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13th February 2006

After a sedate opening to the County Championships last weekend, this year‟s Surreys exploded into action at the Spectrum over Saturday and Sunday with the start of the sprint events! Guildford City swimmers were, once again, in the thick of it, amassing a huge haul of 126 medals over the two days (51 of them gold!), and dominating proceedings throughout the age groups! The first event saw Rebecca Sandwith (9) win gold in the 50m back in her first County Championships! She was followed by Dani Wythe and Abi Munday (11), who brought home gold and bronze, Barbi Pain (13), Caroline Brady (14) and Georgina Fromson (16) added 2 more golds while Sian Aldred (14) swam a personal best for a bronze! The boys followed with the 50m breaststroke, where Martin Peters (10) swam the first of a number of personal best times to win gold - Liam Man (11) won silver as did Henri Peters (12). In the 14-year age group, City dominated the podium with the first of a number of 1-2-3s! Sam Peters won the gold with William Elliott and Pavle Dimitrijevic bringing home silver and bronze respectively! Danny Anderson (16) was another gold medallist while Howard Birtwell (15) added a bronze. Another rising City star Reem Yousef (9), also swimming in her first Surreys won bronze in the 50m free – Abi Munday and Dani Wythe (both 11) again followed, adding gold and silver, as did Georgina Hellier and Emily Pinchin in the 12-year age group, and Caroline Brady and Sian Aldred for the 14 year olds. Georgina Fromson (16) and Ann Hyams (15) collected a gold and silver too! For the boys, a name to watch in the future emerged in the shape of Austin Kelly! Austin, who is not 9 until the last day of the Championships, showed his strength with bronze in the 50m fly in 41.12, matching this achievement the next day with another bronze in the 200m free! Other medallists in the boys 50m fly were Oliver Weedon and Martin Peters (10) with gold and bronze (both in personal best times), Michael Ingram (12) with silver, Sam Peters (14) gold and Howard Birtwell (15) another silver. More medals followed in the 100m events, and some superb swimming too! The girls‟ 100m backstroke event added 7 medals to City‟s increasing total, with golds for Dani Wythe (11), Barbi Pain (13), Caroline Brady (14) and Georgina Fromson (16)! There was a silver for Charlotte Mann (14) too, and bronzes for Abi Munday (11) and Emily Pinchin (13). The boys 100m IM further increased the haul with gold medals for Martin Peters (10) and Danny Anderson (16) plus another 1-2-3 in the 14-year age group with Sam Peters, Pavle Dimitrijevic and William Elliott once more taking all the medals! There was silver for Liam Man (11) with Howard Birtwell (15) and Adam Reddings (15) taking bronze. Martha Langan (12) won a hard-earned silver in the girls‟ 100m fly with a personal best of 1.18.30, with gold medals for Barbi Pain (13), Caroline Brady (14) and Georgina Fromson (16) who powered to her gold in a National Qualifying time of 1.03.68! Georgina Hellier (13) and Ann Hyams (15) won silver with Sian Aldred (14) bronze. In the boys‟ 100m free, gold went to Sam Peters (14) in a personal best of 56.18, with Michael Ingram (12) adding silver in another personal best, along with Nick Middleton (17). There were bronze medals for Pavle Dimitrijevic (14) with a lifetime best of 58.64, and for Howard Birtwell (15). Sunday got under way with the 200m freestyle. Reem Yousef (9) just missed out on third place, but shaved a huge 8 seconds off her previous best time! Abi Munday and Natasha Smith (both 11) claimed silver and bronze while Emily Pinchin, Georgina Hellier (both 13), Caroline Brady and Sian Aldred (both 14) won gold and silver respectively. Ann Hyams (15) took bronze with a 3-second personal best of 2.14.08 The boys 200m saw more medals medals from youngsters taking part in their first championships – Edward Dyer (9) won silver with bronze for Austin Kelly – both improved their times by several seconds! Martin Peters (10) continued his good form with another gold, as did older brother Sam Peters (14) with a superb gold in 2.01.10, while Nick Middleton (17) took the race on from the start, winning gold in 1.54.45, a 5-second improvement and well inside the National Qualifying time! Michael Ingram (12) added bronze, again improving his previous best by over 3 seconds. The boys 50m back produced more medals for City! Martin Peters (10) again led from the front, winning gold in 37.35 – his brothers also medalled, with Henri Peters (12) taking bronze and Sam Peters (14) silver! Ahmad Yousef (10) was delighted with his bronze as was Pavle Dimitrijevic (14) when he took nearly a second off his time to win gold in 30.30! Johny Ayling (15) also improved his personal best on the way to his silver medal! Reem Yousef (9) continued to impress winning silver in the 50m breast (and gold in the 50m fly!), while Abi

Munday (11) and Natasha Smith (11) added gold and bronze. Emily Pinchin (13) and Caroline Brady (14) both won silver, Emily Calfe (15) could not hide her delight with her bronze and was followed by Josie Miller (18), who increased Guildford‟s gold medal total with a win! Sam Peters (14) added to his and City‟s gold medal haul in the 50m free, with silver going to Martin Peters (10) and Howard Birtwell (15) and bronze to Liam Man (11) and Michael Ingram (12). Abi Munday (11) and Dani Wythe (11) took gold and silver in the 50m fly, with further gold medals from Georgina Hellier (13), Caroline Brady (14) and Georgina Fromson (16) – Sian Aldred (14) and Ann Hyams (15) added a bronze each. An outstanding swim from Pavle Dimitrijevic (14) in the 100m back saw him win the gold in a National Qualifying time of 1.03.73, and he was joined on the podium by Tom Clarke (14) who swam superbly to win his first ever Surrey medal, silver, in a new personal best! Johny Ayling (15) also won silver in this event. Reem Yousef (9) took yet another medal in the 100m IM for girls, winning bronze in 1.30.43! Abi Munday and Dani Wythe (both 11) yet again dominated their age group with another gold and bronze, and followed this with gold and silver in the 100m freestyle! For the 13-year olds, Emily Pinchin and Barbi Pain came away with gold and bronze in the 100m IM (with Emily adding a silver in the 100m free!) There was more IM gold for Caroline Brady (14) and Josie Miller (18), with silver for Georgina Fromson (16) and bronze for Sian Aldred (14) and Ann Hyams (15). In the penultimate event of the weekend – 100m fly for boys - there was a gold medal for Sam Peters and a bronze for Pavle Dimitrijevic (both 14), with a superb silver from Nick Middleton (17) in 59.96, only just short of a NQT! The final event was the girls 100m free, and Georgina Hellier (13) saved the best until last when she stormed to her first National Qualifying time this year in an outstanding time of 1.00.99, winning herself another gold medal! She was joined on the podium by Emily Pinchin (13) with silver, in a personal best time of 1.02.63. Caroline Brady and Charlotte Spencer-Ruddy (both 14) were also in gold and silver medal positions, and were joined by Sian Aldred in 3rd, making yet another 1-2-3 for City! Ann Hyams (15), Georgina Fromson (16) and Josie Miller (18) completed the tally with 2 silvers and a gold respectively. But the County Championships are not just about medals – every swimmer who places in the top 8 gains valuable points for their club, and in Guildford‟s case, there were a huge number! Out of all the 17 events swam this weekend, City had no less than 264 swimmers place within the top 8, all ensuring that Guildford maintains its position as the top Surrey club! Amongst those swimmers were some up and coming youngsters like 9 year olds Emilia Taylor and Jack Ridout, Stephanie Holohan, Sarah Gallichan, Emily Nurse, Dino Willingson (all 10), Charlotte Hards, Petra Dimitrijevic, Edward Dillon, Kerri Scott, Ben Sandwith, and Ryan Cawley (all 11) plus in the „older‟ age groups, 12 year olds Camilla Brady, Jack Otton and Rian Campbell, James Adams (13), Philippa Carter (14), Zara Pawson-Evans (15), Richard Valler (24) and Josh Williamson (25). There were also many more swimmers who achieved superb personal best times. Josh France (12) was another happy swimmer after this weekend, winning gold in all 5 multi-disability events he entered! After a long, exhausting but extremely successful weekend, Chief Coach Richard Garfield commented: “At the end of this second weekend and with still more events to come, the unofficial points total place Guildford top, with almost double the number of points of their nearest rivals, and well on the way to yet another decisive victory! This clearly shows that Guildford is now leading the way in Surrey, and can indeed enjoy its well deserved and growing reputation as the best centre of excellence in the county. Praise must go to the swimmers and coaching staff for so ably demonstrating why we are such a force to be reckoned with, and also to the parents for their unstinting and vociferous support!”

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