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Rental Agreement

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This rental agreement can be used as a form template when renting property, and is drafted in a way favorable to you as the landlord.

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(Tenants Name) (hereinafter “Tenant”) and (Landlords Name)(hereinafter “Landlord”) provide that for consideration of the covenants, mutual promises and conditions hereinafter set forth, landlord and tenant agree to the following terms and conditions:
1.00 To have and to hold the Premises for and during the term of __________ (____) months/years to be computed from the and ending on the _____ day of _____________, 20____, (hereinafter called the "Term").

2.00 Yielding and paying therefore unto the Landlord during the said Term the sum of ________________ ($__________) Dollars in lawful money of United States/Canada to be payable in equal consecutive monthly instalments of ______________ ($__________) Dollars each payable in advance on the ______ (___) day of each and every month during the said Term.

3.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees to deliver rental payments to the Landlord by the date due. If rental payments are not received by the date due, a collection charge of ________ ($_____) Dollars in addition to the monthly rent will immediately become due and payable. In addition, for each cheque not honoured by the Bank or Trust Company upon which it is drawn, a collection charge of __________ ($_______) Dollars in addition to the monthly rent will become immediately due and payable.

4.00 The Landlord and the Tenant mutually covenant and agree that whenever in this lease notice is required to be given by either the Landlord or the Tenant to the other, the same shall be in writing and, except as otherwise provided, be deemed to be sufficiently given if mailed postage prepaid and registered mail to the Tenant at the Premises and notice to the Landlord shall be addressed to ______________________. Notice so given shall be deemed to have been received by the addressee on the fourth postal delivery day following the date on which it is so mailed.

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5.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees to pay rent, maintain the Premises in an ordinary state of cleanliness, and repair any damage caused to the Premises by his/her wilful or negligent conduct or that of persons who are permitted on the Premises by him. The Tenant further covenants to leave the Premises in an ordinary state of cleanliness upon termination of this Lease in the same condition as now exists, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

6.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees that it shall be his/her sole responsibility to pay for all heat, hydro, water gas, cable and telephone charge required for the Premises and the Tenant further covenants and agrees to hold the Landlord harmless for all accounts aforesaid including arrears and penalties thereof

7.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees that he/she shall promptly notify the Landlord of any repairs required to be made by the Landlord and, subject to the applicable provisions of the Act, the Landlord shall be permitted to enter the Premises for the purposes of viewing and making any such necessary repairs. The Landlord shall be permitted a reasonable time within which to make any such repairs that are necessary.

8.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees not to assign or sublet this Lease.


The Landlord covenant with the Tenant for quiet enjoyment.

10.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees that he/she will not at any time during the Term, use, or permit the use of the Premises for any business or for any purpose other than as his/her own residential Premises and will not permit a nuisance to occur with respect to the use of the Premises.

11.00 The Tenant covenants and agrees that, in case the Premises shall be abandoned o vacated by the Tenant, the Landlord, in addition to all other rights provided under the Act and all other rights hereby

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reserved, shall have the right to enter the Premises as the agent of the Tenant, either by force or otherwise, without being liable for any prosecution therefor, and to re-let the Premises as agent of the Tenant and to receive the rent therefor; PROVIDED that, if the rent hereunder is overdue and the Premises are vacant, it shall be presumed that th
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