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									MEDIA RELEASE FAIR CAPE REACHES MILESTONE OF 10 000TH SCHOOL CHILD TO VISIT THEIR MILKING PARLOUR Durbanville, 21 September 2009 - Fair Cape Dairies, manufacturers of Fair Cape Free Range™ milk and diary products, celebrated a remarkable milestone today when the 10 000th child visited their milking parlour on the Fair Cape school tour programme. Molenbeek School, a school for mentally handicapped learners with special educational needs in Maitland, Cape Town, were the group that passed the 10 000 mark today. The Fair Cape school tour programme was officially established in 2005 and since then has had more than 70 Cape schools pass through the dairy farm. A dairy farm is a fascinating place for a young child, which is why Fair Cape has opened their doors to the community through their school tour programme. Fair Cape hopes to play an important role in education of primary school learners, not only in dairy farming activities, but also in environmental conservation matters and the ethical treatment of animals. Fair Cape have always had a transparency policy with their milking practices and the school tours programme is a fun way for learners to learn first hand where their daily milk comes from. In keeping with their Fair Cape Free Range™ brand promise to ‘do the right thing’, Fair Cape has also recently been carbon assessed by the Global Carbon Exchange to develop ways in which to neutralise their carbon footprint in the future. Molenbeek School learners who visited the farm were aged from 6-12 years, ranging from foundation phase grade R to grade three levels. They were shown an informative presentation by Fair Cape’s resident milk lady and public relations officer, Sonja Cornelissen, and were then taken on a tractor drive around the farm where they got to see the cows being milked on the state-of-the-art milking carousel. They were also taken into the cows’ spacious living environments and were allowed to touch and pet some of the Fair Cape calves. They were taught about the cows’ living and eating habits and all the steps that Fair Cape take to ensure that their cows live in super comfort and are the happiest cows around. Fair Cape differentiates their Fair Cape Free Range™ milk based on the wellbeing of their animals and the environmental friendliness of their facilities. As part of the Molenbeek Primary holistic approach to specialised learning, excursions and outings play a very important role, as it helps to stimulate the learners and broaden their educational scope. Outings are funded wholly through donations as the school is partly funded by the Western Cape Education Department. This is why Fair Cape selected Molenbeek School to share in this remarkable milestone – it’s a way for Fair Cape to give back to the community and bring a day of fun and surprises to these deserving children, whilst helping to support the education goals of the school. Molenbeek School caters for approximately 150 severely mentally handicapped learners between the ages of 6 to 18 years. Majority of the learners come from impoverished backgrounds and a large percentage of them live with guardians, in foster homes or in children’s homes. Molenbeek School strives to offer specialised, professional education and nurture each student emotionally, physically and intellectually to develop at their own rate, teaching them to become self-sufficient and independent. Their primary objective is to ensure each child’s successful integration into the community.


Page 2 “We consider our school tour programme as part of our overall brand strategy to ‘do the right thing’. As a socially responsible company, we feel it is important for us to play a part not only in consumer education, but also in the education of our youth. Our school tours programme is an intrinsic part of our value-added offering and we offer them free of charge, it’s another way for us to give something back to the community,” says Louis Loubser, Fair Cape’s marketing director. For more information on Molenbeek School, contact 021 511 4507 or e-mail To read more about Fair Cape and their Fair Cape Free Range offerings visit
* Cape Town based company, Fair Cape Dairies, produce Fair Cape Free Range™ Milk in an environmentally friendly manner with animal well-being, being paramount. The Friesland cows are fed only natural products with no animal by-products or added hormones, ensuring that the milk is 100% natural, the best possible milk for consumers. To ensure that the milk they produce is of the very best quality, the cows are kept in large enclosures, allowing free movement, thereby subscribing to the Fair Cape Free Range™ ethos. The Fair Cape range of dairy products consists of milk, yoghurts, desserts and a variety of fruit juices.

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