; Can you afford an Alarm or Panic System
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Can you afford an Alarm or Panic System


Can you afford an Alarm or Panic System

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IT IS A FACT - RESIDENTS WITHOUT ALARMS/PANIC SYSTEMS ARE AT GREATER RISK. (Complex and apartment dwellers, in particular, are increasingly the target of criminals who prey on the often inadequate security measures in place) With the new TX-PACK you don’t have to have an expensive alarm system to call for help. About the TX-PACK  The TX-PACK system is a small, standalone, robust unit that is easily installed in any home.  Panic signals (silent) are transmitted via a radio transmitter when the panic button is pressed (the same as a standard alarm system).  The system includes a battery backup in the event of power failures (±30-hrs).  1 x remote panic button is included (additional remotes can be added).  You receive the same priority and reaction service as customers with full alarm systems.  Unlike a normal alarm system the TX-PACK can be unplugged and taken with you when you move, which makes the system ideal for rented premises. Who should have a TX-PACK system?  Anyone who does not have an alarm and reaction service and cannot afford a full alarm system.  Vulnerable persons e.g. single females, the elderly and the frail. Costs In these difficult financial times, we are pleased to be able to offer 2 packages to suit your pocket. Option A. Outright Purchase (including installation) R1, 500.00 For the full TX-PACK (Credit Cards Accepted) R 85.00 Reaction service per month (no call out and other hidden costs) R130.00 Annual Radio License Fee (payable in October each year) (Additional remotes can be purchased @ R150.00 per remote) Option B. Rental Option (including installation) R100.00 Per month for full TX-PACK R 85.00 Per month for reaction service R130.00 Annual Radio License Fee (payable in October each year) Contract Period 12-months (30-days thereafter) (Additional remotes can be purchased @ R150.00 per remote

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