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					January 30, 2009

To: International and District Officers From: W. John Rynearson, CAE, Executive Vice President Subject: International Honor Key Award It’s time to recognize outstanding Civitans. There is no higher honor than to be nominated and receive the Civitan International Honor Key. Each year, the announcement of the honorees has been a highlight of the international convention. This year should be no exception based on the number of members we have they continue to provide exceptional volunteer service extending beyond the local community. Please begin thinking about the Civitan volunteers that have made a major impact in your area - those just may be excellent candidates for this award. We want to honor the many individuals that have served our organization with distinction. Guidelines for the Civitan International Honor Key award and the application are attached. Remember that the individual(s) must have a minimum of five (5) years service as a Civitan member. Any and all services rendered for which the nominee has received payment or remuneration will not be considered. This award is solely based on volunteer efforts. Applications and supporting documentation must be received at Civitan International no later than May 1, 2009, to be eligible for consideration by this year’s committee. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas, July 6-8!

Additional copies of the application can be found online at under the competitive awards tab. It is available in MS Word format for ease of completion.

Nomination for the International Honor Key Award
Name of Nominee: Nomination submitted by (name): Civitan club and district: Mailing address: City: State/Province: Postal Code:
Letters of endorsement should be submitted separately by the individual(s) wishing to provide an endorsement and must be submitted to the Executive Vice President postmarked no later than May 1.

Submit four (4) copies of the application and each supporting item.
Application Procedures 1. Complete the application form. Consider each category as a history of the nominee’s Civitan activity. 2. Confer with nominee, if necessary, to ascertain all pertinent information. 3. Attach all supporting data such as clippings, articles, etc. to the application form. 4. Short, candid, succinct recommendations, in letter form, from knowledgeable Civitans who have worked with the nominee are helpful. These recommendations should be submitted separately. 5. Please type information on the application form. 6. Four copies of the application and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Civitan International Executive Vice President by May 1.

International Honor Key Award Criteria The Civitan International Honor Key is the most prestigious award conferred by Civitan International. The Honor Key is given in recognition of outstanding voluntary service to Civitan International. The criteria for the Honor Key may include, but not be limited to, the following: A. Service on the international board; B. Service on international committees; C. Service in the formation of new clubs, including Junior and Campus clubs; D. Service in the significant increase in membership of existing clubs; E. Significant service to Civitan International in the creation and formation of international projects and other activities greatly affecting the growth and awareness of the organization; F. Service to international through significant activities at the district level. No Civitan will be selected to receive the International Honor Key unless the member has a minimum of five years dedicated service to Civitan. Full and part-time international staff are not eligible for this award.

Nominee (name): Nominee’s current Civitan club and district: Year nominee first joined a Civitan club: Name of club first joined:

A. Service on the international board:

B. Service on international committees:

C. Service in the formation of new clubs; including Junior and Campus clubs:

D. Service in the significant increase in membership of existing clubs:

E. Significant service at the International level:

F. Service through significant activities at the district level:

G. In chronological order, list the nominee’s elected (or appointed) offices or committee assignments completed on the club, district and international level:

H. Civitan and other relevant awards received by the nominee:

Mail completed application and supporting material by May 1, 2009 to: Executive Vice President Civitan International P. O. Box 130744 Birmingham, Alabama 35213-0744 U.S.A.