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Regional maintenance offices in East London, Pretoria, Upington, Mmabatho, Polokwane, Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit Orion Telecom South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Reg No.: 1996/012550/07 t/a Vox Orion Director: JA du Toit, BJ Oberhofer, JP Smith, TM Wood, MF Badat, PC Muller, DG Reed, CM von Holdt

August 2007 The end of unregulated wireless is nigh It’s an exciting time for wireless in South Africa, with the launch of the country’s first licensed wireless frequency band heralding the end for unregulated wireless service providers. “The arrival of Broadlink, a subsidiary of Wireless Business Solutions, means business users finally have access to a guaranteed, fixed-wireless, point-to-point data solution that boasts high throughput and quality of service,” says Jacques du Toit, MD of Orion Telecom, which has incorporated the service into its telecommunications offering. Called MetroNet, the service provides a high-speed fixed line alternative for organisations seeking dedicated and guaranteed links between sites. It’s completely scalable as it is used for both primary links and secondary links in order to fulfil redundancy requirements. MetroNet guarantees speeds and provides unlimited data usage, manages and controls contention ratios to provide dedicated end-to-end capacity with no capacity sharing between clients, and has Gold Service Level Agreements which provide commitments on MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and uptime. Broadlink guarantees an uptime of 99,5% during a calendar month for links within the metro with two hour on-site response and a further two hours to repair. “In addition to the excellent quality of service provided by MetroNet, including high-capacity 4Mbps clear pipe between sites, Orion Telecom customers have all the advantages of dealing with a single point of contact, a single billing entity and a single reporting process through Orion,” says Du Toit. “This is just one more way in which we are enhancing our telecommunications offering to customers.” The standard offering comprises 4Mbps, 10Mbps, 34Mbps and 155Mbps links, with optional 1Mbps increments. Costs are distance independent with additional cost for cross-sector links. Johannesburg and Pretoria, for example, are in separate sectors overlapping in Midrand while Cape Town and Durban also form a different sector. “Unlicensed operators will simply not be able to compete with this service,” says Du Toit. “We expect that the unregulated environment will fall flat which is great news for customers who are tired of the terrible service they have received up to now.” Du Toit attributes the glut of unlicensed wireless providers to low barriers to entry. “Everyone who knows how to run a telephone line went into wireless, resulting in a highly congested and sluggish network. “Wireless will always come with an element of risk,” he adds, but with licensed services like MetroNet, the upside is cheap, mobile, scalable and instantly available connectivity.” - - - ENDS - - -

Orion Telecom has evolved from a 1sttier GSM provider, which pioneered Least Cost Routing within the South African corporate market, into a provider of comprehensive voice and data solutions. As a virtual network operator, Orion Telecom is able to deliver customised solutions which encompass the alternate routing of all voice traffic types, through a variety of quality assured routing technologies and the provision of a suite of value adding services to support corporate organisations’ telecommunications objectives. Orion Telecom, as part of the JSE-listed Vox Telecom Limited Company, is one of the country’s largest Values Added Network Service Providers (VANS) and is strategically positioned to leverage future opportunities within a constantly deregulating telecommunications environment. Further Media Information: Jacques du Toit Managing director Orion Telecom TEL:+27 (0)11 808 1041 E-MAIL: Evan Bloom Managing director Strategy One Communications TEL:+27 (0)82 604 5560 +27 (11) 487 1171 E-MAIL: Diana Prenner Marketing assistant Orion Telecom +27 (0)11 808 1019

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