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									BOI Online Catalogue
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Connect to the Pierce Group on-line catalogue directly from the SAP system. Vendor: 1008087 Company: Pierce CIS (Irl) Ltd, Barrow Road, Dublin This will take you the main screen.

Finding products
There are 2 methods of finding products. One method uses a hierarchical tree structure, the other a search facility. To find products using the hierarchical tree structure, click on the word ‘Sections’ on the top menu bar.

Viewing products

Click on 'Business Cards' to bring up a list of quantities.

The product view contains the following in a list format: Product Code Description Pack Lead Cost Quantity Shopping Cart Information Associated Link

Text description of the product How many cards are in each pack Lead time before cards are despatched Cost per pack of cards The Number of packs you wish to order The Mechanism for adding an item to your shopping cart Reveals more detailed information about the product. Used personalise each card order.

Personalising your Business Card Order

To Personalise your Order click on the associated link and this will take you to the main menu for the personalised section of the catalogue. Click on the relevant logo to proceed.

When prompted enter your user name and password. User Names and passwords can be obtained from the Pierce Group via Email: websupport@pierce-group.com Tel: ROI (048) 9037 2516 or UK/NI (028) 9037 2516

Click on ‘Order Business Cards’

The 'Pick Template' screen will only appear if you have more than one template. Click on the template you to proceed to the next screen.

The 'Select Address' screen will only appear if there is a list of preagreed addresses. Select your address from the drop down list and click on ‘Next’

Enter your personalised details in the fields provided then click on the ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen. The system will now generate an on-line proof of your business card.

Check the content of the proof. If you have made an error whilst entering your data you may go back to the previous screen to amend. When you are happy to proceed click on ‘Next’

Complete the relevant order details and click the submit button.

Confirm the order details are correct and click the exit button. IMPORTANT: Please make a note of the order number, displayed under the preview of the card on the confirmation screen.

This will bring you back to the order business cards screen. You go then either personalise another card order or close this window and return to the complete the SAP order process.

Adding to your Shopping Cart
To add an item to your shopping cart, enter the quantity you require in the quantity box, and then click on the shopping cart icon. You will be taken directly to your ‘Shopping Cart’.

Viewing your Shopping Cart
A list will be displayed of all items in your cart. At this point you can return to the Product List to add more items if you wish. If you wish to add more items to your Shopping Cart, please remember to personalise each individual order.

Red Button Information Comments Recalculate Process Orders

To delete an item from your Shopping Cart click on the red button at the right of each item. Blue information button that reveals more detailed information about the product. Click on the grey comments button and enter the order number(s) Click on the ‘recalculate’ button to update the price. Click on ‘process order’ to send your order details to SAP.

Once you have your SAP Purchase Order Number. Add the order confirmation number(s) into the comments / notes field. This allows us to match the SAP Purchase order to the personalised order.

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