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Goal: when we do a tasting, the goal is to bring new distributors on board not sell chocolate. We have 2 gifts to give – the chocolate and the business. We are not going to leave one of them out. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: “Meeting in a box” is always kept in the trunk. Refill this when you get home. • Pens • Calculator • Name tags • Applications • Clip boards (with pens attached) • Pamphlets • Guest book WHAT YOU SAY: Is in Bold. The rest is in regular text. This is a guideline. Bring your own personality and style into it so that you build credibility. “We want to tell you about our chocolate and our business and hopefully it will make sense to you to have our chocolate in your life.” Be sure everyone is sitting comfortably. Start with the person to the left of you. This is very important to do: “Take 30 seconds and if you are a distributor say your name and your other job and what the chocolate has done for you and if you’re a guest say your name and what your job is and why you came tonight.” Do not leave out a single person. What is happening here is this: In your guest’s mind – they are making their list – they don’t realize it, but they are. They are thinking….I’ know a real estate agent or I know someone with high blood pressure – my dad has high blood pressure I wonder if this would work for him’. Even new distributors get ideas about who they can speak to as it goes around the room. Everyone is getting a sense of who they can talk to. Don’t be concerned about how much time this takes. It allows everyone to feel validated and respected and part of the event. Testimonials in this business are so powerful – you have one person saying I couldn’t sleep and now I am sleeping and another person says I have energy and another says I had high blood pressure and now it is normal.

At the end always say: “Now I know this probably sounds like a whole bunch of “I dropped my crutches and walked” stories. The reason that the chocolate works so well is that your body naturally wants to be healthy – it naturally goes into a state of wellbeing and what the chocolate does is bring your body back into balance and that’s why we have all of these different results from the same product.” That makes sense to people. They know that their body is a ‘self healing machine’ and they know that today’s lifestyle taxes the body heavily and that they should be giving it some help. The concept makes sense to them. You are building a portfolio of testimonials in everybody’s mind. When you’re the presenter and you’re at the front they expect you to say everything is wonderful but when they are sitting amongst a group of people and the person right next to them says “this really helped with my sleeping” they have more of a bond with that person because they are not the presenter. It makes it more credible. If it happens that I’m in a group and there aren’t any distributors, then I say the exact same thing. “If we had distributors here you would hear a bunch of “I dropped my crutches and walked” stories. But the reason we hear (then go through a list of what distributors would have said if they were there or some info from the research you have done) – one person sleeps better and another has more energy – one person loses weight and another who doesn’t have an ounce to lose can run farther and recover faster …and the reason is because this brings your body back into balance. They still get the picture even though they haven’t heard the testimonials. It’s just not as credible as the actual person who has experienced it but they still get the idea of what the chocolate can do for them. You want them to be thinking “does this make sense” “could I see myself eating this chocolate”. So far that’s all they are really thinking about. If they are making a list and thinking ‘this would be good for so and so’ or “gee this would be good for my dad’ (which is what you want them to be thinking) - even if they are not thinking about the business …they are already in business. That’s all they have to do - have one thought of ‘how it could it work for them’ and they’re in business. This is important and I think people miss the boat when they don’t do it. You need to explain the cold pressing process that was patented by the company. You want to get the message across straight away that this chocolate is different to other chocolate. This chocolate is something that they can not get anywhere else except if they are lucky enough to be in this group.

Then, give everybody a nugget and put on the DVD. Always use the DVD. Have everyone put the nugget in their mouth and say: “Now … you’re going to put this nugget into your mouth and you’re going to let it melt. When you let it melt slowly in your mouth it goes into your system more quickly, mops up your veins and arteries - in about 15 minutes you are going to have this wonderful exposure to the chocolate. It’s a really big piece and you won’t have to have anybody looking at you while you are letting it melt in your mouth because you are going to be watching the DVD.” One of the reasons you do that is because when you show the DVD, people would talk – maybe about their cat or something ridiculous – to the person beside them. If they have something in their mouth they can’t talk while they are watching the DVD. And the other thing you do is tell your distributors “You sit and you watch that DVD as though you’ve never seen it before.” Your guests’ body language when they are watching that DVD tells you a load of Information. You will se them looking surprised when they hear it’s good for your teeth, or when Kathy says “I’ve been fortunate enough to make as much as $100,000” per month, you’ll see peoples eyes roll like “how could that really happen?” You can get a good feel of the room if you all watch it together. At the end I always say “Doesn’t that give you such great information? I love that DVD. I’m not very technical but I can press play. “If you can press play you can do this business.” It’s important that the guests realise that all they really have to do is show the DVD to build a business for themselves. I was around the corner in the kitchen one day and I overheard a guest say “I don’t think she’s so great, all she did was let everyone else talk and show the DVD, I can do that”. I thought “perfect” because that’s exactly what I want them to think. It is easy. Just make sure they see that it is fun and it is easy. The next thing we do is talk about the products. Because we have the nuggets and active launching in South Africa first we talk about these two first and then after those we talk briefly about the other products which creates excitement for what’s to come. They have already had the nugget so what I like to do if we have enough distributors there is have one distributor other than me, talk about the Activ and another about a one of the other products and so on. They only need to say what they have heard and found out about it. If you can get your new distributors to do this they gain a lot of confidence as they are standing up and they are in front of the group and each talks about a product. When you know that you are going to teach something you really find out everything there is to know about it.

So that we can keep it affordable we get each distributor to bring a nugget for each of their guests. I always tell people after we go through the products that “Networking companies like ours always have superior products to products that you can buy in the store and the reason that they have superior products is because their advertising stream is word of mouth and that means US. And if we didn’t have something better than what’s available in the store, we wouldn’t go around telling each other about it. And that’s why networking companies are so powerful (Warren Buffet just bought Pampered Chef) because word of mouth advertising is the strongest form of advertising. And that’s how I kind of lead into the business.. And then I say, “this company pays the field – pays the people like you and I – the people like the distributors here, 50% of all the money that they bring in. Not 50% of their profits but 50% of their sales. I just think that’s amazing to be part of a company that does that. “For me making money was important because … (you will need to insert your own story at this section.) and for some of you making money may be important so I want to explain to you how that works with this company and it is very easy to get involved. All you do is buy a membership for $40 which is like buying a Franchise and that entitles you to buy our product wholesale. The only difference is you don’t have to buy it in bulk like you do with a Franchise. It is a great plan - all you do is buy this membership and then always buy the product at wholesale from then on. What the company does in turn is pay you for telling someone else about the product and they end up buying it too. They give you a thank you cheque or a referral cheque, just a thanks for referring customers to them. This first payment they call a quick cheque – and they send that to you the very next week. I’ve recommended lots of people to different places and I have never got a cheque from them. SO! Regardless of the business or anything else, you can get a quick cheque every time you refer a buyer to the company. . People get that right away. Oh, ok, so all I’ll have to do is tell somebody, if I like it. And then what I say is “If you told 2 people then you would have a team. And if they liked this chocolate then they would tell 2 people – that’s how this business grows. Most of the people who will be in your business will be people you do not know right now because the 2 people that they know that they know that they know are not people that you know.

So when I say that, it takes away the fear. I’m very big on eliminating people’s fears and making them feel comfortable. And that eliminates that fear of “I don’t know anybody”. Everybody knows 2 people. They will be thinking “I wouldn’t know how to get started but if I just had to tell 2 people…’ then they can see how that would grow – JUST 2. And eliminating that fear of “would this work for me?” turns into “who would I tell” is very powerful for people because they can see themselves maybe doing this. And then I say, “OK so you’ve got your 2 people, and they are 2 teams, then that’s called residual income, because the company pays you every time those 2 people order. Every 2 weeks the company sends you a cheque. The company has a formula on how to figure that out. For an immediate income they get that thank you cheque and for people like me who are looking long term and need constant money coming in, this is how we earn residual income. But the company has another method of paying us too and that is called a bonus for helping other people. What they do is, when you help those 2 people tell 2 people, the company actually sends you another thank you cheque and as you progress up through the company they will give you a percentage of the cheque of that person gets and that’s a great way to do team building. That way, if you did decide you wanted to do this as a business, you ill always have a team to help and support you because it helps everybody as a whole. And then the company is brilliant because the next form of payment they’ve come up with is called a “pool” – you qualify for this pool at a stage in the business. What happens is the company pays everybody that qualifies in that pool a percentage at different levels. This is important because it’s like profit sharing. The better everybody in the company does, the more money you make in that pool and that makes the company stronger because everyone is cheering everyone on, everybody wants the whole company to do well. It doesn’t matter who your sponsor is or where they live or who’s line they are in or any of that stuff because we are all going to get paid out of that pool. It’s a brilliant compensation plan and Jeannette Brooks, the lady who set this up. She used to work in the field so she really knows what’s important to us. I don’t pull out a white board and go through the 10% and 50%...I just do that general outline so that it is still enough that they get the general idea of referring people. I think it is really important in eliminating fears because as a distributors, we all know what people are afraid of and one of the things they are afraid of is “would this work for me”, “I’ve tried something else before and that didn’t work for me, would this work for me?”, and so I always say:

Networking is something that fits into your living style. You don’t have to fit your lifestyle around networking. So, whatever kind of person you are, whatever you like to do, that’s how we fit the business into your mold. That eliminates the fear of “how can I do this” and then I also say “and you can spend as much time or as little time as you need. If you can spend a lot of time you can have a huge business. If you can spend a little time you can have a huge business too, it’s just going to take you longer to have that huge business. Whatever amount of time you have that you can spend you’ll be building for your future. These are only some of the fears: “would it work for me” and “I don’t have enough time”, the biggest fear appears when one starts explaining about ‘Autoship’. I think a lot of distributors don’t talk about Autoship because they are afraid of that. They are afraid that people are going to tense up – which they obviously do. So I do that at the end of the above I say: “How we guarantee this long-term residual income is through a method called Autoship. I know when you’ve heard of Autoship before you think: “oh no, they are going to send me something I don’t want and I have to pay for it”. But that’s not how this Autoship works. Autoship is the word they use for you to order. When you place an order on Autoship you can write 100% of it off on your income tax because you have a little business. That is a 100% write off and what Autoship does, if you decide to stay on Autoship, is build up a kind of savings account. You may not be earning a cheque now, but because of ‘spill over’ you will have volume building in your network, whether you like it or not and that volume gets carried forward and when you eventually decide to build the business and sponsor 2 you will be earning on that volume. You can eat chocolate and have this a bank account growing. I don’t know of any other investment out there where you can do that. You can only get that if you are on Autoship. What if something happened and you weren’t earning a cheque and you were going to go away for 3 months and you didn’t want chocolate. If you can press play you can also press stop and you can stop that Autoship at anytime. I don’t recommend that you do that because you will lose your savings account but you can, you are free to do that and you can restart it when you come back from holiday. I like to put everybody on Autoship so you can see in the first few weeks how much money you are getting in your ‘bank’ and then you can decide if you want to keep that or not. That takes away the fear of the Autoship. People don’t want to be told how to ship or feel that they are locked into something so if you explain it that way, it relieves that fear. It is really important that we make people feel comfortable, respected and definitely not fearful.

At the end of that I talk about the momentum. This is really important to do because this is what propelled my group into action. If this is your first experience with networking and you don’t understand what happens when a company goes into momentum … you have a nice surprise coming for you. It is simply when a company goes into such explosive growth that you can’t stop it and it’s out of control and the people who were in first reap HUGE rewards. It doesn’t’ mean that the people who get involved 5 or 10 years from now will not be able to build amazing businesses, it just means that because you are here right now you have it easier – an unfair advantage that will give you an awesome income with less effort. NWM is hard work … but when you join in this phase, it’s not so hard. This is one of those one in a million opportunities, right here, right now, right in front of you and if you decide that you are going to get involved this time, then you are going to be involved BEFORE the momentum phase hits and it will propel your business into growth that you have never seen before. That’s how it works; does it make sense to you to get involved with our chocolate? When you say this … you SHUT UP AND DON’T SAY ANOTHER WORD. THE FIRST PERSON THAT TALKS AFTER THIS IS THE ONE THAT BUYS. If it is you … then you buy a no-sale. If it is any of them … they are in. Most of the time they say, “yeah…this makes sense, this makes a lot of sense to me” or…”I don’t know if I want a business but at least I really want to eat the chocolate”. We have a very high hit rate after that question “Does it make sense?” Now you follow with a group close. I have the paper agreements and have them on clipboards because we usually have people sitting on the floor and sitting all over the place. Then I say, “Here’s the clipboard. This is to get your $40 membership that I talked about. You are going to your details on the very top – not the way you want your cheques to come – you have to put your last name first. They usually laugh, then they put their last name first and then I say “the next thing you’re going to do is put the address of where you want your cheques mailed to”. So they put in their address. The next one I say is “where you want your chocolate mailed to”. We have different ways you can start – you can start with 2 cases of chocolate, you can start with 6 cases of chocolate or you can start with 12 cases of chocolate. The 2 gives you a business centre, it lets you put your toe in the water, the 6 gives you 3 business centres, it means you want to do business and the 12 advances you immediately to that level where you are getting that extra cheque on your group. Most of you don’t have a

group yet, so that’s something we can do later. Whatever they pick, I say that’s perfect. If they say they are going to start with 6 cases, I say “perfect that’s my favourite”, if they say they are going to start with 2 cases, I say “perfect, the company gives you 60 days if you decide you want to move up to the 6 cases” and if they say I want to do 12 cases, I say “that’s perfect, you must really want to do this business, we have to go to work right away. We are going to put those extra 6 cases into your Autoship. Now tell them how often you have the chocolate tasting meetings and invite them to bring some people to the next one. Once they are in their own momentum they will have their own group come to their own house. A COUPLE OF DO’S AND DON’TS *Don’t try to enter people into a computer right at the party. *Be sure everyone has a nugget in their mouth for the video. *Be sure to include everyone. At the very end, do a “chocolate fondue” – melt a 3-4 of nuggets and dip fruit in. Melt with a candle – so you don’t lose any of the antioxidant. Very social time – people mingle and talk. Powerful social time at the end is very strong and a lot of time people will ask questions and will go from 2 to 6 cases or they will talk to someone about how their business is going and it is a real bonding time. If there are people who do not sign up, always send a little thank you note for coming. If I have to, I get them to write in a guest book, but sometimes I’ll just find out from whoever invited them. I always say the same thing…thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend our chocolate tasting. You have a wonderful distributor in (name whoever brought them). We look so forward to seeing you again. Our next chocolate tasting is (this time), we’d love it if you came back. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. Provide your phone number. How to handle shipping objection: “You know what that’s a tax write-off but we don’t have to pay taxes on this product so it really washes out doesn’t it? If you were buying vitamins, you’d be paying taxes.” Advice on invites, setting up house, refreshments, attire, etc. • Keep it simple • If you want to serve water or something like that, we’re serving the chocolate so please don’t bring out any food because it takes away from the chocolate. • We want people to think that they could have this in their home too – don’t decorate your house or bake cookies. • Other distributors coming should bring chocolate for their guests so whoever is hosting is not out money for the chocolate. (If you like you can make a deal with your distributors and ask them to pay R2 for themselves and each of

their guests – this covers a whole nugget plus the fruit and perhaps you are going to share some of the Activ drink. It works well for distributors who don’t have all thebproducts). When people are starting they have already made the investment in the chocolate so I am very careful about their funds. I want everybody to be in a profit position very quickly. I often tell them this is a way to launch your business so invite all the sharp people that you know. • Make sure they have a DVD player. • Never put any reading materials out during the presentation. Don’t bring out until the end. • If hostess wants to serve wine – make sure it is not expensive wine. You don’t want people coming thinking they have to serve everybody wine. Whatever your friends would do, then do that but don’t make dessert. • Hostess can bring in fruit for the fondue • Hostess should wear whatever they normally wear • Invites – distributors should say “I’m really excited, I’ve started a new business with healthy chocolate and I’d really like you to come and try it.” Tell them that the person that is helping to get the business going will be there to answer some questions. Make sure everyone knows you are opening a new business – just like any other business you might open. Be sure to say this is your NEW business and that’s why you want them to come and that it will be fun – this way they won’t expect you to show them Million $ cheques at the meeting. 

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