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									Sermon by Dr. Dumani Kula Date: Friday, 21 March 2008

To be more than to do!
Ex 3 v 11 -14 Heb 11 v 6 Whom shall I say sent me? Asked Moses “I am who I am” answered the Lord. Moses was instructed to do a job that was never done before. The instruction was for him to rescue a Nation. It would have been sounder for Moses if God said, ”I can” instead God said, “I am” In Hebrews He said, “He is”, which is, the same as “I am” as said in Exodus. Who He is, is much greater than what He can do. What God can do is wrapped up in who He is. The power of God comes from who He is. When God does anything, it actually comes from Him. What God can do, is not what He is. God is greater than what you have already witnessed. You have only experienced a measure of who He is. Grace has appeared to ALL. That is why churches need other churches, because each church is given only a measure. You cannot contain God, hence you are given only a measure. Even earth can never contain God. So God only gives you a measure. But we confuse a measure, with the entire measure of God.

God will supply just enough measure, and not more than what you need because you would be overloaded. The point is: 1. GOD IS BIGGER THAN WHAT HE DOES! 2. God reveals Himself, as the Lord our peace. 3. It is easy for God to provide for our needs 4. He reveals Himself as Jehovah Shalom, the Lord our Peace. 5. The joy that you have does not mean it is the entire joy, it is only a measure. 6. We come to a level of fellowship with God. John 1 v 12 -14 The word must become tangible within us. When you hear a Word, it becomes information When you do, it becomes knowledge. You move from information to knowledge to flesh to revelation to vision. Don’t be just hearers of the Word, be doers of the Word. He dwelt amongst us Genesis 1 John 1 Where there is no vision, people perish. When you have revelation, you move in revelation, you move in the power of God. Retrieve what God has already placed. When you have a revelation, you become established. You will not turn on the Word, you will fulfil your promises. When you move in revelation, you don’t confuse, you are consistent. Every seed that is planted… God is much bigger than what He can do. Many people come to God, only to receive. They want the “I can” part of God, not the “I am” part of Him.

We need to operate on the realm of the I am, before the I can. Lord should become your Healer Everything that God can give you, comes to an end. Everything works in connection with God. You need peace, He supplies peace and then you cut off the peace giver. Operating on the “I can” level, you easily stray away from “I am” Your life is about God meeting your need Many things will come your way that can meet your need Let God be God, and every other a liar. The void in your heart can be fulfilled to last only a night, but God’s fulfilment closes all gaps. We must be more than we do. Be much greater than what you do. The things we do lasts only for a while The gift of God in your life will create room for you If your being is not right, your doing will be spoilt What you speak is a reflection of what is in your heart. You don’t have to be covered in sin of your life to be polluted

A moment’s pleasure can ruin the rest of your life!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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