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					Block B, Rutherford Estate 1 Scott Street, Waverley PO Box 369, Rivonia, 2128 South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)87 805 0000 Fax: +27 (0)86 502 1876 info@voxtelecom.co.za www.voxtelecom.co.za

Reg. No.: 1998/016433/06 AP van Marken, DG Reed, CM von Holdt, JA du Toit GP Sweidan, RT Dalais, NN Gwagwa, MC Mogase C Lister-James [June 2007]

Vox FAQ’s
Q: To make use of Vox' ADSL Phone, an ADSL line is required - what size ADSL line s is required? A: A 384Kb ADSL line is the minimum requirement Q: How much air time will I get with a 1 Gig cap? A: if used only for the phone with no emails, attachments, downloads etc – it will give you approximately 4200min of call time! Q: Will there be a difference in lines for my Home use and Office use? A: Telkom charge a different rate for home and office use for the physical line. Vox don’t differentiate. Q: If I register as a Vox Dealer do I automatically get a Vox ADSL Phone? A: No, the Vox ADSL phone is not part of the Dealer Pack. Q: How do I get paid from incoming calls? – Customers and Dealers A: You get a R0.20c per minute rebate on every call from a Telkom number to the 087 No. and R0.40c per minute rebate from every call from a cell phone to your 087 Number. Your rebate will be reflected as a credit on your monthly bill Q: How do the VoIP rates compare to Telkom’s existing rates? A: Local calls are the same as Telkom, National calls = 23% saving Cellular calls = 20% saving International calls = up to 50% saving Q: Is there only one No. per phone A: You can have more than 1 number attached to the phone – for example you can give your children a different number to you. You pay R10 / month for the additional number rentals. Q: How long does it take to process my order? A: Credit cards: Credit card payments are processed in real time. Debit order: Debit orders are run daily. Orders will only be processed once the money has cleared in our bank account, up to 5 days, we then need 1 day for delivery. Q: How soon can I expect my phone to be delivered? A: Once payment is successfully received your order will be processed. Orders processed before 2 p.m. can expect delivery the following day (before 2.00pm in major centres and after 2 in outlying regions.) Orders processed after 2 p.m. will be delivered within 2 working days. Q: What happens if Vox runs out of stock? A: Your purchase will be put on back order and a phone will be reserved for you. As soon as we receive stock your order will be processed. Payment will only be required once we receive the stock.

Q: When can I expect my dealer pack? A: Dealer pack’s will start shipping after the 16 October 2007 to dealers that registered before this date, and dealers that register after this date, can expect delivery within a week. Q: What happens if I put in the wrong sponsor number? A: Avoid doing this if possible! If you do, then you need to contact your Sponsor or the Vox Support Team. You will be moved to the correct sponsor number; however, Vox cannot guarantee that commission calculations on purchases already processed under the incorrect sponsor number can be rectified 100%. Q: How do I upgrade from Customer to Dealer? A: You will need to contact the Vox Support team who will promote you to Dealer. A once off membership fee of R500 is payable, thereafter R150 / annum Q: I have my own VOIP phone. Can I just get a Vox 087 number and pay for calls made? A: YES – Please enquire by sending a mail to: solutions@voxtelecom.co.za. Q: Is Vox Telecom the most competitive operator across the board?

we are going to do this by: • • • • • • •

A: Vox is committed to the Government’s objective of reducing telecom costs in South Africa,
Being a low cost operator; Providing our customers with the freedom to choose and switch with Telco services where the latter have better packages; Insuring that we negotiate extremely competitive rates with Telkom' opposition to s further encourage competition and to force Telco to reduce their prices; Sharing the revenue derived on inbound calls with our customers; Enhancing and extending the various packages we offer continuously: Providing a business opportunity for our customers to share in the the profits derived from the services – Download the business opportunity at http://www.vox.co.za/BusinessOpportunity.aspx Bundling other services to cross subsidise the various services and equipment such as the phone.

Q: Is Vox' quality as good as Telkom s A: Vox has invested extensively on the core infrastructure and customer phones to ensure that our quality is at the highest standard possible and above 4 on the Mean Opinion Score Q: What is the Mean Opinion Score A: This is a standard measure of Voice quality used by all the International Telcos Q: Is Vox' Quality Constant s

occasionally in some areas but 98.5% of the time the quality is adequate to make a clear voice call. Q: Can we use some other network like Wireless or WiMAX? A: No, currently Vox' service has been optimised for Telkom' ADSL Network. Vox is currently s s researching other phones on other technologies like WiMAX, but the products are not consistent enough to launch to the market.

A: No, unfortunately the quality is dependent on Telkom' ADSL network which does fluctuate s

Q: If I am a Customer only, what is the best way of using Vox to save money? s A: The best way to save money is to use Vox' services like Cell Phone calls and International calls where it is clearly cheaper, use Telco on National calls in peak periods and switch to Telco for Local Telco to Telco calls during the off peak times, use your Vox 087 number to receive the majority of your inbound calls.

priced at the standard cell phone charge, International networks are not connected at this stage. Other Alternative Service providers, like MWeb, will be priced as cheaply as possible and the cheapest will be Vox to Vox calls. Telkom, however, are charging R1.07 to phone a Vox No. which is substantially less than a cellular call and slightly more than a Telco to Telco National call, (but we believe this is an issue that their customers may take up with Telkom.) They can either switch to Vox or some other provider, or put pressure on Telkom themselves. We believe the natural competitive process will drive this down. Q:Why are Telkom charging so much to phone Vox? A: Telco is listed on NASDAQ and the JSE and have a responsibility to their share holders to maximise their profits. It is therefore in their interests to fight off competitors like Vox in every way possible. Q: What will happen if Vox' products become uncompetitive? s s A: Vox' strategy is one of partnership with our customers and we will work together to improve the competitiveness of the product; switch to an alternate technology or provide a way for our customers to switch to another supplier. Vox does not hold customers to long term contracts unless it is a back-to-back with a 3rd party supplier.

A: That depends on where the call is coming from; all calls from the Cellular networks will be

Q: How expensive is it to phone Vox?

world, the size of the market will increase dramatically as prices come down, and Telkom' s revenue will probably increase as a result of companies like Vox. However, this will not happen without competition and we need the support of our customers to become strong enough to compete at all levels otherwise the status quo remains. Q: Are Vox a First Tier Telco? A: No, Vox is a hybrid Telco that leverages off 3rd party networks integrated into our own. Q: How do I cancel my service? Simply notify the Service Desk in writing, cancellations@voxtelecom.co.za who will organise to have the Vox Phone collected in its original packaging, and the service will be cancelled 30 days later. Q: What are my fixed costs if I retain the Wireless Modem and Phone for International calls and Internet Access? A: Your costs will be R49 per month

A: No, in reality we are not an infrastructure provider and, as has been proven elsewhere in the

Q: Will Vox be a disruptive threat to Telco?

Q – The billing of the Vox account is it per second or minute? Per minute in the same increments as Telkom so that it is easy to compare. Q – Telkom has got a special where the client pays R300 month and can make as many calls as they want. Do you know about it and how will a client save on the VOX system if they should consider it? They Pay varying amounts per month but it is not unlimited they only have certain amounts of free minutes. See table below from Telkom They have what they call their closer options of 1, 2 and 3 It is a use it or lose it basis and you pay in advance. For some people this may be advantageous but for the typical home use they should benefit far more by using us where we are cheaper, using Telkom where they are cheaper and if you consider the rebates that they receive in most (not all) it would make sense to use us in conjunction with Telkom. A1.4.21 Telkom Closer Calling Plans (Home Line Customers and DSL) Standard Time Monthly subscription includes home line rental and Call Answer (DSL charge paid separate where applicable) Monthly subscription includes home line rental and Call Answer (DSL charge paid separate where applicable) 60c per minute (Excl.VAT). Local and long distance calls will be billed per second with a minimum charge of 60c per call 60c per minute (Excl.VAT). Local and long distance calls will be billed per second with a minimum charge of 60c per call Local and long distance calls at no charge up to 1000 minutes per month. Pure per second billing applies for fixed-to-mobile calls Call Charges Callmore Time R1.23 (Excl.VAT) per call for local and long distance calls, up to an hour Unlimited local and long distance calls at no charge, up to an hour Unlimited local and long distance calls at no charge, up to an hour Pure per second billing applies for fixed-tomobile calls Monthly

Excl VAT

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Monthly subscription includes home line rental and Call Answer (DSL charge paid separate where applicable)

Q – One of our customers are going to install a MWEB Wireless system at their offices, will the VOX system be able to work on it? No At present we are only offering the ADSL Phone on ADSL. We are looking to release a wireless version early in the new year but this is still in the testing phase and as such there is no guarantee that it will work effectively. Let’s rather wait and if or when we are sure that it works only then will we release it.

Q – Can you tell us from when is the production month, and when commissions will be paid out (like a calendar month being paid that month end or the next month end?) All commissions are paid one month in arrears. We Invoice at the end of a month, wait for payment to be received and if received then commission is paid out at the end of that particular month. Q – How much are we going to get as rebate when someone should phone us from overseas? (now Telkom to Vox = 20c/m and Cell to Vox = 40c/m) We are waiting for ICASA to have our 087 range published international (this is out of our hands) so at this stage people cannot phone into an 087 number from an international destination. Q – When a client buys a VOX phone the R300, who is going to receive the R80 (from Feb) the direct upline (dealer) or the Authorised Vox Dealer? The dealer who actually sells the ADSL phone to his customer receives the R80.00. So you only receive this on direct sales you make to a customer or new dealer. If that dealer sells an ADSL phone to a customer they will receive the R80.00

Please phone me, if you have any problems. On the top right-hand side of the application form, the referral number is 505611
Thank you Flip van Zyl

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