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					Friends of the Library February 7, 2008
Meeting was called to order at 10:15 a.m. In attendance at the meeting were: Shannon Skinner, Robert Green, Tammy Douglas-Dodson, Denise Dimock and Leslie Silva.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Denise motioned to approve the minutes and Rob seconded. 501c3 Form – emailed the committee with items that needed to be addressed:
1. Each officer needs to provide:  Qualifications – each of us will submit a resume  Average hours worked – we thought 20 hours/month  Duties performed for the organization – this is found in the bylaws 2. Your application indicates that you have sales income from books. Please be aware that the IRS may consider the consistent sale of goods and services unrelated to your exempt purposes to be unrelated business income and may tax such income accordingl  Rob suggested we contact an accountant. Shannon will contact Brentwood FOL group and see how they handle their book sale profits. 3. Do your contributors know that your organization has the ultimate authority to use contributions at your discretion for purposes consistent with your exempt purpose? If so, please describe how you make this information known to contributors  In Article IV entitled Funds and liabilities – we will change a sentence to make this clearer: As FOL gathers contributions those contributions will be distributed to the library at the disgretion of the executive board, to be consistent with the purpose and goals of FOL. 4. Please describe your process for ensuring that these disbursements are used in their intended manner (e.g. periodic reports, etc.) – external audit    Rob made a statement about making sure after all is said and done that we will be a corporation with tax exempt status with a tax ID#. Tammy suggested reviewing the budget next meeting. Denise will give Tom a deadline on having his attorney friend look over the bylaws. Denise also stated that for $35/30 minutes we could contact The County Bar and ask legal questions.

 The decision was made to use Quickbooks online due to the ease of being able to pass on the information.

MARKETING  LOGO – Shannon will check with Tom about the necessity of using the open book with the spread pages. We decided to use the finished sketched drawing of the library. Tammy will contact HMC in Oakland who is the architect. Once we have this then Tammy will proceed with the planning of the marketing. We decided we would need letterhead, business cards, envelopes, 3 fold brochure, membership applications, thank you cards and fundraising forms all of which will have the logo on them. WEB SITE– 1. Denise is waiting on the finalization of the logo before creating the design.


 

2. Suggestions were made to have updated pictures posted on the website so when people log on to the site they can see the progress of the building and also for historical purposes. BUSINESS CARDS – Denise created a business card with a stacked book clipart logo which we will use until the logo is finalized and we create an official business card. CONTACT LIST – Jill has new contact list. Shannon will contact Jill for this list and then email Leslie this information for our data base.

    MEET AND GREET – APRIL 3RD – Tammy volunteered to create the invitations and create an indoor thermometer to show our guests exactly how much we need donated. This will be used at all the future events and will show the rising amounts of donations. Denise will contact the newspaper and see if the FOL events can be added to the newspaper calendar. Shannon suggested we join FOL organization and Rob volunteered to look into it.

To help the community see the results of the fundraising we will be making three thermometers. One thermometer will be in front of each of the following schools - TP, DB and Excelsior. Shannon will talk to Chantel Leighten of Leighten Construction to see if the company can construct and donate the thermometers. Tammy and Rob will contact Safeway about the grant they offer to non-profit corporations, Donate-adollar and possible Jennifer Mixon’s idea about the Safeway recycle black bags. Ideas to reach out to the seniors in the community were talked about. Leslie is going to contact quilting and craft groups to get people to donate quilts. (update: bingo night would be fun).

 

Field trip to San Ramon library is still pending February 11 – 6:00 – District Office – Meet and Greet Superintendent – The committee was invited Februray 14th – 11:00 – Denise’s Home February 21 – 10:00 – Shannon’s mom’s Home February 28 – 10:00 – Leslie’s Home March 6th – 10:00 – OPEN MEETING (tentatively planned) – Excelsior Middle School April 3rd – 7:00 – 9:00 – Meet and Greet Black Tie Event th April 10 – Health Fair – DB Elementary April 26th - - Barnes and Nobles

The next meeting is scheduled to be held at Denise’s Home at 11:00. Meeting was adjourned at 11:39. Respectfully submitted

_______________________ Leslie Silva, Secretary