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									The Fort Hood Area Enlisted Spouses` Club PO BOX 6002, FORT HOOD TX 76544 March 15, 2005

CONSTITUTION Article I NAME 1. This organization will be known as the Fort Hood Area Enlisted Spouses` Club, referred to herein as the “ESC”. 2. The ESC is organized as the Private Organization, approved by the Installation Commander, in accordance with DODI 1000.15 and Fort Hood Regulation 210-56. Article II General Provisions 1. The ESC is not an instrumentality of the United States Army, and will be self-sustaining and will not receive financial assistance from the army or from non-appropriated funds. 2. This ESC fully supports the Fort Hood policy on equal opportunity, and will not discriminate in membership eligibility on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. This ESC will neither accept invitations from, nor participate in, any activity or organization that does not conform to Fort Hood policy, or that discriminates on the basis of Race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. 3. It is suggested that all members read the Constitution and By-Laws. A member responsible for the debt of the club is liable in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency, or dissolution. Article IV -1-

OFFICERS AND THE GOVERING BODY 1. The spouses of the Command Sergeant Major of III Corps and Fort Hood shall be invited to be the Senior Advisor. 2. The spouses of the Command Sergeant Majors of nominative billets of Fort Hood will be invited to be Advisors to the ESC. They have the option to decline becoming Advisors, and may be Members instead, if they wish. Those billets currently are the Command Sergeant Majors of 4th Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry Division, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), the 3rd Air Support Operations Group, USAF, Spouses of Chief Master Sergeant and the Operational Test Command (OTC). 3. Elected Officers of the ESC will be those of President, Vice President, Secretary, General Funds and Charity Funds Treasurer (referred to herein as “Treasurer”), and Parliamentarian. An honorary Member or Advisor may not be an elected Officer and shall be a nonvoting Member. 4. The Chairpersons of the Standing Committees will be appointed Officers of the ESC with approval of the Executive Board. Standing Committees are defined as follows: a. Bingo b. Historian c. Membership d. Hospitality e. Newsletter f. Publicity g. Volunteer Coordinator h. Ways and Means i. Webmaster j. Welfare 5. The President with the approval of the Executive Board will appoint the Community Service Representatives. The Community Service Representatives are defined as Members who attend the following meetings as representatives for the ESC: a. Army and Air Force Exchange Services b. Community Service Council c. DECA d. Fort Hood American Read Cross e. Fort Hood Volunteer Child Care Fund f. Health Consumer Committee g. Scholarship Fund -2-

h. Thrift Shop 6. The Executive Board will be comprised of the Senior Advisor, President, Vice President, Secretary, General Funds Treasurer, Charity Funds Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Advisors. The President will serve as the Chairperson of the Executive Board. 7. The Executive Board will be responsible for the business of the ESC and will formulate and implement the policies. The Board will direct the disbursement and collection of the ESC monies and supervise all ESC-related activities. 8. The duties of each Officer are provided for and defined in the By-Laws. 9. The Board will be comprised of the Executive Board, all Committee Chairpersons, and all Community Service Representatives. Article V Membership 1. All spouses of enlisted military (active duty, retired, or deceases of either category) are eligible for Membership in the ESC. Members are entitled to hold elective office, serve as Chairperson of Standing Committees, be Community Representatives, and to vote during elections. 2. All widows of enlisted soldiers will have honorary lifetime Membership as long as they remain in the Fort Hood Area. 3. The Executive Board will determine the dues for Membership in the ESC. No refunds will be disbursed to any Member leaving the Post or voluntarily relinquishing Membership. Memberships are not transferable from one Member to another. 4. Any non-member may attend one General Membership Meeting or Special Function as a Guest. Those who do not become Members are not entitled to continue participating in the activities of the ESC as Guests. Individuals may attend more than one meeting after approval by the Executive Board. 5. The spouse of the Commanding General, III Corps and Fort Hood, is eligible for Honorary Membership. 6. Honorary Members and Advisors are entitled to all the privileges of membership except the right to vote and/or hold any Executive Office. 7. When a Member conducts her/himself in a manner which is prejudicial to the accepted modes of social good taste or when her/his personal actions as an individual ESC Member would tend to cause discredit to the military community, the Executive Board will notify the offending Member that such conduct will not be tolerated in the future. When a Member has been warned and continues to be offensive, she/he will be notified, in writing, that the Executive Board will consider the advisability of terminating her/his Membership for cause. After a three-month period, she/he may submit a letter to the Executive Board requesting consideration for reinstatement in the ESC. Authority to terminate Membership rests with the Executive Board and is final. -3-

8. This ESC has no Members receiving a salary for services rendered to the ESC. Article VI METHODS OF FINANCING 1. All Members will pay dues in accordance with Article III of the By-Law’s. 2. The Treasurer will receive all monies collected by the ESC and deposit it in an authorized depository. The Treasurer will pay all obligations of the ESC after the Executive Board has authorized them. The Treasurer will honor charity requests after the Executive Board approved them. 3. Other than dues, funding for the organization will come from occasional arts and crafts shows, dances, games, stationary items, and other occasional events. All fund raising events on Fort Hood will have prior approval by the Installation Commander. Article VII ACTIVITIES The ESC Members participate in social activities such as luncheons; administrative activities need to support the ESC, tours, charitable contributions, and other social gatherings as needed to support the organization. Article VIII MEETINGS AND QUORUMS 1. A General Membership Meeting, consisting of a combined business and social meeting, will be held once each month at a time and place previously determined by the Executive Board. 2. The Executive Board Meeting will be held within one week to the General Membership Meeting or the day of the General Board meeting as designated at the previous Executive Board Meeting. 3. The majority of Members present at the Executive Board Meeting, General Membership, or specially called Meeting of the ESC will constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business. Voting procedures for the Executive Board business can also be accomplished by an emergency meeting, phone vote, and/or via email when called by the President. 4. Members will be notified of Executive Board Meetings, General Membership Meetings, and called meetings by newsletter, flyer, telephone, or other means decided by the Executive Board. -4-

5. Executive Board Members are required to attend business and Board meetings. Members missing two consecutive meetings without the consent of the President may be asked to resign. Article IX DISSULUTION In the event the ESC is at any time not sanctioned by the III Corps and Fort Hood Commander or is dissolved by a two-thirds (majority) vote of the Membership, whatever funds are contained in the Treasury at the time will be used to satisfy any and all outstanding debts, liabilities, or obligations. The balance of these assets will be disposed of as determined by the Membership. In the event liabilities exceed assets; the Membership is responsible for satisfying remaining liabilities. Article X ADOPTION AND ADMENDMENTS 1. Any proposed amendments to this Constitution and By-law’s will be submitted in writing to the Executive Board, which will then present the proposed amendment at the next General Membership Meeting. Any amendment will require a two-thirds majority of Members present for approval. All changes to the constitution and By-law’s are subject to final approval by the Installation Commander. 2. The Constitution and By-Law’s Committee will review the Constitution and By-Law’s each year. Unless changes are deemed necessary, the Constitution and By-laws are valid for 2 years. Article XI DECARATION OF INDIVIDUALITY In the event an Article of this Constitution or portion thereof is declared invalid, the remaining unaffected provisions of such articles or portions thereof will remain in full force and effect.

The Fort Hood Area Enlisted Spouses` Club PO BOX 6002, FORT HOOD TX 76544 March 15, 2007 -5-

By-Laws Article I DUTIES OF OFFICERS 3. President: a. Will be the Chief Executive Officer of the ESC. Will preside at all Meetings thereof and call Special Meetings of the ESC and of the Executive Board. Will not make or second neither motions nor will she/he vote while presiding over a meeting. b. The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, will appoint the chairperson of each committee and will be an ex-officio member of all standing committees and all special committees, with the exception of the Nominating Committee. c. The President is the contracting officer for the ESC and is authorized, with prior approval of the Executive Board, to execute contracts obligating the ESC. d. The President shall co-sign all checks. e. The President will co-sign minutes and financial reports. f. The President along with the Vice President shall be the ESC hostess at all social functions. 4. Vice President: a. Will, with assistance from the Secretary, maintain an inventory of ESC property. b. May be a Member of any Standing Committee or Chairperson of any Special Committee. Will assume the duty of the President in the event of the latter’s absence, inability, or permanent vacancy. c. The Vice President along with the President shall be the ESC hostess at all social functions. d. Will be responsible for planning all program and entertainment matters for each meeting, special occasions, and for booking all functions. Will submit for approval of the Executive Board the programs and expenditures needed for special social functions. -6-

5. Secretary: a. Will be custodian of the records of the ESC with the exception of the financial records, maintained by the Treasurers. Will keep the minutes of the Executive Board Meetings, General Membership Meetings, and special votes. Will keep accurate and official records of all business transacted. All minutes will be open for inspection by any Member of the ESC upon request. Will furnish two copies of all minutes and financial reports to the Installation Commander, and all Advisors. Will maintain a file of all Community Service Representatives and Committee Reports. One or more persons may hold this position. b. The Secretary will keep and publish a list of officers and committee chairpersons with their addresses and telephone numbers. The Secretary will notify the Executive Board of any special meetings called by the President. c. The Secretary will be responsible for the receipt and distribution of the ESC mail and all ESC correspondence. Will maintain inventory of ESC property with the Vice President. d. The Secretary shall provide all agencies, which need to be informed of new Board Members with addresses and phone numbers of all elected officers in April. 6. Treasurer: a. Will be the custodian of the funds of the ESC. Will maintain a checking account for the ESC funds and will register signature as the authority to make deposits and sign checks. The signatures of the President or Vice President will be required as co-signers, for the withdrawal of funds for authorized expenditures. Treasurer will disburse money for the ESC upon request; cash register receipts or store equivalent will be provided for records, properly compiled and signed. b. Treasurer will make a financial report of the ESC funds at each Executive Board Meeting and will be prepared to give an accurate briefing of the financial status of the ESC at any General Membership Meeting. All money received at fundraisers will be deposited in a timely fashion. c. Three members (or non-members), who are not on the Executive Board, will internally audit treasury books each year after each election of new officers. In the event of a change of Treasurer, an audit will be made before books are turned over to the new Treasurer. 7. Parliamentarian: a. Will assist the President in maintaining orderly procedures during meetings. Will know the Constitution and By-Law’s of the ESC. Chief duties are to advise on all questions that may arise regarding these rules and according to Robert’s Rules of Order. However, after an opinion on any point that may arise, the President has the power to rule on all points of law. b. Responsible for yearly Meeting to review and update the Constitution and Bylaw’s, which will be present to the Executive Board Meeting in March for information. The Constitution and By-law’s will be read and voted on at the March Executive Board Meeting. Upon being approved by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board Members present at that meeting, the documents will be -7-

forwarded to the Directorate of Community Activity (DCA) by 1 May for staffing approval. Once approved, the Constitution and By-Law’s are valid for two years. c. Will conduct the ESC’s elections. The ESC Advisors with the parliamentarian shall be ex-officio members of this committee. 8. All Officers/Chairpersons: a. All officers/committee chairpersons will be responsible for ESC property pertaining to their office. b. The Vice President and the Secretary will have the responsibility of maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all fixed assets (property) of the ESC, and two copies of the inventory available for the Executive Board. c. All officers/committee chairpersons leaving for any reason will be responsible for an inventory of ESC property pertaining to their office to be done by themselves and their replacement and duly signed for by the incoming officer/committee chairperson. d. In the event there is no replacement, the outgoing officer/committee chairperson and a responsible ESC officer will take the inventory and the property signed for by that officer. Article II ELECTIONS, APPOINTMENTS, AND VOTING 4. Elections: a. Officers will be elected annually by a majority vote of members present at the designated meeting scheduled by the Executive Board. The election meeting is to be held no later than the March General Membership Meeting. Newsletter, flyer, telephone will announce elections, or other means determined by the Executive Board. b. The Parliamentarian will conduct the ESC’s elections. c. The Parliamentarian will prepare written ballots for each. No candidate is to appear on the slate for Officers unless she/he has agreed to serve if elected. These ballots will be presented to the Members at the designated Election Meeting. The Parliamentarian will supervise the voting. Nominations will be accepted from the floor. d. Incoming offices will be established following the Installation Ceremony in April, at the end of the month. e. Elected officers will be required to attend the Transition Board Meeting in April before the Installation. f. Outgoing and incoming officers will attend this meeting. g. When possible, there should be two or more candidates for each elected office. -8-

h. Each member, excluding Advisors, shall have the right to cast one ballot for each office. i. Ballots shall be counted by at least three members of the Executive Board and/or General Membership, who are not candidates for any office, with the results being announced immediately. Inspection of the ballots may be made upon request of any voting member within a four-month period. 5. Appointments: The President with approval from the Executive Board will appoint the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and the Community Service Representatives. 6. Terms of Office: a. Elected Officers will serve for a period of one year. No elected Officer will serve more than 4 years in the same office. b. Newly elected officers will assume the duties of their office on the day of their installation. 7. Unscheduled Change of Officers: a. Vacancy in Office: In the event of an elected Office vacancy in the position of President, the Vice President will assume the office of President. The President will appoint Officers to fill any elected Offices that become vacant during the year, with the approval of the Executive Board. b. Removal from Office: Valid reasons for the removal of an Executive Board Member or an appointed Board Member are dereliction of duties, deliberate and serious misrepresentation of the ESC, mismanagement of the ESC funds, or inability to attend regularly scheduled meetings for a period of two or more consecutive months. Article III DUES The dues will be determined by the Executive Board and are renewable by the end of the anniversary month the Member joined.



4. The following Standing Committee Chairpersons will be appointed by the President and serve on the Board with a vote. Their responsibilities are set forth as follows: a. Bingo: Responsible for conducting Bingo. Will submit to the Board written report of expenditures, with receipts for the Treasurer’s file and report. Two or more persons will conduct Bingo. At the close of Bingo, a bonded Official of the ESC will deposit the money in a timely manner at the ESC’s bank. The amount of deposit will be reported to the Treasurer and/or the President within 24 hours of the deposit. b. Historian: Will take pictures at ESC sponsored events. Money received from the sale of pictures at any given function will be given to the Treasurer for deposit. Upon request and receipt of money, copies of pictures will be made. Compile three photo-safe albums with pictures, news articles, and any other memorable items, which will be placed in a binder. One copy for the President, one copy for the Senior Advisor (both will be given at their Farewell), and one will be maintained for the ESC. c. Membership: Maintain and be responsible for all applications. Will collect dues and give them to the Treasurer in a timely manner. Will be responsible for Membership Cards. Will maintain a current card file and/or database showing all members. Will be responsible for providing copies of the Constitution and Bylaw’s to members. Will compile and distribute copies of the ESC Roster twice yearly as needed. d. Hospitality: Responsible for the disbursement of greeting cards, flowers to the sick, gifts to new mothers, and gifts for all departing and retiring members. Will send flowers and offer sympathy in the event of a death of a Members (or Members spouse) immediate family. Responsible for distribution of membership pins to new members. Responsible for greeting and acknowledging new Members and Guests, and for providing nametags. e. Newsletter: Responsible for publishing the ESC Newsletter, frequency of distribution to be determined by the Executive Board. Will gather information from community sources, write and solicit articles, arrange for reproduction, assemble and mail, email or otherwise distribute the Newsletter, to include distribution to the Webmaster for posting on the FHAESC website. f. Publicity: Responsible to publicize all ESC events through newspaper, radio, television, flyers, marquees, billboards, and any other avenues available. g. Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for maintaining ESC member records of the activities/volunteer work done to support the ESC. Will submit to the General Membership nominations for volunteer recognition of ESC members, with justification. h. Ways and Means: Responsible for presenting, sponsoring, and promoting projects for the purpose of raising funds for the ESC. Money received will be turned in to the Treasurer. Two or more persons will conduct fund raising activities. - 10 -

i. Webmaster: Responsibilities include ongoing development and maintenance of the official ESC website; Setting design, navigation and browser compatibility standards, and performing quality control for content; Working closely with other chairpersons and/or board members for the inclusion of newsletters, photos, events and promotions or other content deemed beneficial to ESC members, potential members and other guests visiting the site; Ensuring that all website and server access information is shared with the Executive Board for back-up purposes; Ensuring that at all times, the ESC website reflects the overall mission of the ESC. j. Welfare: Receives and reports needy cases to the Executive Board for request of ESC assistance. 5. All Committee Chairperson will appoint members to their committees and report names to the Secretary and the President in writing. Committee Chairpersons will be prepared to submit an informal briefing and accurate report in writing of the progress of their committees to the Executive Board at the regular Executive board Meetings. The Standing Committee Chairpersons should turn in any news to the Publicity Chairperson as soon as possible. 6. Each Committee Member will meet at the call of the Committee Chairperson. Upon the written request of any two members of such committees, the Chairperson thereof will call a meeting of the Committee. The Chairperson will notify the President of the time and place of all Committee Meetings. The President may attend any/all Committee Meetings. 7. The following Community Service Representatives appointed by the President serve on the Board with a vote. Their responsibilities are set forth as follows: a. Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES): Represents the ESC at the AAFES Council meetings. b. Community Service Council (CSC): Represents the ESC at the CSC meetings. c. DeCA: Represents the ESC at the Commissary Council meetings. d. Fort Hood American Red Cross: Represents the ESC at the Red Cross Board meetings. e. Fort Hood Volunteer Child Care Fund: Represents the ESC at the Volunteer Child Care Council meetings. f. Health Consumer Committee (Darnall Army Community Hospital): Represents the ESC at the Health Consumer Committee meetings. g. Scholarship Fund: Represents the ESC at the Fort Hood Family Member Scholarship Fund meetings. h. Thrift Shop: Represents the ESC at the Thrift Shop Council meetings. 8. All the above Representatives will render either a verbal or written report on their activities at the monthly Executive Board meetings. 9. The Term of Office for all appointed positions will coincide with that of the elected officers. (Stated in Article II, Paragraph 3, of the By-Law’s).

- 11 -

10. Special Committees will be formed at the direction of the Executive Board, with the Chairperson appointed by the ESC President. Special Committees will exist for the duration of the project, will be responsible for only the project, will stay within a maximum monetary expenditure approved by the Executive Board, and will dissolve upon presentation of the after action report to the Executive Board by the Chairperson by the second Executive Board meeting after the conclusion of the project. Article V Finances 1. Revenues for the ESC will be generated from activities as outlined in the Constitution. a. A minimum of $300 to be carried forward from the previous Board for General operating fund and a minimum of $500 to be carried forward from the previous board for the Charity Fund. b. $25.00 value of flowers or a fruit basket from the General Fund may be given to any ESC member experiencing a death or disaster in his/her immediate family. The need will be verified by the President and approved by the Executive Board. 2. All Bingo revenues will be deposited in the Charity Funds account. 3. The Executive Board will be authorized to approve Charity Donations up to the amount if $1,500.00 per request. Amounts totaling over that quantity will require the approval of a simple majority vote at the next General Membership meeting. 4. The Executive Board will approve payment of operating expenses over the amount of $100.00; under that amount can be paid by the Treasurer without Executive Board approval. 5. Treasurer will use a double-entry accounting system to keep the ESC’s financial records. The books will be audited by a qualified auditor or by three members (or non-members) not serving on the Executive Board (at least 18 years of age) upon a change of Treasurer, or once each year in May, according to current Army directives. The Treasurer will present monthly financial statements at the monthly Executive Board meeting for approval. These financial statements will be available at the monthly General Membership Meeting for Members to examine. 6. It will be the responsibility of the Executive Board to see that the current liabilities will never exceed the current assets. 7. The ESC will be in compliance with State and local laws concerning finances and taxes.

Article VI INSURANCE - 12 -

1. ESC insurance will meet Fort Hood Regulation 210-56 a. A fidelity Bond will cover the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Bingo Chairperson. The ESC will pay the bonding fee. b. The ESC will carry liability insurance and coverage for the ESC assets. Article VII AWARDS AND GIFTS The Executive Board may approve awards and gifts not to exceed $50.00 for persons receiving special recognition. Annul gifts may be purchased out of the General Fund for Executive Board Members and Advisors. Article VIII PARLIAMENTARY LAW In all matters not covered by the Constitution and By-Law’s, Robert’s Rule of Order will govern this organization. This Constitution and By-Law’s will supersede all previous Constitution and By-Law’s of the Fort Hood Area Enlisted Spouses Club and become effective upon approval by the Installation Commander or his designee. This Constitution and By-Law’s was approved by unanimous vote of the Executive Board Members present on April 19, 2007.

Robin Crouse President Fort Hood Area Enlisted Spouses’ Club

Rachel Dean Vice President Fort Hood Area Enlisted Spouses’ Club

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