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									10 Cards (or goody bags) a day for 7 days.....you'll never be "stuck" again!!!! How BAD do you want it?.....read on…….. OK everyone!!!!! Are you feeling a little "stuck" in your Mary Kay business at this time? Do you need a new pool of prospects? This is the idea for you. This is not a new idea but it may be a new concept for you.......When you choose to work this challenge......you will have created tremendous momentum in your business. Imagine 70 new names to follow up with......I can promise you 1/2 of those will be open to what you have to offer them. They will book, buy or recruit. Our friend Sales Director Karen Bernard from Tulsa, OK. also has just completed this challenge and has more business than she can handle today. .....less than 2 weeks ago she felt "stuck". Remember, there are no losers.....only choosers. Activity, always brings results. You make the call!!! Sabrina Monday is a TOP Director in the Gloria Mayfield-Banks area. I was with her on the Switzerland/Venice Top Director trip. She's adorable! She challenged herself to passing out 10 business cards a day for 7 days in a row and being accountable to her Unit. This is her diary of Day 1 and shows you that even the top Directors have some of the same feelings and responses that you get. The difference....they don't let it stop them. I loved this!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Sabrina Monday Wow, we sure can do anything for a short time, huh? that's what I keep telling myself. I will be the first to say 10 names and numbers daily, or 7 days is no joke, but if you want different results, we must do something different, huh? What a day, and Yes I will be checking in each day to let you know my progress. Yes, I want to be accountable to you for the goal I've set for myself.(sounds like a good idea, huh?) As I report, I hope there is some training here, run with me, it will be a blast! yes, you can start today, this can b DAY ONE for you, IT IS EXHILARATING,EXCITING,EXTREME! #1, organized my errands, made sure I hit places when I thought most people would be around.(I was ready, nice pen, business cards, timewise samples, color cards) #2-first stop- gas station- talked to women I would never talk to, met PROSPECT 1, she relocated recently, thinking about getting back in MK(GREAT START, HUH) gave her new product samples, called company, she is eligible to come back in, will follow up. #3 stopped at CAR WASH, again opened my mouth, approached female attendant, she said whole family sells, i said fine, sorry didn't give her my sample, kept moving. went inside cased the place, not a lot happening, made a few phone calls, sat for awhile thinking where next stop might be for faces, in just a few minutes, (PROSPECT 2)an old classmate walks in with friend,(PROSPECT 3) haven't seen in years, in Tulsa, (kind of small city) she immediately says you still doing Mk, you should own it by now, I smile, and say working on it, just in the nick of time, the pink caddy rolls around, lookin' fine, that really gets them going, i sit there and pretty much give them marketing plan, while we wait for our cars, left them with samples will follow up, PROSPECT 4, another

woman is sitting nearby, listening to everything, i didn't want her to feel left out:)so I give her TW samples and get her info, will follow up #4-made sure I looked each of my prospects in the eye and told them it was imperative that I get response on products in 24 hrs, and to give me a number that I can definitely reach them at. #5-Needed some kids pictures framed, stopped by Michael's, that mat and framing stuff takes forever and is very expensive, PROSPECT 5 and 6 were very nice and helped me make some framing decisions, both were stay at home moms, children now older, recently back into work force. left samples, will follow up. #6-TODAY was a GOOD DAY, most people I encountered gave me a favorable reply, there were a few who had consultants, one lady was a DIE HARD FASHION FAIR user, and even I couldn't persuade her to give us a try.6 Down, 4 to go, my time was getting short, really needed to get back to office. #7-Stopped by Sydnee's School to get school supply list, asked two people, got no takers,! Took it a little personal, shook it off:) 6 down, only 4 more to go. #8-Stopped home, running out of errands, needed a little break, knew housekeeper was leaving soon. took care of a few things in the office, grabbed Sydnee (my 6 yr. old), great time to go get school supplies, about 5:30 p.m., Wal-Mart, school supply line, crowded with people, right after work. Told Sydnee what the exercise was, and the goal was 4 women. On the way, she asked me to describe what I was looking for, I told her sharp, pretty, and/ or nice hair, and/ or nice outfit and/or nice smile. Sydnee had clarity. We walked into store, casing the place, she started pointing, I had to get warmed up, we passed one lady, that fit the description, I didn't stop, Sydnee, said mommy what are you doing, how come you didn't stop, I had to fess up, I told her I was scared, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, I'm forever preaching, courage, take on the challenge, and on and on and on to my children, Sydnee wasn't having it, she said, mommy you turn this cart around and go talk to her, I want you to win, and I did go talk to her. #9-That was the icebreaker. That lady told me no, no wonder, I was trying to pass her up, you know you do get a good feel for people, after people watching for so long. But that was okay, I was going to prove to Sydnee, that I was courageous #10 -We had 10 minutes to get it done, still 4 to go! The next 4 said yes, sharp women, , PROSPECT 7, works at STATE FARM, PROSPECT 8,standoffish, but took sample and gave me her cell number, PROSPECT 9, somebody I had seen at church, PROSPECT 10, on my way out of door, beautiful lady, glamour was slammin', complimented me on my outfit, was happy to take sample, says she uses REVLON, but loves MK OPEN YOUR MOUTH-BOTTOM LINE! WOWEEE, just know the rest of the 6 days won't be so detailed, but I thought it would be kind of interesting, to keep you posted on my blitz, I will let you know in the end, # of sales, bookings and recruits. This is an AWESOME business when we GO TO WORK! Love, SABRINA MONDAY

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