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									Wouter & Michael’s Solo Newsletter Monday 20th July 2009
The News This Week
A Collection of Completely Useless Facts
Yet again we bring you another list of brain-numbing, inane facts that you really don’t need to know. 1. It takes about 50 hours for a snake to digest a frog 2. US singer Dolly Parton once entered a competition to impersonate herself – and lost. 3. Every primary school student in Belgium must have harmonica lessons (so that’s what’s wrong with you, Wouter) 4. A jellyfish does not have a brain, heart or bones

Dolly Parton

Box jellyfish

Black squirrel

5. Drinking tea was once thought to cause effeminacy and impotence 6. A disabled turtle at a zoo in Israel has bee n fitted with a skateboard to compensate for its paralyzed back legs 7. A frog never drinks water 8. Frogs can get athlete’s foot 9. Squirrels climb trees faster than they can run on the ground 10. A shrimp’s heart is in its head 11. Hyenas can swallow a third of their body weight in 30 minutes 12. China is the world’s leading exporter of artificial Christmas trees 13. A gorilla cannot swim 14. Beavers mate for life 15. 15.000 people in Britain live on houseboats 16. Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards was a choir boy at the Queen’s coronation in 1953 17. Toupees for dogs are sold in Japan 18. Women initiate 70 percent of divorces in China 19. Keith Walendowski, 56, of Wisconsin was recently arrested after shooting his lawnmower because it would not start 20. A platypus remains blinds for 11 weeks after birth 21. A flea sucks 15 times its own body weight in blood a day 22. In order to cross rivers, armadillos can walk underwater

23. Elephants love to eat licorice 24. The stomach of Louis IV king of France from 936-954 was twice the normal size 25. The tyrannosaurus rex suffered from gout



Tyrannosaurus rex

26. The African egg-eating snake can swallow an egg twice as big as its own head 27. Venus is the only planet that revolves clockwise 28. Ants cannot chew their food 29. A pig can get sunburn 30. Bats always turn left when leaving a cave

The First Sex on Earth
Scientists have just proven that sex has been around for a very long time – much longer than previous reckonings. The fossilized remains of two pregnant fish indicate that sex as we know it – fertilization of eggs inside the female – took place as much as 30 million years earlier than previous calculations. Scientists from Australia and Britain studying 380 million year old fossils of the armoured placoderm fish, or incisoscutum richiei, said that initially they were confused when they realized that the two fish were carrying embryos. They originally thought the fish laid their eggs before fertilization. “Once we found the embryos in this group, we knew they had internal fertilization. But how the hell are they doing it?” said Dr John Long, the head of sciences at Museum Victoria in Melbourne.

The answer came when the scientists re-examined the pelvis of the male placoderm, and realized it has a fin not seen on the female fish. They surmised it was use to grip its mate during fertilization, much as sharks do. “These fish have an extra large bone that attaches to the pelvic bone,” he said. “It had been overlooked and hadn’t been identified. So in a nutshell, we have reinterpreted the structure of the pelvic bone in these placoderms to show they had a method of copulation.”

Zerima Johanson, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum who took part in the study, said findings of internal fertilization showed that “sex started a lot sooner than we thought. We expected these early fishes would show a more primitive type of reproduction, where sperm and eggs combine in the water and embryos form outside fish.

Dr Long first became enamored with the reproductive skills of this ancient fish last year, when his team identified the first placoderm containing embryos at the Gogo dig site in Western Australia. The 380 million year old fossils were hailed as one of the most important discoveries in Australia, and represent the oldest known vertebrate mother. The site, which Long has worked since 1986, is believed to have once been the home of a tropical reef that would rival the Great Barrier Reef. Researchers hope to use the fossils to understand better where the placoderms fit into evolutionary history of the jawed vertebrates, and determine whether they are more closely linked to sharks and rays, or to other boney fish like tuna and swordfish.

Nikah Siri and Indonesian Marriage Law
Santi (not her real name) has separated from her husband but by law they still remain married, despite the fact that he now lives with a younger wife. By pronouncing talaq (divorce in Arabic) three times, her husband was able to annul their marriage under Islam. While her husband’s refusal to allow a legal divorce has left Santi virtually abandoned, his younger wife is not necessarily better off. As their marriage is unregistered, or nikah siri, the new wife has no legal grounds for her marriage, and thus cannot register the births of her children without a legal father. These are just some of the complexities arising from polygamy and unregistered marriages in Indonesia, problems which the government is attempting to curb by drafting a bill with the religious court on marriage. The bill criminalizes unregistered marriages, threatening couples who tie the knot without either proper documentation or the presence of authorized religious officials with fines and jail terms. It also tightens the prerequisites of polygamy. Unregistered marriages are widespread in Indonesia, because they are still recognized under religious law. Meanwhile polygamous marriages, once suppressed by the New Order regime of Suharto, have become more open and accepted in the reform era. The Marriage Law allows polygamy if a husband receives approval from his wife. Under the prerequisites for taking another wife are if the wife suffers from a long term illness, is barren or cannot fulfill her duties as a wife. “The

marriage law is monogamous in principle,” said Umi Farida, Indonesian Women’s Association for Justice (LBH Apik) head of Law Changes division. “It states that a man can take one wife and a woman can take one husband. However there are articles that annul that, giving rise to polygamy. Polygamy is regulated from the perspective of men. The prerequisites offer solutions to a husband if his wife has shortcomings. It does not give women a solution if the husband is barren or sick. This is an unfair discrimination,”

Foiling the Floods
Sedimentation in the 8 major rivers in Central Java was the cause of last wet season’s floods, a government official said, adding that normalization of the rivers was needed to prevent floods reoccurring in the future. The 8 rivers that need fixing are Serayu and Citanduy in Banyumas and Cilicap regencies, Comal and Pamali in Pemalang, Serang, Lusi and Juana in western Central Java and the Bengawan Solo river in Surakarta. “This is not an easy task, especially with regard to the huge funding needed to realize it,” said Suryoni Suripto, head of the Central Java Water Resources Management Agency. He said total funds needed could reach Rp700 billion (US$69.3 million). He added that the government would have to seek foreign donors to be able to carry out the project. In Solo, Ruhban Ruzziyatno, head of the agency’s operations and maintenance section for the Bengawan Solo region said preventing floods along the legendary river would be difficult. The river breaks its banks in a number of regions, including Sukoharjo, Surakarta and Sragen in Central Java, and Ngawi, Blora, Tuban and Gresik in East Java. To date, he said, his office used wire baskets filled with stones to prevent damage done by the flood waters. Ruhban said a Rp350 billion project had been proposed from the state budget to fix the problems. “We hope the fund can be disbursed soon so that we can start the project this dry season,” he said.

Begawan Solo River

Cool Car
Mercedes has just unveiled a new car – the SCL600. What’s so special about this car?

Not so much the superb styling we have come to associate with the three pointed star brand.

Nor the fancy new opening and shutting devices

How about this?

No steering wheel, no pedals, just a joystick. Now are kids and grandkids will be able to drive our vehicles better than we can. Scary thought?

Beetle Flavoured Smarties
There are yellow ones, blue ones and green ones. But how many beetle – coloured ones have you tried recently? It has been revealed that red Smarties get their bright colour from the dye made from crushed and dried beetles. Vegetarians in particular are kicking up a fuss, saying that manufacturer Nestle should consider an alternative for those unwilling to indulge in animal by-products.

Just Hanging Out

SEA Matters

SEA Executive Meeting
Last Wednesday evening the SEA executive held a meeting at the very convivial Saraswati Bar – most appropriate, since Saraswati is the Goddess of Wisdom, and indeed there were some very wise looking ladies and gentlemen profoundly chewing pizza and drinking beer. The main program was to get more social events up and running now that the school holidays are over, and expats are slowly trickling back into Solo. To start things rolling, Social Secretary Big Don is organizing a dinner dance at Diamond Restaurant, Jl. Slamet Riyadi. The date is Saturday 25th July, the time 7pm. Bring your favorite girl/guy, and your dancing shoes. Mary is inviting her tame dancing teacher, so those of us with two left feet can trip over the light fandangle, or whatever. Contact Don Cameron 0811 284 231, dcameron@indo.net.id for bookings. Other future events are breaking of the fast at the Muslim orphanage, to be organized by Lady Liz when she returns from her regal tour of Riau and the other provinces. And a quiz night to be held maybe mid September, which is in the middle of the Ramadhan period. Mo’s Selo house has been used by Faizal and possibly a few others. Keys are available from Michael at Caramello, and from El Presidento David. Everyone who has been up there loves the place, so why don’t you lazy people make an effort, and treat yourself to a well deserved break in one of the nicest spots in Java. The problem of signatures for the SEA bank account at Permata Bank has still not been resolved, but Merry and Norman are working on it. In the meantime, Merry is keeping all the money stuffed under her mattress, and complains it’s getting lumpy.

What’s on
Fri 24th July, Music at Caramello
Another great night of magic music to be had this Friday at Caramello’s. Join us 8-11, or whenever – sometimes the band just keeps going when the going gets good. Try one of Pak Iwan’s smoothies. They are said to be the most heavenly thing since sex.

Sun 26th July, Double Header
Two for the price of one this week, with the Hungarian F1 (Formula 1 Ing Magyar Nagydu to give it its real name), and then the MotoGp British Grand Prix from Great Britain’s Donnington Park circuit. For the men, enjoy the excitement and drama of prangs and paddock girls. For Miss Anita and her friends, there’s always Valentino Rossi’s ever pulsating pelvis and rotating rear end.

Donnington for the boys ……………… and for the girls

Rewards for getting this far

This week’s puzzle - find the baby

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