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Troy Harris


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									9109 188th St E  Puyallup WA 98375 (253) 262-1350  troy@creativemindsolutions.com HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS
       C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET Borland Delphi, C++ Visual Basic, ASP, HTML, JavaScript MS SQL Server 2000, Sybase Client/Server and multi-tier development Internet, Web, and Ecommerce development Internet Information Server, Exchange Server       Wireless Network Implementations WinXP, Win2000/2003 server, Mac OS, Linux, Unix LAN/WAN Network Consultant TCP/IP, Cisco IOS, misc. router configurations Creative -- Able to Formulate Innovative Solutions Learns New Concepts & Technologies Quickly Good at Expressing Ideas -- both Oral and Written

Troy Harris


RECENT EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Troy Harris Consulting/Creative Mind Solutions (1995 - Present)
Operating as an independent Information Technology Consultant, providing advice, technical help and support in the design and implementation of computer networks and software programming services to various small businesses. Have consistently provided direction and advice in the timely, cost-efficient, and good business-sense use of computer technologies for my clients. The following two paragraphs outline some of the diverse services I’ve provided to a couple of noteworthy clients: Created a custom, template-based newsletter email system that sent 1.5 million daily emails in HTML and text formats to subscribers, using Delphi, MS SQL Server, HTML, COM, Visual Basic Scripting, JavaScript and ASP (Active Server Pages) for a Web-based publisher. Developed the companion website with informative content and ability for subscribers to customize their subscriptions, enter drawings, refer friends, etc. Created custom email engine as a service that ran on multiple Windows NT/2000 servers. Developed Windows applications to input, edit, and preview documents, convert various subscriber file formats from marketing partners for automatic database loading, and other misc. other functions required to administer the system. Began design of a second-phase, XML-based publishing system. Migrated and grew a 3000+ member church’s computer network from a 4 node Novell Netware coax cable-based system to a 60+ node Fast Ethernet network with multiple Windows 2000 file servers, MS Exchange mail server, MS SQL Server, shared broadband internet access and 802.11a, b, & g wireless access for mobile computers. Installed and configured POS (Point of Sale) systems for bookstore, café and coffee shops, ICVerify and PCCharge credit card verification systems, Children’s automated check-in software, and various other applications. Designed and set up the church’s ecommerce website.

Signature Media Services/Incite, Tacoma WA

(1995 - 1999)

Information Technology Director: Supervising programmers and technicians, designed, specified, delegated, and implemented the development of various programming projects, the LAN/WAN infrastructure and provided the technical leadership and direction for the company’s technology needs. Programming Projects: Designed and created a client/server based infinite-level genealogy pay-out and distributor management module, a check writing module, and various reporting modules using a combination of C++ Builder, Visual Basic, Delphi, and MS SQL Server. Wrote a DLL in C++ and a module in Visual Basic that integrated with IC Verify for processing credit card transactions. Designed, and co-wrote a multi-level inventory management module involving a remote client application at a warehouse updating a SQL server at the main office, which periodically updated a SQL server on a remote, co-located web server (with a secure subset of data), where our customer was able to view relevant information and reports on-demand using a web browser. Collaborated and assisted in the design of the company’s ecommerce site.

LAN/WAN infrastructure: Designed and installed 70+ node network spanning two buildings and a remote warehouse. Wrote cost/benefit analysis proposals, procured broadband services, installed and configured routers. Installed and configured various Windows NT servers for use as file, application, and print servers (for both PC and Macintosh clients), Web Servers, Exchange Mail servers, etc. Specified, purchased and built custom servers with RAID disk arrays, backup tape library archival systems, etc.. Recommended and specified the purchase of all new PC and Macintosh workstations, servers, hubs, switches, cabling, routers, software and orchestrated the company’s overall direction and use of new and established technologies.

GTECH Corporation, Lacey WA

(1996 - 1997)

Software Engineer: GTECH is the World Leader in online gaming systems with contracts to provide and maintain hardware and software for lotteries in 29 states and 50 international customers. From GTECH’s Northwest Software Hub, support is provided for the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho State Lotteries. Was a Client/Server programmer for the GEMS Back-Office systems group, which consisted primarily in the development of Windows GUI clients connecting to Sybase SQL databases on DEC Unix servers. Developed new functionality and fixed existing bugs in JYACC JAM (for the Windows clients) and Sybase SQL on the UNIX systems.

WA Dept. of Labor & Industries, Tumwater WA

(1994 - 1995)

Computer Information Consultant (CIC1), Data Analysis section: Programming in (IBM mainframe) FOCUS, created ad-hoc reports for various internal departments and outside organizations. Occasionally wrote custom Pascal programs for translating data into a common, importable format, and then imported it into MS Excel to create further specialized reports.

Garrett's Graphic Products, Tacoma WA

(1984 - 1994)

Service manager: Onsite Installation, training, maintenance and repair of various equipment including offset printing presses, bindery equipment, programmable digital darkroom cameras, platemakers, film processors, laser printers, scanners, and complete professional publishing systems and software. Worked directly with business owners in Washington and Oregon.

C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET, C++, C++Builder, Pascal, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, HTML, VB Script, JavaScript, COM+, Active Server Pages (ASP), MS SQL Server, mySQL, Sybase SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Internet Information Server (IIS), Miva Merchant, PayFlow, Visual SourceSafe, Allaire HomeSite, Adobe GoLive, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Draw, IC Verify, PC Charge, MS Office, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook, Windows XP, 2000/2003 Server, Windows NT Server, Windows 98, WFW 3.11, MS DOS, Apple Macintosh OS, ARCSERVE Enterprise Backup, Linux, DEC and Sun Unix, VMS, Cisco IOS, TCP/IP, JYACC JAM, FORTRAN, FOCUS, IBM System 370 Assembly Language, and others.

Pacific Lutheran Univ. Pierce College Boise State University University of Idaho Sybase, Atlanta, GA Softbite International Softbite International Softbite International Mastering Computers 1993—96 1992—93 1983 1980—81 1996 1997 1997 1998 1998 graduated Cum Laude with B.S. in Computer Science, May 1996 math & computer science courses computer science, business, communications, foreign languages music, computer science, engineering
Workshops and Seminars

Transactive-SQL for Programmers (five day workshop) C++ Builder Fundamentals (two day workshop) Power C++ Builder (three day workshop) Power Delphi (three day workshop) Win 95, Win NT, TCP/IP, IIS (various one and two day workshops)

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