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									In conjunction with the IUHPE International Conference, the Swiss Health Promoting Schools Network, (RSES), Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) and the International School Health Network (ISHN) are organizing an international symposium :

Linking Health, Equity and Sustainability in Schools
July 10-11, 2010 – Geneva, Switerzerland The promotion of health, equity and sustainability is often done in schools and these efforts should intersect, but they are often done in isolation from each other. This symposium will examine how the approaches can be integrated within the school, identifying common points of concern and practical options for linking and cooperating. Our attention will be focused on how to support educators, and we will benefit from the observations of experts and programs from different countries. Above and beyond any theoretical or conceptual discussions, the common vision for the proponents of health, equity and sustainability is «healthy people living in an equitable society and healthy environment ». The symposium organizers, coming from the healthy schools and eco-schools sectors, are suggesting practical approaches to achieve this vision. There are a number of ways to do this that can build on synergies and create benefits for all concerned. This symposium will provide an overview of the current situation internationally as well as within Switzerland, but, more importantly, the symposium will provide a shared workspace for future collaboration. The first day of the symposium will focus both on teaching methods and transferable skills and on a «whole-school» approach and how various professionals can work together on the whole setting. The plenary sessions will provide a global and international vision while the participatory workshop sessions will offer opportunities to learn from inspiring examples, to examine ways to create teaching units and to learn more about teaching strategies that help students to apply transferable skills in practical ways. The second day will provide a more institutional, systems and political perspective, with discussions about how the health, welfare and environmental systems can be changed to support health, equity and sustainability. In addition to the plenary sessions, three sets of four concurrent sessions will offer Swiss and international experiences and examples. The themes include (1) common barriers and resources (2) links between the school and the community, (3) how to integrate these three broad themes in courses of study and (4) how these three systems can work together. Target Audiences This unique event will be of interest to a wide variety of professions and agencies, particularly teachers and school administrators during the first day. The second day will be of interest to agencies and specialists in prmoting health, equity and sustainability Members of international organisations, networks and agencies, systems admistrators and officials, researchers, parents and students are invited to participate and to bring their valuable expereinces and expertise. Call for Presentations (Deadline is 29.01.2010) Organizers call for submissions and nominations for presentations (English, French or German) for workshops, posters of webinars prior to or after the symposium. The deadline is January 29, 2010 and they should be sent to See the details at:

Symposium Details : Registration: Registration will open in early February 2010. Registration Fees:  For the symposium July 10 and 11 (230 CHF/155 EUR)  For July 10 only (150 CHF/100 EUR)  For July 11 only (110 CHF/75 EUR) Reduced registration fees for students  For the symposium July 10 and 11 (140 CHF/95EUR)  For July 10 only (100 CHF/70 EUR)  For July 11 only (80 CHF/55 EUR) Languages: Symposium organizers are seeking funding to provide simultaneous interpretation in English, French and German. Our plan is to have all plenary sessions translated and to have workshops offered in all three languages during all concurrent time slots. Accommodations: A list of hotels has been provided on the web site. Participants and speakers are responsible for making their own arrangements. Web Site and Webinars: A series of webinars and online discussions will be offered prior to and after the event beginning in March
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