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									Page 1 of 3 IT’S ABOUT ELVIS, ANN-MARGRET, PRISCILLA AND STEP MOTHER DEE Ann-Margret and Elvis met in 1964 while filming Viva Las Vegas. They had a brief affair until Col Parker stepped in and demand Elvis end the relationship. Long after that Elvis would always send Ann-Margret flowers in the shape of a guitar whenever she opened her show. Elvis nicknamed her “Thumper” and it was her code name when she called Graceland Ann-Margret was Elvis' favorites co-stars. They were good friends for many years. Ann-Margret was his only co-star that came to his funeral. They were good friends for many years. Ann-Margret was his only co-star that came to Elvis' funeral. WHAT HAPPENED TO ANITA WOOD, ELVIS' FIRST GIRLFRIEND? They dated for a while after Elvis got back to the States, but when Priscilla came to Graceland they stopped seeing each other. Today she lives in Texas and refuses to give interviews. I don't blame her. Recently a collector paid $8,000 for a love letter Elvis wrote to Anita. She doesn't know how the letter got to Christie's because she burnt all Elvis' letters before she got married in 1964. YOU ARRANGED DATES FOR ELVIS? Yes, yes, I'm not ashamed of that... So many of his female fans were so eager just to meet him... I suppose in a way, I made many girls, dream come true. And because Elvis was so famous he couldn't just go out on a normal date. Everything was arranged to the finest detail. I don't feel bad, because it was not bad. Most of the time, Elvis would just sit around with three or four girls and read to them in his hotel suite. I think he just needed to be reminded that his fans still loved him.

IN HER BOOK "THE INTIMATE LIFE AND DEATH OF ELVIS" DEE PRESLEY MAKES SOME ASTONISHING ACCUSATIONS. IS THERE ANY TRUTH TO HER CLAIMS THAT ELVIS COMMITTED SUICIDE? Towards the end of his life, Elvis may have been self-destructive by taking all those drugs. But no way did he consciously end his own life. I was constantly with Elvis during the last months. Sure he was fascinated by the after-life and he did talk about what it may be like in the spiritual world... But Elvis loved life. He lived to perform on stage. The night before he died, he was planning a concert tour. Dee Presley was no longer living in Memphis at the time. All her claims are lies and based on hearsay. DEE ALSO CLAIMS THAT ELVIS WAS FORCED TO MARRY PRISCILLA - A WOMAN HE DIDN'T LOVE AND THE HORRIFYING NIGHT ELVIS RAPED HER... Strange that Elvis should go to all the trouble to send for Priscilla, and have her live at Graceland, if he was not in love with her. Elvis might of been pressured by Priscilla's parent to marry, but Elvis was not the sort of man that would do anything he didn't want to do... And the time Elvis supposedly raped Priscilla, well, Cilla herself wrote that in her autobiography, Elvis and Me. Why Dee would want to recap on such ugly old news beats me? WHAT ABOUT THE OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS THAT ELVIS HAD AN INCESTUOUS AFFAIR WITH HIS MOTHER AND/OR THAPT ELVIS WAS GAY? Those terrible claims Page 2 of 3

Page 3 of 3 are coming from a very bitter and angry old woman. I wonder if she is getting back at Vernon , because he wrote her out of his Will?. Vernon left her nothing! Now I can understand why Elvis was always skeptical of Dee , and why Elvis did not attend their wedding... We all know Elvis and his father had a loving and warm relationship right up till the very end. Sure, Elvis was very close to his mother. I don't believe, for one minute, there was anything going on between Elvis and his mother. As I don't believe Vernon would even have even made such a horrendous claim to Dee ... The Elvis gay theory makes me laugh. Elvis loved woman! And women loved Elvis! Being so very handsome, I suppose some gays took a fancy to Elvis too... I remember in Hollywood , while making Fun In Acapulco some gay (who was an extra) made a pass at Elvis. Elvis got so angry, he stormed off the set and instructed, Red West to find the guy and punch his lights out... WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO DEE PRESLEY IF YOU SHOULD MEET AGAIN? Of all the fabricated stories to have emerged since Elvis died, this book is the worst - ever! I'm shocked! I'm disappointed that it came from Dee . A woman that bears the Presley name. And after all that Elvis did for her three sons, David, Billy and Rick. I hope and pray that Graceland and Priscilla Presley will make an official statement to the press to discredit Dee and her ugly book. Personally, I would like to see Priscilla take Dee Presley to court for defamation. Maybe that will stop other people from writing such obscene stories about Elvis in the future.

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