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March 1 Jean Aloia, Michael McGrath, Leonie Moehrke, Matthew Hlavaty, Andrew Cioppa, Valerie Daccarett, Ryan Gasparini, Robert Brady, Hannah Sava, Lindsay Decandio, Margaret Meyering March 2 John Murphy, Cynthia Pizzuto, Joseph Keto, Tina Marinaro, Robert Caso, Anthony Ermo, Thomas Duffy, Christopher Geysen, Jessica Rugar, Thomas Rizzo, Ian Taft, Elyse Brady March 3 Kevin Gallagher, Catherine Tesoriero, George Siegrist, Melissa DelPino, David Bodack, Elaina Nellis, Michael Donick, William Myers, Lori Shabanaj, Melanie Byers March 4 Stephine Perro, Patrick Horgan , Loretta Figliozzi, Michelle Miller, Rebecca Howard, Courtney Miller, Phyllis Camera, Anthony Baab, Laura Fitzmaurice, Peggy Rocco March 5 William Mosher, Melissa Maggiacomo, Pamela Rennia, Renee Ferrara, Chaz Cook, Crystal Wager, Dustin Nieves, Edward Maulen, Gloria Costello, Madeline Henry, Lauren Poplawski, Arianna Dwyer, Crystal Shaffer March 6 Jean Brajuha, Franklyn Williams, Kevin Froese, Peggy Miracle, George Ringel, jr., John Matuk, Lisa Trocino, Thomas Mortensen, Robert Coutant, F. Roger Hanlon, Edward Hubbard, Paul Young

ANNOUNCED MASSES Saturday, February 28 9:00am John Wolf – Peggy and Judy Lombardi 5:30pm Mary Areno – Husband, Alex Sunday, March 1 7:30am The People of St Stanislaus Kostka 9:00am Steve Corns - Family 11:00am Max Wenzel – The McKenna Famiily 5:30pm Rev Thomas J Dunne Monday, March 2 7:00am Special intention 9:00am Intentions of Eugene Kennedy Tuesday, March 3 7:00am Special Intention 9:00am Thomas F Vasti Jr- Mary and Hank Lieske Wednesday, March 4 7:00am Special Intention 9:00am Special Intention Thursday, March 5 7:00am Special Intention 9:00am Special Intention Friday, March 6 7:00am Special Intention 9:00am John Wolf – Frank and Helen Kolarik Saturday, March 7 9:00am Special Intention 5:30pm The People of St Stanislaus Kostka

God’s Plan for Giving In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to His Church the following

ALTAR FLOWERS DURING LENT As is the tradition of the Church, during Lent flowers are not usually on the altar or in the sanctuary. In order to better live our “Lenten Journey” we will be following this custom. You will however notice several exceptions to the practice. If anyone has previously requested flowers in memory of a loved one we will honor that request. In addition flowers will be present during our annual Daffodil Sunday.

February 22, 2009

$ 5094.00

Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to continue to serve the people of God ROSARY MYSTRY OF THE WEEK The fifth Joyful Mystery: Finding of Jesus in the Temple Fruit or Virtue: Zeal

BOUQUETS ON THE ALTAR Bouquets on the altar this week are in memory of Steve Corns Requested by his Family 432 –page 1


PRO-ABORTION THREATS LOOMING IN WASHINGTON AND ALBANY It is important to keep ourselves educated about the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) and the New York Reproductive Health Act (RHAPP) – two significant pieces of legislation on the horizon. The Catholic Advocacy Network gives details about each of these. Go to www.nyscatholic .org for information. In a few weeks we will participate in the US Catholic Conference of Bishop’s postcard campaign.

ORDERS FOR DAFFODIL DONATIONS WILL TAKE PLACE THIS WEEKEND: Feb 28/Mar 1 “A Sunday with Daffodils”: March 15th For the past 4 years, we have been very successful in participating in the American Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil fundraiser. This year, orders for bunches of daffodils to be placed on our altar will be taken after masses on Feb 28/ Mar 1 $10 Flower delivery will be the 13th of March so that they will bloom during the Sunday masses on the 15th As in previous years, you will be able to dedicate a bunch of the daffodils for a person who passed away from cancer, someone currently suffering from the disease or to someone who is a survivor. At each mass on Sunday March 15h, Fr Brian and Fr Perry will perform the Sacrament of the Sick We look forward to again filling our sanctuary with the spirit of hope! EXPERIENCED ALTAR SERVERS NEEDED: Holy Week Services We need 5 servers for Holy Thursday Mass at 7pm, 4 servers for Good Friday service at 3pm and 5 servers for the Easter Vigil at 8pm on Holy Saturday. Rehearsal will be given for Holy Week activities. Call Nancy Dunn at 635-1700 as soon as possible LENTEN Music– 5:30 p.m. Saturday/SundayMass During the Lenten season, the Mass setting we will be using is The Mass of Light which can be found in the Ritual Song Hymnal, #335. In addition, we are looking for people to sing with the Adult Choir especially for the Holy Week Services. For more information, call Dianne at the Parish Office or see Dr. Rose after the Mass. FAMILY CATECHESIS NIGHTS Please call for reservations ASAP Tuesday, March 10th 5:30-8:00pm or Saturday, March 21st 2:30-5:00pm There will be a meeting on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6PM for everyone who is helping to plan and carry out the Family Catechesis nights. MARCH DATES FOR LYG & CYO March 1 and March 15 LYG & Bolts 12-2pm & CYO 6:30-8:00 NURSERY SCHOOL FUNDRAISER The Nursery School will be holding a Pizzeria Uno Fundraiser on Sunday, March 8. All you have to do is take the family out to dinner at Uno’s, present the Coupon and St. Stan’s Nursery School will get 20% of the proceeds 432- page 2

Thank you from the Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Matt McDonald, to all of the fellow Knights and all who made the Mardi Gras a success and to our fellow parishioners who continue to support K of C activities K OF C SCHOLARSHIP The K of C is offering its annual $500 scholarship to a student entering college in the Fall. (2009) A candidate must be the child or legal ward of a registered and contributing member of St. Stanislaus Parish or of an active and contributing member of St. Stanislaus K of C for a minimum of two years. Eligible candidates will be judged on: 1. Academic achievement 2. Participation in extracurricular school activities 3. History of paid employment or volunteer activity 4. Church and other community activity 5. A brief essay describing educational and career goals 6. A letter of recommendation. Application forms may be picked up at the parish office. All applications must be submitted by APRIL 1, 2009. No application will be accepted bearing a postmark after that date; only completed applications will be considered K OF C FISH FRY FRIDAY’S On some Friday’s during Lent, prior to the 7:30 Stations of the Cross, the Knights of Columbus will be holding a “Fish Fry.” The first of these dinners will be on Friday, March 13th. You will have the option of either eating in or taking it home. All proceeds will be donated to St. Stanislaus to help with the cost of much needed building repairs and improvements. So skip having to cook, observe meatless Fridays and maybe stay for Stations afterward. It’s a great family Lenten activity. More details will follow in next week’s bulletin.

. History was made this week as we witnessed the transition of leadership in the archdiocese of New York from Edward Michael Cardinal Egan to Timothy Michael Dolan. For the first time a sitting Archbishop will retire as his successor is installed. For nine years our shepherd from Chicago has led us through most difficult times: clergy sex scandal, growing financial problems, dearth of religious and priestly vocation, and aging infrastructure, and population variations. While it is too soon to objectively assess the Cardinal’s place in history one can and should acknowledge his attempts to put our schools on a firmer fiscal foundation as well as establish procedures and practices which ensured the proper accounting and use of funds. Through the generosity of thousands of New Yorkers our churches have been renovated, roofs replaced, institutions updated. In his fulfillment of the mandates of the Dallas charter and implementation of various programs of identification and education our leader has done much to assure the people of our community that there will be no toleration of criminal behavior against our young. Of course, none of us will forget that it was during his tenure that Pope Benedict XVI was welcomed to our shores: inspiring us at the United Nations; reaching out to the larger community in ecumenical and interfaith meetings; and challenging us to deeper faith in Yankee Stadium. As the apostolic administrator he will continue to guide us until the papal nuncio Pietro Sambi installs Archbishop Dolan on April 15th His Excellency comes to us from Milwaukee. He is very close to his family (his mother is still living in his native Saint Louis.) Like many of us he thought of priesthood as a vocation from his earliest days. He is a “womb to tomb” person, that is, an attendee at the high school minor seminary, college, and theologate. The latter taking him to Rome and the North American College where he would return later as rector. From his youth he demonstrated strong academic abilities. After ordination he attended the Catholic University of America to study church History under Monsignor John Tracy Ellis, one of the greatest Catholic intellectuals our country has produced. When he returned to his diocesan seminary he experienced such success that he came to the notice of the American bishops who chose him for the prestigious position of training our nation’s seminarians in the Eternal City. Having served with distinction he returned home to an enthusiastic family as well as grateful faith community. His time was very brief there before Pope John Paul II called him to be the pastoral guide of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. At that time that church had experienced great sadness in the moral failure of their bishop as well as of too many of their priests. Additionally, it had been suffering from fiscal problems. Most observers thought that our new shepherd had acquitted himself quite well. Now our holy father, Benedict XVI, having received input from various quarters has decided that the Archdiocese who had received him so well needs the gifts of this dynamic man of God. Our leader, whose Episcopal motto is “To Whom Shall We Go?”

has already shown New York a warm sense of humor and quick smile. But he is also a willing witness to Christ who will faithfully proclaim Him as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We know that he will be faithful as he confronts with each of us the moral morass of modern life and the diverse needs of God’s people. As many of you know I had an extensive interview with John Davis of the Poughkeepsie Journal this week. At that time I shared with him what I thought were the major areas of concern for the near term as well as for the future of the church of New York. Though we are gifted in our faith community with many educated and talented laity and religious fulfilling roles formerly held by priests, the lack of young men in ministry is cause for worry. The Eucharist is the center of our spirituality and most identifies us as an ecclesial community. We must pray and work to encourage vocations. The Archdiocese from its infancy has been home to an immigrant population. To this day, coreligionists come to our shores to experience the freedom and prosperity once sought by our mothers and fathers. We cannot do any less for them who come today than those who were welcomed in generations past. Seton and Newmann recognized Catholic schools as a most important tool of evangelization and a most necessary instrument of inculturation for children. Though the decades have seen many religious and academic developments it should be perceived that these institutions of learning continue to be essential. As Dr. Kevin McNiff, the new superintendent of schools, has recognized our challenge today is to strategically plan how they might advance and their support be solidified. The Archbishop-Designate has written to us and told us of his love for the people he will teach and shepherd. Let us return his greeting with a commitment of prayer and collaboration. May God bless the Church of New York. Vivat Jesus Fr. Brian

STATIONS OF THE CROSS Every Friday during Lent at 7:30pm This Friday, First Friday, there will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 6:45pm, private adoration for 15 minutes, then prayers, music and reflection until 7:30 Stations at 7:30, concluding with Benediction

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