30 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

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									This Notice is given by a landlord to a tenant when the landlord wants to evict the tenant
for non-payment of rent. This puts the tenant on notice that they are in default and will
be evicted within thirty (30) days. This document can be customized to fit the needs of
the landlord and to reflect the terms of the original lease agreement. This document is
useful for a landlord that wishes to end a month-to-month tenancy.
         (Tenant Name)


         (City, State, Zip Code)

Pursuant to the provisions of relevant state laws, you are hereby given an Eviction Notice and
Notice to Vacate (“Notice”), within ____ (__) days from the date of this Notice, the premises and
appurtenances owned by:          , of the City of                         , in the State of
                                 , which premises are now occupied by you.

The reason for this Notice is:

/    / Your failure to pay rent due and in arrears when demanded pursuant to relevant state laws.
A demand to pay rent was served upon you on               , 20    and you have refused and
neglected to pay rent due for the period              , 20___, to                    , 20___.

You are hereby notified of your right to avoid this eviction by payment, prior to the date of
eviction, of all the arrearages plus ____ dollars ($___) as liquidated damages, provided
however, that you may not defeat an eviction for non-payment of rent by paying the
arrearages plus ____ dollars ($___) after receiving an Eviction Notice more than three (3)
times in a twelve-month period.

/      / Substantial damage done to the premises pursuant to relevant state law as follows:

/     / Your failure to comply with a material term of the lease pursuant to relevant state law as

/     / Behavior by you, members of your family, or an other tenants residing at the above-
referenced property that adversely effects the health or safety of the other tenants or the landlord
pursuant to state law, or your failure to accept suitable temporary relocation due to lead-based
paint hazard abatement, as set forth in relevant state law, as follows:

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/    / For other good cause as follows:

Dated:                          , 20_
                                                        (Landlord/Agent Name)


                                                        (City, State, Zip Code)



I hereby certify that on the                               day of                 , 20__, at        am/pm,
I gave in hand to/left at the abode of                                                     , above named, a
true copy of the above original Notice.


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