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					SAFETY ADVISORY COMMITTEE July 16, 2009 LLC, Room 116 Attendees: Michelle Wygle, David Flock, Laine Stambaugh, Drew Standridge, Sue Martinez, Kay Coots, Michelle Gillette The June minutes were approved. Accident and Injury Reports The committee reviewed the accident and injury report for June, there was one time loss claim. Drew inquired on the custodian using a mop overhead and having bleach drip into the eye. Michelle Gillette added the custodian was cleaning the top of a shower area and bleach entered through the seal of the goggles. Sue suggested for the custodians to use a face shield instead of goggles. Food Service uses a face shield that covers the entire face when changing soap in the dish machine. Michelle Gillette commented the Food Service Supervisor will inform the employees to keep their arms as close as possible to their bodies and to move backwards when cleaning ceilings instead of standing under the area that is being cleaned. Michelle Gillette will relay the suggestion to use a face shield instead of goggles to Bonnie Damewood. Michelle Wygle inquired on the greasy pan that slipped out of the hands causing a mouth contusion. Michelle Gillette added the individual was putting away food that was delivered from the Central Kitchen. The pan was greasy and slipped as it was being placed into a rack. Central Kitchen will be notified of this incident to ensure pans for delivery are properly cleaned. Sue inquired on the arm burn that occurred on the oven. The ovens are high in Central Kitchen and previously the use of arm protectors or elbow-length gloves were recommended. Michelle Gillette added the supervisor ordered elbow-length hot pads. Michelle will follow up with the supervisor regarding arm protection. Drew commented on the two student incidences in Housing involving nail punctures. Carson is currently undergoing a major renovation. Drew has observed students not wearing safety glasses and breaking porcelain sinks and mirrors in a dumpster. Are the students under supervision or has safety training been completed? Kay added that typically Housing provides a crew of students in the summer to the senior classified custodial staff. Kay will relay Drew’s concerns to Housing. Old Business Michelle Wygle added that Dana Peterson provided the box cutter information to Diana Sobczynski and Tom Driscoll as discussed in last month’s meeting. New Business Kay will E-mail information regarding the next quarterly inspection to be completed. Next Safety Advisory Committee Meeting: 9:00 a.m., August 20, 2009, EMU Board Room