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									Dennis Hatcher
Skills Summary An Application Developer whose background includes designing and implementing database solutions that improve business functionality. Designing, developing, and implementing applications using Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008. Lead Developer on a PDMA Part 141 compliant application that uploaded prescriber signatures from the field rep’s Tablet PCs to central servers, developed with Visual Basic.NET with a SQL Server 2005 backend. Enhanced, tested and migrated database applications from FoxPro database to Microsoft SQL Server 2000. I completed a Web Portal, using West-Wind Web Connect, that enabled members to place, receive, and track orders and view account information. I also developed various SQL Server 2005 stored procedures and SQL Server 2005 Integration Services packages to process data into comprehensive reports for management using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, or Business Objects Web Intelligence. Authored Visual Basic .NET 2003 and 2005 class libraries to standardize several functions used throughout the Enterprise. I also have developed various Excel reports that utilized data visualization for corporate offices. Designed and developed web portals that allow users to download their current data. I attended training courses for Business Objects Web Intelligence reporting tool as well as SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. I also have experience performing ETL operations with NDC and IMS data. Qualification Highlights  Possess diversified technical background with Enterprise Systems Solutions and experience with working with all aspects of in-house developed systems.  Expertise in full project life cycle development for implementation and integration.  Solid understanding of technology with focus on delivering business solutions.  Eagerness to research new technologies and develop proof-of concept models. Technical Profile Software:, Crystal Reports, Business Objects Web Intelligence, Microsoft Office, FoxPro, Macromedia Studio MX, Bryce 5.0, Poser 4.2, 3D Max, SQL Server 2000-2008, MySQL, EditPlus, Novell Netware, GMC Printnet, UltraEdit, Mongrel Web Server, Apache Web Server, Visual Studio 2002-2008, SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server 2005 Analysis Server, SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft Mappoint 2009 Systems: Windows 3.11/98/NT 4/2000(Adv. Server and Professional) /2003, Windows XP (Home, Professional, and Media Center), Windows Vista, RedHat Linux, Fedora, Windows Mobile 2003 Languages: Visual Basic.NET, VB 6.0, Visual Studio .NET 2003-2008, ActiveX controls, PERL, Python, pHp, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Visual C++, ASP.NET Certification Certified Novell Administrator; Business Objects Report Designer, Business Objects Universe Designer, Business Objects Advanced Report Design, and Business Objects Dashboard Designer.


Arkansas State University BS Management Information Systems emphasis in Operations Technology

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Archi-Tech Systems Ewing, NJ 12/2005 to Present Application Developer  Developed a PDMA Part 141 compliant application using Visual Basic.NET 2005 and SQL Server 2005 that allows pharmaceutical sales representatives to enter samples dropped off to a prescriber and to obtain an electronic signature using the Microsoft.Ink capabilities on a Tablet PC. The application is a thin client that utilizes Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology for deployment and any upgrades that are published. Prescriber demographics are downloaded to the Tablet by consuming a web service written in Visual Basic that will queries a SQL Server 2005 database and returns the data as XML. After the transaction is recorded, the application encrypts the signature/sample data and then posts the data back to the central servers using the web service. Once processed, the data is then available to the Corporate Home Office through a series of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports and through a Server 2005 Reporting Services report model for any Ad-Hoc reports. Other Server 2005 Reporting Services reports are available to the field representative through the Sales Force Automation website written with ASP.NET and Visual Basic.  Developed a series of Excel reports that utilized data visualization through a series of charts using Visual Basic. These reports are customized for each geographical territory, district, region, and a national report. These reports were later modified to include the data in table format as well.  Designed and developed a data mart that platforms IMS Xponent Plan-Track data using SQL Server 2005 as a backend and SQL Server 2005 Integration Services for ETL. I then designed the Business Objects Universe for the Web Intelligence front end. I also trained internal users in Business Objects in order for the QC team to verify the data load routines.  Designed and developed a GIS (Geographical Information System) proof-of-concept by automating Microsoft Mappoint to color-code region, district, and territory sales data on a US map using Visual Basic 2005 and SQL Server 2005.  Designed and developed four data marts (staged in SQL Server 2005) that simply platform data or uses a custom front end using ASP.NET and one site that uses Business Objects Web Intelligence.  Designed a class library that standardized user management for websites by overriding Microsoft’s Membership provider.  Worked closely with a Marketing firm to redesign and develop a new corporate internet site for Archi-Tech Systems.  Completed a data mart proof-of-concept using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Server in which the Sales department uses to demonstrate to potential clients.  Maintained two SFA websites that implement ASP.NET with Visual Basic code-behind, as well as designed and maintained an e-Delivery website that was also written is ASP.NET with Visual Basic as the code-behind.  Automated backup processes of all applications that I developed.  Maintain the documentation of all projects I developed. National A-1 Advertising Philadelphia, PA 1/2005 to 12/2005 Application Developer  Developed various MS-SQL stored procedures for various functions pertaining to NAA’s Customer Service application, automated report applications, and billing packages.  Authored a set of class libraries (using the namespace NAA) in Visual Basic.NET to standardize common functions for the future generation of NAA applications in which I was developing.  Designed and maintained several MS-SQL DTS packages to transform data from various telephony application’s log files and data, downloaded from some of NAA’s partners, to be inserted in to MS-SQL tables or into MySQL tables using linked servers.

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 

Wrote a variety automated applications to pull data from log files or downloaded files and process the data for reports that will be used by management. Designed a generic automated application template in Visual Basic .NET for any future applications that NAA needed to run at a specified time, process data, generate any logs or reports needed, email the reports, and terminate after processing.

FMI Direct Mail Philadelphia, PA 9/2004 to 1/2005 Project Lead  Looked into FMI’s use of technology and how it could be utilized to a greater efficiency.  Designing an enterprise database solution (SQL Server and Visual Basic .NET) to expedite to flow of information throughout the organization. Data Processing  Prepare client’s data and created output for production.  Setup layouts for cut sheet printers. Teknaspan Corporation Broomall, PA 7/2004 to 9/2004 Computer Consultant  Development of Visual Basic .NET, MSDE registration application for a Teknaspan client.  Maintain various client’s computers and servers throughout the greater Philadelphia area.  Consulted clients on greater network efficiency, buying computers, and answering various questions that might arise throughout these decisions. Florists’ Interlink Paragould, AR 1/2002 to 6/2004 Information System Specialist  Completed Internet Application using West-Wind Web Connect that allows members to place, receive, track orders, and view account information. This was an application built upon a legacy FoxPro database.  Re-designed Florists’ Interlink business application using Visual Basic .NET and MS SQL Server 2000.  Generated Crystal Reports for the Management Team to view real-time statistics of the day’s transactions  Developed interface for Windows Mobile 2003 application for Interlink’s sister company, Red Goose Deli, for an order entry system using Visual Basic .NET Compact Framework.  Managed various projects as the business systems evolved and as new technology became available.  Researched new technologies in order to offer the best and most efficient tools on the market in order to help Florists’ Interlink to be productive and successful in today’s market.  Enhanced and tested applications based on Florists’ Interlink business rules using existing FoxPro database, migrated said database to MS SQL Server 2000.  Controlled Windows NT 4.0 server and LAN domain, upgraded to MS Windows 2000 Adv. Server. Instead of using the built-in migration tools to migrate the Windows NT4 PDC into Windows 2000, I recreated the organizational structure in the new Active Directory server in order to ‘clean up’ the structure.  Maintain two Web domains, one web server, two fax servers, three websites and one proxy server.  Customized Panasonic PBX and Voice Processing System.  Troubleshoot workstations used in office.

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Independent Contractor 2/1998 to 8/2001 Tiger Commissary Services (4/2001 to 8/2001) Jonesboro, AR Test Engineer  Debugged Tiger’s custom built software and updated the Visual Basic 6.0 code as deemed necessary. The Computer Folks (2/2000 to 12/2000) Paragould, AR Hardware Troubleshooting  General computer repair shop. General Electric (5/1999 to 8/1999) Jonesboro, AR Internship  Upgraded systems for Y2K.  Configured rebuilt client machine to login into a remote Novell controller.  Set up access to GE’s Exchange server. Centers for Learning Technologies (2/1998 to 5/1999) Jonesboro, AR Aide in Work-Study Program  Assisted Dr. William Allen in training professors and alumni various computing aspects. Paragould Airport Kirk Field, Paragould, AR  Donated a PC and expertise to establish an Internet capable network with existing computers. Dickinson Real Estate, Paragould, AR  Overhauled out-dated network  General maintenance of any problems that occur. SkyVenture, Inc., Jonesboro, AR  Designed, developed, and implemented an application that helps schedule pilots and rental aircraft with Visual Basic and Access.  Set up wireless network in new office building.  Set up domain and website. Sharp Aviation, Inc.  Set up wireless network. Paragould Communications  Rebuilt 3 computers.  Reconfigured their Local Area Network. Mission Outreach  Donated time and experience to maintain LAN. Interests I enjoy exploring gaming technologies using DirectX9, OpenGL and an open-source VC++ project OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine). I have recently been researching Ruby on Rails.

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