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									A visual trip down memory lane
OPEN TO ALL, an art exhibition (Epsac Gallery until April 23):

BY definition, this exhibition is something of a curate„s egg – good in parts. And some works are very good. Fodin Prinsloo„s Old cottages in Main Road, Elim is a lovely depiction, in oils, of a row of thatched cottages in this historic settlement, started in 1824. Dry branches on foreground trees add a crisp dimension. In a similar vein, Vilia Offerman„s watercolour, Algemene Handelaar, takes one back in time to the old general dealers which were to be found in every rural “dorp” – and probably still are. The red-and-white-striped roof, grubby walls and dusty stoep are typical. Alan Groblaar again impresses with his black-and-white lino prints, such as The Old Court, in which he uses a strong graphic technique to accentuate the contrast between light and shade. There are two fine portraits by Lalie Vogel. One shows the late Port Elizabeth artist, Fred Page, with his interesting features excellently seen against a backdrop of a typical Page scene: a row of dilapidated buildings. The other, from 1989, is of a youngish Desmond Tutu. In both cases, the likenesses are superb. Bob Binnell„s photographic portrait of the late George Pemba, one of Port Elizabeth„s foremost artists, is a revelation. Not only does it capture the essence of this amiable character, brush and palette in hand, it also shows him in the midst of completing a small oil painting, which is on an easel beside him. Tyrone McEwan„s Female a large bronze sculpture, is a fine example of the use of contrasting textures. The slim, elongated legs and prominent buttocks are roughly modelled, while the connecting pelvis is shiny and smooth. – Kin Bentley kbentley@johnnicec.co.za

The Herald, 18 April 2007

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