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									Curriculum Vitae

Shaun Milne
Contact Current Residence: Telephone No.: E-mail Address: Project Portfolio: Code Samples: Nationality: Dundee, Scotland +44 (0)7549 943 063 Scottish Hello, I am a C++ programmer with a first class Honours degree in Computer Games Technology from the University of the West of Scotland, currently employed as a Software Developer working on several Serious Game projects at TPLD.

History June 2008– Current Software Developer TPLD Ltd.

A few of my responsibilities so far have included designing and developing the Winning Game’s (a Serious Game developed by TPLD in association with SISF) multiplayer functionality (and associated database backend), implementing features on the OpenGL java client, creating tools for non-programmers to easily author and modify ingame content, as well as working on TPLD’s online game management portal which allows Scottish school pupils using GLOW (a Scottish School intranet) single sign-on access to the portal and game. The Winning Game is due for launch March, 2009. I am also responsible for the setup and maintenance of TPLD’s continuous integration build process, using CruiseControl. TPLD projects are managed using the agile software development methodology, Scrum, and I collaborate with a number of artists, programmers and external contacts on a daily basis required to get tasks completed successfully and on time. I was also listed as a key alumni for my University in Edge magazine (Dec 2008, pg.118-119) with the quote reading “If UWS can continue to produce graduates of this calibre, TPLD will keep employing them”.

2007- 2008 BSc/Hons Degree

Computer Games Technology BSc Honours Degree, University of the West of Scotland. Honours Year. Graduated first-class June, 2008.

2006- 2007 BSc/Hons Degree

Computer Games Technology BSc Honours Degree, University of the West of Scotland. Degree Year. Awarded Court Medal for Academic Achievement.

2005- 2006

Internship. Backend database scripting using PHP and MySQL, as well as creating front end UIs for client websites and server maintenance.

2003- 2005 BSc/Hons Degree

Computer Games Technology BSc Honours Degree, University of the West of Scotland. First and Second Year.


1997- 2003 Higher/Standard Grades

Lornshill Academy. Higher results: 4 B’s and an A. Standard Grade results: 7 1’s and a 2.

Skills Core

      

Graphics, Math and Physics programming knowledge. AI and Network programming knowledge. Adaptable, can work as part of a larger team and independently as necessary. Fast learning capability; pick up new tools & languages quickly. Highly motivated by a love of games, solving problems, developing new concepts and the creation process itself. Proficient skill with C++ with a clean, readable coding style, and also some graphical talent. Experience in creating and managing an online browser game and its community consisting of over several thousand players. See my online Project Portfolio for further details. C/C++ GLSL. Java. Basic ARM asm. OpenAL, OpenGL/OGL ES, JOGL, DirectX. PC Win32. JVM. CELL (ps3). iP* (iPhone/iPod Touch etc.). PHP. Basic Lua. Adobe ActionScript 3.0 XHTML/CSS/JavaScript. Asynchronous Ajax Techniques. Build management/continuous integration with CruiseControl and apache ant. SQL/MySQL database management. Linux Server management. Microsoft Visual Studio. (6 & 2005) XCode & Eclipse. Microsoft Office Package. Adobe Photoshop CS2. Adobe Flash CS3. Pixologic ZBrush. Discreet 3DS Max. NewTek Lightwave.

Programming Languages

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APIs Platforms



Software Packages

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 

MathWorks MATLAB. Sony Sound Forge 9.



When I’m not researching or developing an idea, I like to relax with a bout of gaming and a spot of freestyle nunchaku. I’m also a fan of 2D pixel art, and like to practice whenever I get the chance. My influences come from a number of different cultures, mainly Japanese Anime such as Ghost in the Shell, and I’m also usually left in awe over some of the output created by the demo scene. Some of the commercial games that have influenced me the most over the years have been GoldenEye (N64), Zelda Series (N64/Wii), Okami (PS2), Metal Gear Solid (PS1), Final Fantasy VII (PS1), Ico (Ps2) and Command & Conquer (Original, PC). Over the past few months I’ve enjoyed playing LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3, Gears of War, Fable II and the awfully good indy game World of Goo. The future of gaming looks great; I hope to be a part of it.


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