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Telco Toolbox Flow Diagram
Handset provider 1 Handset provider 2

Company Contracts Site Survey


SMS Callback Cellular LCR

International LCR

Vendor Manager


VOIP Provider


Call Manager Monthly Invoices & Itemised Billing Imported

Telkom Handset provider 3

Dashboard CDRS

Electronic Invoices PBX Buffer Records

Unique Process


Vox Orion has evolved from a 1st tier GSM Service Provider, which pioneered Least Cost Routing within the South African corporate market, into a provider of comprehensive telecommunications solutions, including Voice, Data, PBX, TMS, Fax and Messaging. Vox Orion delivers customised solutions through a variety of quality assured technologies and provides a suite of ICT services to support your organisation’s objectives. Vox Orion, as part of the JSE-listed black empowered Vox Telecom Limited Company, is one of the country’s largest network operators and is strategically positioned to leverage future opportunities within a deregulating telecommunications environment.

Telco Toolbox Overview
Telco Toolbox from Vox Orion is a web-based analytical tool that presents a complete picture of an organisation’s telecommunications infrastructure - from internal extensions to external vendor services. Some of the biggest challenges facing ICT managers in current market conditions are managing multiple vendors and understanding the vast range of complex and diverse ways in which telecommunications services are billed, while simultaneously controlling or reducing costs. Toolbox comprehensively addresses these.

Telco Toolbox will:
• Provide all relevant stakeholders in your organisation with a consolidated view into your telecoms expenditure - infrastructure, fixed and variable costs; • Identify opportunities to more effectively manage the telco environment within your organisation; • Provide accurate and detailed information – allowing for more informed procurement decision making; • Reduce the time and resources required to manage your telecoms costs; • Provide management information (in an accessible and user-friendly format) required to control telephony user behaviour and in so doing, reduce unnecessary expenditure.

Telco Toolbox Components
Snapshot An organisational level healthcheck on your telecomms infrastructure. This identifies current inefficiencies, overcharging and cost reduction opportunities. A monthly service which collects and consolidates all vendor invoicing and processes this information in order to produce relevant, easy to understand reports that not only present a clear picture, but highlight inefficiencies and cost reduction opportunities. Vendors will include alternative telco operators, Telkom, Neotel, GSM Networks and ISPs. All reports are categorised into logical groups and are available either on-line or as Excel downloads. A powerful reporting tool that provides information which assists in managing telephone call activities from the PBX - offering a comprehensive suite of flexible analysis reports. A central website view that provides summarised recent information to provide key management with a quick overview of relevant performance indicators. Links to Vendor Manager and Call Manager from the Dashboard allow a detailed drill down if required. Vendor Manager

Call Manager


Telco Toolbox Report Roadmap
Management Implementation Analysis Monitoring & Measurement Effective Rate Effective Rate Trend Client Infrastructure ODI Ranges Fax Numbers Import Template Telkom Account Listing Faxing Data Messaging Voice

Top Branches Top Companies Top Regions



Billing Analysis On-off (will revert back) Premium rates Top Mobile Top Calls Zero Billing Alert

Advertising Call Length Minutes Expenditure Fixed vs. Variable Costs Fixed vs. Variable Costs (by contact number) GSM Voice and Data Mobile Usage Summary Supplier Invoices Summary


Faxing GPRS Opportunity SIM Opportunity

Products & Technology

Call Duration Call Duration (by contact number) GSM Opportunity Interbranch International Usage Push to Talk Opportunity Regional Telkom Supreme Overflow

Telco Toolbox categorises reports based on business functionality so that there is a logical flow to the entire approach, from initial consulting to ongoing optimisation. Reports are available in groups (as shown here) from the Telco Toolbox website so that relevant stakeholders will easily find the information they are looking for. Some reports are used for cost savings, others for optimisation, others for general management and others to identify further opportunities within the organisation. No other reporting system provides such immediate, factual information, summarised and categorised as Toolbox.

Vox Orion Call Manager
Call Manager is a powerful, web-based Telephone Management System that provides a hierarchical view of all PBXs within an organisation, no matter where they are located. Eight management levels are supported, with a number of standard reports specially designed to assist management in controlling costs, detecting abuse and generally managing the use telephones. Every TMS vendor faces the challenge of telephone costs not equalling actual billed costs by intelligently mapping the actual invoiced costs to the TMS call register to achieve highly accurate costings per user, rather than getting to within only 85% accuracy as is typical with most traditional systems. Vox Orion can also create a Telephony Policy for each organisation that conforms to HR requirements and includes, for example telephone etiquette, private usage rules etc. Telco Toolbox – Call Manager customers have access to the ToolBox dashboard which provides a snapshot view of the most relevant recent information from their site(s) and has links directly to Vendor Manager and Call Manager live reporting sites.

Orion Call Manager No server, no software, no capital expenditure, no maintenance costs. 100% up to date call charge tables. Ability to integrate user cellphone records extension details. Unlimited number of users can access the reports via the web. Users mark their private calls via the website. Emails sent directly to HR for salary deductions if applicable. Integration of vendor billing records to ensure costing accuracy per extension.

Traditional TMS Customer has to supply a server for the on-site TMS to operate, thus incurring set up and installation costs, plus ongoing maintenance costs of hardware and software. Often out of date, thus contributing to increased costing errors. Call out fees from TMS vendors to continually update these tables. Not able to import the cell phone call detail records into the system. User licences generally have to be purchased for every user. Manual process to mark private calls and not via a web interface. TMS costing based on internal rating tables which are usually out of date and generally only up to 85% accurate.

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