COLG Minutes April 2008

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					April 16, 2008 Vallivue High School Members Present: Karen Davies, Sheri Winchester, Marlene Earnest, Jean Kollmann, Barbara Bowman, Bonnie Speas, Peggy Rebe, Brenda Rohwer, Nancy Finney, Patricia Wells, Glynda Pflieger, Sharon Larrondp,. Darlene Hotchkiss, Susan Ankeny, Norma Jean Sprouffske, Sharon Villines, Linda Hieb, Ned Stokes, Jane Latham and Kim Bakarani President Glynda Pflieger opened the meeting. Hostess Marlene Earnest gave a report on her library and introduced Jane Latham (full time aide) and Ned Stokes (part time aide). Marlene says the Vallivue High School now has 1500 students and next year the enrollment is projected at 1650. There are 36 computers in the library and she can have multiple classes using the library at one time. Her collection numbers over 15,000 items. The library is also used at night for meetings. President’s report: Glynda has distributed 2008-2009 calendar in both electronic and print form. Vice-President’s report: Secretary’s report: March 2008 minutes were approved. (Motion by Patricia Wells and second by Barbara Bowman). Linda also reported that there are duplicates of past minutes. A discussion was held pertaining to discarding any extra copies. Linda was given permission to discard the extra minutes (Motion by Barbara Bowman and second by Sharon Larrondo). Treasurer’s report: Currently the treasury has $221.85 Glynda mentioned that she has the 2008-2009 schedule on the COLG website. The members discussed doing something for Sherry Thomas. Norma Jean Sprouffske made a motion with a second by Glynda Pflieger to send flowers to Sherry when she returns home.

The 2008-2009 slate of officers were presented: President: Sharon Villines; Vice President Peggy Rabe; Secretary: Nancy Finney; Treasurer: Jean Kollmann; Web Designer: Darlene Hotchkiss By unanimous consent, the officers were approved. Program: Kim Bakarani presented a talk and slide show on her passion: Reach4Rawanda She is working toward setting up children’s libraries in the larger cities and then the smaller villages of Rwanda. She encourages our members to help organize collections of early reader books and school supplies (paper, blunt nosed scissors, etc) and send them to Kim. Her slide presentation gave us a sense of the country and an appreciation for what Kim is planning. Kim is living in Boise at this time and was presented with the Women Making History 2008 award presented by Boise State University. News: Darlene Hotchkiss is on the ballot for ILA Ed Media Vice Chair. Senator Crapo has donated 20 copies of women in Congress to Idaho high schools who participate in LiLI-Unlimited. Our next meeting will be at the Homedale Middle School on May 14, 2008 at 1:30 pm We will have a retirement party for Yvonne Wittkopf.