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									Loganholme State School

Issue #16
(Term 2

Since 1873
Week 6 Friday 23 May 2008)

Thinking Globally:

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment." (Ansel Adams, famous US photographer & environmentalist)

Dear Mums, Dads & Carers Yet another SENSATIONAL week at Loganholme. Thank you to everyone in our community for contributing to continued excellent educational opportunities for children. District Chess Competition on Wednesday...

Our team competed fantastically well yesterday. We earned 7 place from 22 teams with only 1 win behind 3 place. We played 40 matches in total, winning 18 and drawing 8. A full report is on our website.
Congratulations & to: • Nathan Quelch • Samuel Wilson • Jordan Burford • Nicholas Gosley • Cameron Stroud Working bee (Saturday 14 June)



(Year 6) (Year 6) (Year 6) (Year 5) (Year 5)

The date for this term’s working bee is Saturday 14 June. The focus will be the environmental area at the back of the school. Any help would be very much appreciated. Stage 1 (2008) will see us trying to tidy up the end near the tennis court, re-establishing the frog pond, placing bird & possum boxes and constructing a path using the pavers removed from the B&C Block quadrangle last year.

Website navigation tip… (www.loganholss.eq.edu.au) Hit counter update: 6650 Tip for the week! Finding information on our site I have tried to place information in the most sensible place. 1. 2. If what you are looking for pertains to students, visit ‘Our Students’. Examples include student leadership, behaviour plans, uniforms, dress codes. If you are after something that pertains to the school, check out ‘Our School’. Examples include our history, campus maps, our school logo, our library and assembly. We also have a search function located on the top right hand corner. Type in your key words and hit enter.


School gardens… Year 4 classes have begun a plant propagation project. We have planted seeds from Australian natives and will nurture their growth over the next few months. Eventually these plants will be situated around our school. Thank you to both 4C, 4W, Mrs Carroll & Mrs Wise. We will also focus on the garden areas around E Block. Both Year 1/2 D & 1/2 R will help with establishing and maintaining this area. Thank you to both classes and Ms Diamond & Miss Roel. Under 8’s Day Celebrations (June 20)... We have begun to organise for our annual Under 8’s Day Celebrations. The day is planned for June 20 (Week 10). This also coincides with our Red Day and Disco. More information will be sent home soon in coming newsletters and also posted on the website at ‘What’s On?. We are registered to win sports gear… I have registered our school as part o the ‘Wonder School’ competition. It’s similar to the milk caps program from years ago. We need to collect specially marked Wonder White bread bags. This initiative can help us earn new sports equipment for our school. I need families to collect specially marked empty Wonder School bread bags form the Wonder bread range, then send the empty bags into school each week for your child to give to their teacher. The program begins on JULY 1. Log on to www.wonderschool.com.au if you want to find out more about the Wonder School program.

Facilities Assessments & Maintenance… General plans for the remainder of 2008 include: • New carpet for Library (During June /July vacation) • New vinyl for C&D Block • New carpet for B Block (Both ends) • Replace the seamless flooring for girls toilets • External painting of C Block • External painting of Senior toilets if enough funds are available • Complete upgrade of security system throughout the school (About $35 000)

State Education Week is being celebrated next week. We are focusing on mathematics with the District Maths Challenge and the Athletics Relays. One could easily think that EVERY WEEK at our school is an education celebration. Check out our school calendar or website for proof! GOLD COAST TITANS…That’s our team! Last week: Titans 24 def Bulldogs 20 This week: Titans v West Tigers Kind regards Vic Graham Principal vgrah1@eq.edu.au

Premier’s Reading Challenge What a fantastic effort our school is making this year to complete the reading challenge. Already there are nearly ten children finished the challenge. We also have offers from our parents and carers in Prep to read to other children who may not have the opportunity to share books at home. Some of our older children are reading with friends to complete the challenge. Altogether it is a wonderful atmosphere of commitment and effort—Well Done! Education Week Next week is education week and our school will be celebrating our learning by competing in the district Mathematics Challenge. We have been preparing for the challenge and will focus our efforts even more over the next week. The challenges are an excellent way for students to learn better problem solving strategies and explain their thinking. Under 8’s Day This year Under 8’s Day will be held on Friday June 20. There are a number of fun activities already planned and the early childcare centres in our community will also be invited to attend to continue to build our community partnerships. If you are interested in helping on the day or with arrangements prior to the day, please see Mrs Leighellen Yeomans.

Rosemaree Caswell

Deputy Principal

We are in desperate need of volunteers…. This Sunday 25th May, Loganholme State School is hosting the BBQ for Paton’s Butcher at Big Gun Underwood between 7am and 2pm and we need your help!!! If you can help us out for an hour or so on Sunday please contact Peita Fletcher tomorrow (Saturday) on 0414 746 443.

Our new uniform maroon polar fleece zip jackets with the school logo embroidered on them are now available from the uniform shop. Prices are approximately $28 each. You can also purchase maroon tracksuit pants and maroon hipster riders (for girls) from the uniform shop. The uniform shop is located in the Parent Centre and is open each: Monday afternoons 2pm-3pm; and Thursday mornings 8am-9:15am.

Make sure you keep Friday 20th June free!!! This is our school disco. Information about this night will be sent home with the newsletter. Mark it on your calendar because you won’t want to miss this fantastic event. Kind Regards Michelle Wilson

Library News
Issue 4 of Book club has been distributed to all students this week. Orders need to be returned to the office in a sealed envelope with payment by Friday 6th June. Issue 3 has been distributed, if there are any problems with your orders please see Mrs Rigby in the Library. Please keep encouraging your child to read as many books as they can for the 2008 Premier’s Reading Challenge. It is also important to keep an up to date log of the books your child has read. Unfortunately all classes had over due library books in week 5. Please make sure that your child’s library books are being returned on the correct days. When students have overdue books they are unable to continue borrowing. What a fantastic week the junior school had in the Library in week 5. I was able to give so many shining stars out; they include Prep B, 1/2R, 1/2D, 2/3Y, 2/3S and 3K. Keep up the outstanding work. Quizzard of Oz was put on hold in week 5 due to the testing that was taking place within the school. On top of the leader board is still 5D. Is there any other class that is going to knock 5D off top spot? Renee Austin

Admin News
Our Payment Window, on the oval side of the office, is now open. We collect money between 8:00am and 9:00am daily. Please ensure you have the correct money as we bank daily and no change is kept on the premises. Chrissy and Crystal.

Date Claimer
Please check the date claimer section of the newsletter for important dates and events to remember this term. This information is also available on our website at www.loganholss.eq.edu.au . The calendar is on the right hand side of the page. School Calendar for Term 2 DATE EVENT 28 May District Math's Challenge 29 May Year 4 Gold Rush Excursion Year 4 3 June Athletics Trails 4 June Athletics Trails 6 June Lone Pine Excursion 2/3Y-2/3S 9 June Queen’s Birthday Holiday 11 June Prep Bug Lady visit Prep 14 June Working Bee 20 June Under 8’s Day 20 June School Disco 26 June Report Cards Sent Home 27 June Last Day of Term 2

News from the Classrooms
Class Prep D Prep B 1/2D & 1/2R 2/3Y & 2/3S 3K 4W & 4C 5D & 5F 6C & 6R News for next week… Our veggies are starting to come up. We are starting our Garden Journals this week. We have been designing our own obstacle course and trying them out Pop in and check out our U -Beaut foyer display. This week we have been writing information reports on some amazing Australians animals. Our letters to Mrs Kerville are almost finished and ready to be posted. Identifying and using pronouns in sentences. Preparing for our Gold Rush Excursion. This week we started poetry and completed the world’s most fabulous, and lengthy, science experience This week we have started to research different ways of displaying labeled diagrams on various Natural Disasters. This has included discussion and reflection sessions to explore and enhance their individual work. Continue to study human impact and Australian’s natural ecosystems in science and have class member’s training for both the math's challenge team and the schools athletics relay team. Well done Lotogi from 7I for your fantastic spelling scores. Junior Choir is excitedly preparing to complete in the Beenleigh Eisteddfod on Wednesday June 11. Details sent to families this week. It is important for all choir members to attend rehearsals regularly!

Year 7 SEP Music

Tuckshop News
In the morning before school you can buy a Hot Milo and a slice of Toast for $1.50 or a cup of Hot Milo for $1.20. Only students with money or orders should line up. Please have your name, class and if you want your order for 1st and 2nd break. The popcorn supplier is out of stock. They are unsure when they will get stock in again. Winter Special– Ham & Pineapple Pizza $2.00 each Janelle Dean

Mums, Dads, Carers—isn’t it time for you! To help increase your health and vitality, to help kick-start your fitness routine!!! Super Saturday Circuit (1 Hour Sessions) Alexander Clark Park (Loganholme) 9am starting 24/05/08 $10 per person, no booking, pay As you go. Run by your local fitness trainer, personal trainer, children trainer, older adult trainer. Marion Tureia 0410098874 Yes (TeArai, Jaida, Tia, Kiaya Kingi’s mum) Don’t have a babysitter? We train right by the playground so bring the kids. For all you fitness fanatics, a boot camp coming soon!!!

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