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									Regionalism: 2008 violence against North Indians Main article: 2008 attacks on North Indians in Maharashtra In February 2008 Raj Thackeray led MNS in what was labelled an andolan (uprising/ protest) against the supposed dominance of migrants from North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the commercial capital of Mumbai. At a rally in Shivaji Park, Raj warned that if the dadagiri (intimidating dominance) of these people in Mumbai and Maharashtra continued, he would be compelled to make them leave the metropolis.[17] Raj was arrested along with a Samajwadi Party leader Abu Azmi for their involvement in the fracas, but was released on paying a penalty of Rs.15,000. [edit] Acquittal in Kini murder case In July 1996, Ramesh Kini was found dead in a cinema theatre in Pune. Kini was a tenant in a ramshackle tenement in central Mumbai, whose landlord, Laxmikant Shah, was trying to get him out of the house. Shah also happened to be a close childhood friend of Raj Thackeray. Raj and his men allegedly killed Ramesh in order to vacate the house. A CBI enquiry was later issued for the case, but the CBI dismissed the case as one of suicide.[18] [edit] Kohinoor mill controversy On 21 July 2005 a five acre plot of land, Kohinoor Mill No. 3, located across the road from the Shiv Sena party headquarters, Sena Bhavan, in Dadar, Mumbai, was purchased by Raj and Unmesh Joshi (son of former Maharashtra Chief Minister and former Lok Sabha speaker Manohar Joshi) for a whopping Rs 421 crore. The NCP leader from Mumbai, Sachin Ahir, then objected to the sale of the Kohinoor Mill land, saying that there were forty bids, yet only three were short-listed. He demanded a re-bid as there was a lack of transparency in the move. [19] [edit] Reaction to Jaya Bachchan wanting to speak in Hindi Jaya Bachchan, Rajya Sabha MP, stated at a Hindi film function that she would be speaking in Hindi since she was from Uttar Pradesh and the people of Maharashtra should accept her apology. This statement was made in a manner which would help her gain popularity and help the Samajwadi Party of which she is a member. This party mainly operates in the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh. The statement was termed as hurtful by Marathis[20] Raj Thackeray threatened to ban all Bachchan films unless Jaya apologised in a public forum for hurting pride of Maharashtrians. MNS workers began to attack theatres screening The Last Lear starring Hindi cinema legend, Amitabh Bachchan. It was only after Amitabh also tendered an apology that screening resumed.[21] [edit] Remarks on Chhath Puja and Migrants In his party speeches, Raj reproached North Indian leaders for politicizing Chhath Puja , a festival popular in Bihar, calling it a "drama" and a "show of arrogance". He stated that the chhat puja was a political gimmick by some parties to attract the north Indian vote. He questioned the motives by citing that the puja is performed on the banks of a river not the sea as it was being performed[22] He demanded that they only celebrate Maharashtra day and not UP day in Maharashtra. A petition was filed in the Patna civil court on February 8 against him for

his remarks.[23] His statements drew flak from political leaders across the board, especially those from the North Indian states. The then Indian Railways minister and former chief minister of Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, vowed that he would come to Mumbai and perform Chhath Puja in front of Raj's house,which he failed to perform. He also ridiculed Raj saying, "He [Raj] is a child in politics".[22] The Navnirman Sena leader accused migrants of swamping Maharashtra, India's most industrialised state, in search of jobs.[24] The MNS chief also accused migrants of disrespecting the local culture. On February 9, expressing his stance on new migrants settling in Mumbai, Raj said, "New immigrants to the city should be denied entry into the city, while those already staying here should show respect to the Marathi 'manoos' and his culture".[25] [edit] Bombay-Mumbai Controversy: Wake Up Sid On 2nd October 2009, MNS workers disrupted the screening of the film Wake Up Sid on its release in a few Pune and Mumbai theatres, after a rabblerousing Raj objected to the city being referred to as 'Bombay' instead of Mumbai. The city of Mumbai was referred to as Bombay in a scene because of the colloquial parlance used in the film [26] and in some songs (lyrics by noted poet, Javed Akhtar) to evoke romantic nostalgia. The film's producer, Karan Johar, rushed to Raj's residence, profusely apologising and agreed to all of Raj's terms, including an apology on each of the 700 frames in the film.[27] [edit] Maharashtra assembly protest by MNS under the leadership of Raj Thackeray. On Monday 9 Nov. 2009,during the Oath taking ceremony of the Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly, MLAs from MNS started a physical confrontation with Samajwadi party MLA Abu Asim Azmi after he began his oath in Hindi instead of Marathi in defiance of Raj Thackeray's threat to the legislators to "take their oaths in Marathi only or else face dire consequences". Azmi pushed & shoved MLA Shishir Shinde who was showing him a banner after which he was manhandled and slapped by the MNS MLAs right there in the assembly. Other slogan-shouting MNS members displayed cloth banners they had smuggled into the house and also damaged the fittings on legislators' desks. Condemning the incident, the Assembly swiftly passed a resolution suspending the four MNS legislators — Shishir Shinde, Ramesh Wanjale, Ram Kadam and Vasant Geete for four years. They were also barred from entering Mumbai and Nagpur whenever the assembly met in the two cities. Abu Azmi was the only MLA the MNS members protested against, they did not object against other members who took their oath in other languages such as Sanskrit and English. [28]

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