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									Installing Linux On PS3

by Roy Meier:

It is astounding that so many people still have no idea that their terribly own PS3 is one of the worlds best super PCs. Generally folks don't realise because they only use it to play games. But with the power of the Linux Operating System your PS3 can be three times as dynamic as your house PC. Even with the installation process of linux being easy as pie, a number of PS3 owners are reluctant to take the leap. Linux is built for computer's but precise versions can be installed on your PS3 to make it into sort of an excellent PC. While you can install Ubuntu, Redhat, Kubuntu and even Fedora, the best distro to pick is Yellow Dog Linux. The reasoning being that Yellow Dog was directly commissioned by Sony to be built for the PS3. Sony does not make the installation process awfully user friendly but they did the best they could with it. The user will have to know where to begin and where to go next. The first thing you may want to do is BACK UP YOUR FILES! Don't do anything more before backing up your information. Although installing Linux on your PlayStation 3 console will not erase or replace the native operating system, it will wipe clean your saved games. So again, back up your data! After you install Linux on your PS3, there will be 2 operating systems on your games console : the native GameOS and the Linux OS. The local operating system lets you play all the games by creating a channel of communication between you and the system's hardware. So when you are playing a game, scrolling through the cross menu bar ( XMB ), listening to music or watching pictures, the GameOS allows for this to happen. Linux will run on top of the GameOS that will then provide the link between Linux and the PS3 hardware. Whatever you decide, installing Linux on your PS3 is a good idea if you would like to totally customize your console and have another fully functioning home desktop computer. Doing this does not take away your PS3's local gaming capabilities at all. Remember, Sony designed the PS3 to be capable of running Linux so do not let this be why you don't need to install it. Above everything else, have fun with it! That is pretty much the point of having this first-rate gaming system. . About the Author Getting the most out of your PlayStation 3 is possible and it does not have to take a computer programmer to do it. It is not that complex and you will have aa powerful multimedia entertainment center. For stpe by step instructions go to Linux on PS3 at

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