Certificate of Incumbency

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									A Certificate of Incumbency is a document that lists the names of the current officers
and directors of the Company. This document can be modified to fit the needs of the
drafting party, such as if a corporation desires to list shareholders on the Certificate of
Incumbency as well. This form should be executed by the President, Secretary, or any
other authorized individual of the Company. This form is useful to a company seeking
to provide a certified list of incumbent officers and directors.
                        CERTIFICATE OF INCUMBENCY

                  I,    _____________________,          the     undersigned President of
___________________________ [NAME OF CORPORATION], hereby certify that the
following are the current directors of the Company, duly elected as such:




And the following are its officers:

             Position                      Name

             PRESIDENT                     ________________________________

             VICE PRESIDENT                ________________________________

             SECRETARY                     ________________________________

             TREASURER                     ________________________________

DATED this _____day of ________________, ______.

                                           ___________________________ [SIGN]
                                           Name: ___________________

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