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									Chief Warrant and Warrant Officer Association Annual Meeting April 2002, Bowie Maryland Agenda Item

The CWOA National Logo has changed three times over the years. Change is not a bad thing; it is an indicator that the association is healthy and aware of its membership desires. A new logo was designed and placed on polo shirts, which has proven to attract new members. Current members are also interested in the new design. This is the current logo: This is the new design:

Some people have suggested replacing the National Logo with the new design. Replacing the current logo will have an impact on the following areas and will have some costs association with it: Membership applications Letterhead Business Cards Military Coalition recognition (on their web site) Coffee Mugs at the CWOI School Pins Decals/stickers Association Banner Our Web site While the new logo has proven to be attractive, there’s no reason why the two logos couldn’t be used. The current Association Logo is used to represent the Association for business purposes and the new logo for some of the CWOA marketing tools. The chair will entertain a motion for “the association to adopt the design consisting of an eagle with three CWO bars for marketing purposes” This would be an action item for the National membership committee.

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