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					Admission Information Sheet:
Dear Client,

St Helier Specialist Veterinary Centre
Your pet is being admitted to the St Helier Specialist Veterinary Centre for specialist diagnostic investigation and/or surgery. Here is some information to help make the process go smoothly.

Anaesthetics & Sedation
It is completely natural to be concerned about your pet having any procedure, sedation or anaesthetic. There is a slight risk in anaesthesia of healthy animals about 0.1%, or slightly more with some complicated conditions such as may exist in your pet. You can rest assured that at St Helier Specialist Veterinary Centre, we strive to minimise risks by having only the best trained staff (veterinary nurses) monitoring your pet, investing in up-to-date and useful monitoring equipment, and continually engaging in training.

Pre-anaesthetic blood screening
Patients <1 or >7 years of age, those with concurrent illnesses or on certain medications may require pre-operative blood testing to ensure their safety. Patients with liver, kidney or heart disease, for example, may require special anaesthetic modifications or monitoring intra- and post-operatively to reduce the risks. These underlying conditions may not always be obvious on clinical evaluation. The specialist or sister will inform you if they feel such testing is imperative.

Preparing your pet for admission / anaesthesia
Patients undergoing anaesthesia or sedation must be starved of food for 12 hours beforehand. Water is still permitted up to 4 hours beforehand. If your dog or cat has eaten or drunk that morning it is vital that you inform our staff of this or it may result in injury or even death.

Admission to hospital
1. Patients are normally admitted for procedures between 8:00 and 9:00 am on the morning of surgery, or the day before if additional testing is necessary. 2. Dogs should be taken for a walk before coming to the hospital so that they can pass urine and faeces. 3. Please ensure that your pet is clean and dry before admission do not walk them in wet or muddy conditions! 4. Pets are given a name tag before admission and weighed. Please inform the receptionist or sister of their normal food. 5. It is important that you double-check your contact details and please choose ONE person in your family to be the contact person. Some patients are operated on in the late afternoon, but you will receive a telephone call once the procedure is complete and your pet is waking up. Ø If an emergency procedure arises, patients with elective procedures will have their surgery or procedure delayed until the next available slot. Please be sympathetic to our staff if this arises it may be your animal needing an emergency operation one day!

Parasites and Vaccinations
F Note that for the health of other patients and staff, any animal admitted and found to have fleas, ticks, or internal parasites (hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms) will be treated at the owner s cost. F Bathing of pets soiled by faeces, vomitus or coming in with dirt will be carried out where deemed necessary and as often as required to ensure good patient health and comfort. This bathing is not usually included in the initial cost estimate.

Physiotherapy and Collapsible Cage Deposits
We make frequent use of a physiotherapist (Mrs Julia Hewitson, Kloof Animal Rehab Centre) for patient rehabilitation. These services will have been discussed with you, but are NOT part our (St Helier) billing.
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As part of our endeavour to ensure a happy, optimum recovery for all our patients, some patients may be discharged with instructions to STRICTLY LIMIT THEIR EXERCISE. This may even mean home caging. We have a limited number of collapsible cages for RENTAL. A refundable deposit would be paid for these cages (R1,000) and a daily fee of R20 is charged. If the cage is returned to us by the appropriate time, the daily charge is removed from the deposit, and the residual amount returned to you.

After-hours care
F In instances where intensive after-hours care is required, we make use of the Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic s after-hours service. This is run by competent general practitioners who work from 6 pm to 11 pm. F Where full, round-the-clock monitoring and/or treatment is required, this can add a significant amount to your account; please factor this in and discuss it with our staff. We always make carefully considered decisions regarding the necessity for, and degree of after-hours care required for our patients. F All decisions are taken in the interest of best patient care. F This after-hours is done at Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic, Old Main Road, 031 765 3221, in the Cube House Building, about 1km further into Hillcrest.

Personal belongings
The hospital is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities for your pet s stay therefore clients are requested NOT to leave personal belongings at the hospital as responsibility cannot be taken for these items (leads, blankets, collars, baskets, toys etc)

Hospitalisation, Visiting and Contact
If your pet needs to stay in the hospital overnight, you may telephone after 10:00am to obtain general information on your pet s condition, from one of the sisters. The staff is normally doing clinical examinations on the pets before this time, therefore clients are kindly asked to phone after this time to get specific information on their pets.

St Helier Specialist Veterinary Centre

Admission Notes

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Normal visiting hours in the hospital are 1:30 2:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and 9:00 10:00 on Saturday. If visiting during these hours is not possible, other times can be arranged telephonically with our receptionist. These hours facilitate good client contact and compassionate, efficient, and uninterrupted patient and client care. On weekends we will be available to take telephone calls between 9 am and 10 am. If your pet requires emergency attention after this time please contact the Hillcrest After Hours Clinic or your veterinarian.

Payment & Deposits
Please note that deposit based on a pre-generated estimated amount is necessary before any procedure is performed. Payment may be made by cash or credit card. No patient will be discharged unless the outstanding balance has been settled. We do not operate an account system.

Normal discharge times are between 3:30 and 4:30 pm during weekdays. On discharge, a nurse or one of the doctors will verbally explain such items as: exercise permitted; rehabilitation; medication; and dates and times for revisits. Written instructions may also be provided, particularly for surgical patients. Your Checklist: q Do I have my pet s lead, collar and personal effects? q Signed consent form? q Signed cost estimate? q Do I have contact details? 031 765 6492 q The primary clinician is Dr Zambelli / Dr Meyers q The sister spoken to is Sr Meredith / Sr Wait / Sr Haupt q The procedure my pet is having is: q I have read the first part of the admission / consent form (the greyed area) about pre-anaesthetic testing (where applicable) q Visiting hours: 13:30 14:30 weekdays, 9 10 am Saturday.
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