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					California Chapter APNA Board Meeting 11/15/06 7pm-8:40pm President: Rita Haverkamp Immediate Past President: Ann Wilkinson Members at large: Michael, Fitzgerald, Shelley Johnson Treasurer: Cheryl Puntil Absent: Kevin Mc Girr, Kathy, Johnson, Diane Hickman Diane couldn’t attend due to the death of her father. Rita suggested that the chapter send flowers to Diane,. All present agreed. Regarding minutes from last meeting: Discrepancy noted regarding whether poster presenters would have fees waived. Best recollection-- there was some discussion regarding waiving a part of the fee not sure of the final decision. Discussed whether other conferences provided any incentives to poster presenters. No one knew of other conferences that offer any incentives for poster presenters. Decision: Speakers to have conference fees waived, not posters presenters.

Board reports
1.President Report: Website committee- ANN, Kathy J and Rita met and made some suggestions regarding improvements to the overall look and taking out outdated material. Each committee chair was contacted regarding any changes they wanted to see on the website for their sections. Some changes have already been requested. Shelley to make some changes on the Area Rep section. Rita, Kathy, and Ann continuing to work with Rebecca. New officers and area reps etc. sent to Rita Bowers at APNA national office these changes should be reflected soon. ACTION ITEM: Continue working on update of web sites 2.Past President report (Ann): none 3.Member at Large (Shelley): Contacting area reps, Sabrina is getting organized, contacting pharm reps. and members in her area, hopeful of meeting in January. Helen identifying areas from which she would like to draw members, Shelley providing list with contact information. Area Reps are looking for tools (direction) for their meetings. Cheryl interested in helping Helen with setting up a dinner meeting. Loralie introduced at meeting in San Diego, meeting went well – Presentation on EMSAM (Brystol-Myers Squibb) ACTION ITEM Rita to send copy of memo regarding EMSAM to Cheryl and Shelley, for future reference and consider a possibility for Helen/Cheryl to set up meeting. Shelley to send email address for Pfizer with local pharm rep info. 4.Member at Large (Michael): No current activities. Promoting recruitment through contact with managers. Mentioned Shelley’s attendance at the Bay Area Managers of Acute Psychiatric Services meeting and presenting opportunities for their staff with APNA membership.

ACTION ITEM Rita suggested writing the process up and finding out if there are
other similar groups where we might want to do a presentation. Looking for bridging gap between Unions especially CNA and APNA. There was discussion regarding involvement with CNA. Would like to see more support of CNA in encouraging nurses to involve themselves in professional organizations. There is currently a gap between some of the Union Organizations and Professional organizations. ACTION ITEM Michael suggested the possibility of writing an article for the CNA newsletter encouraging membership in professional organizations such as APNA. Michael to pursue with CNA and possibly write article. 5.Member at Large (Kevin): Not in attendance. APRN committee: Telephone meeting tomorrow evening. 6.Nominating Committee: ACTION ITEM Start thinking about who is going to continue this work, treasurer and Member-at-Large (Kevin’s and Shelley’s) terms will be up next year. Each year we need a president elect. 7.Legislative Committee: ACTION ITEM Rita will be working with Cathy regarding what information will be sent out to members from the legislative committee. 8.Secretary Report: Diane has contacted the National secretary for APNA and is looking for further guidance in developing the position. . 9.Treasurers Report: Minimal expenses 13,827.81 current budget.

Old Business:
10.Conference Committee: Only 1 abstract submitted to date but this is usual pattern for submissions to come in near the deadline. ACTION ITEM Rita to send out another ListServ message reminding people to send abstracts. Have heard of several possible who are considering sending them.. Several people at the San Diego meeting picked up the abstract submission form and talked about it. Other subcommittees are beginning their work.

New Business:
11. Rita suggests an Area Rep meeting – where the Area Reps could meet and discuss the role. Board member would provide a format for the meeting with information on how to do meetings, the nuts and bolts of being an Area Rep. Recognize the importance of the area reps activities and provide further support. Possibly three meetings to be in separate geographical areas of the State. LA area meeting could include – San Diego, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County. Bay Area: Unclear

Central Coast: Unclear. Motion Area Rep Dinners: Ann moved, that we authorize money to be spent on these meetings to include approximately $30 each for dinner and $25 for transportation for each of the area reps.– Shelley seconded, Vote: all in attendance approved. Motion by Michael: Area Rep Dinner to pay transportation for Board Members in area $25 transportation and $30 dinner. In addition, the Member at Large for Area reps to be provided airfare to So. Cal. Ann Second , Vote: Unanimous

Action item: Area Rep dinner needs further discussion regarding format, locations,
etc. committee established to further discuss and coordinate: Committee members, Rita, Shelley, Cheryl, will meet via phone to discuss. 12. Netletter: Need more consistency, 2006 calendar year (2). – Cheryl feels she can put out a netletter 4 times a year. Will plan for Jan, April, July, Oct. Publication dates –

Action items: Next Netletter to go out in January, deadline for submissions: December
18th. Contents: Rita will do President’s message. Legislative committee report (by Cathy Osborn) and an APRN committee report (by Kevin), Area Rep Update (Shelley to do), Rita will do something on DOP – may be included in the legislative report. Call out for submissions for NetLetter– what are people doing, other interesting articles – Rita to send notice out on List Serv asking for any submissions. 13.Shelley asked if it would be possible to offer to send out information on area conferences relevant to psychiatric nursing if there was a reduced fee for APNA members. Concern regarding over use of local lists, don’t want to alienate members. Michael suggested there be some guidelines established. Rita felt there needed to be further discussion at a separate time. Ann moved to approve Shelley’s request for sending out information to her local list of an upcoming Perinatal Mood Disorder Conference, if a reduced rate for attendance is provided to APNA members to attend the conference. Michael seconded. Vote, all present in favor. Action item Rita and Ann with input from Marlene will write up some suggested guidelines regarding use of local email addresses by an area rep. This will be discussed at the next meeting 14.Ann suggested sending out to on the ListServ a free ad on a position for the State Chief Deputy Director of Mental Health – Goal is to identify that nursing can and would benefit by becoming involved in these important, high profile positions. Nurses need to and can take an active role in setting the future for psychiatric care in the State. Concern was expressed that this position is more political and probably not available to the nurses on our list serve. It was suggested that perhaps it would be better to encourage nurse involvement in Mental Health committees, such as the Access Coalition etc. Action item Michael will write article about State and other Mental Health Committees available and ways psychiatric nurses can get involved.

15.Rita will send minutes out via email, request that members respond via email their approval or comments. Next meeting – Wed. January 17th 7pm.

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