of linguistic skills for the purpose of fluid communication. To that end, lessons are geared towards group, pair and project work to ensure a high level of student involvement, as well as a sharp focus on experimental learning.

Entry Requirements
No formal qualifications are required. Candidates must be at least 17 years of age. Entry level is determined by a language assessment test or proof of English language level (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL® or any other recognised qualification).

Formal assessment is by examination at the end of each level. These examinations cover Listening, Reading, Writing, Language in use and Speaking. Formative assessment also takes place throughout the course. This includes paper based tests, group work, presentations and project work. All students passing the examinations for each level will be awarded with a Latitude certificate. A final mark of at least 40% is required to pass each level.

Programme Structure
There are five levels to the programme: • • • • • Level 1: Elementary Level 2: Pre-Intermediate Level 3: Intermediate Level 4: Upper Intermediate Level 5: Advanced

Upon successful completion of Level 2, students may progress on to the International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification. Upon successful completion of Level 5, students are exempt from the English Language module of the International Foundation Year programme.

There is also one additional module at Level 5, IELTS Preparation, which prepares students for their final assessment. Although this module is optional, it is highly recommended that students cover this material during their programme.

Accreditation Status - please see Duration
Each level can be studied either full or part-time and you will receive a certificate following the completion of each level. Levels 1-3 are made up of 120 hours of study each (around 80 hours of class time), while levels 4 and 5 require 300 hours of study each (around 120 hours of class time).

Latitude Varsity reserves the right to make alterations to the programmes and fees at any time.

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